Tubular Whiskey Tattoo

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went into the city at 11:30 am on August 18, 2012. 

Our first Fringe Festival show was Jerry Sadowitz doing magic.  He’s a Scottish man who does amazing magic.  I was blown away by his magic tricks.  Ivan told me he was a magician first and foremost and then a comedian.  He’s quite mental and so very funny.  I could definitely watch him do magic tricks for hours… he’s THAT good!

It was time for lunch at Henderson’s.  Ivan and I shared two soups: tomato & aubergine and pea & pear.  Lil Dave got a banana soup.  The pea & pear soup was the better of the two.

We had some time to spare, so we went shopping.  We went to Top Man and Primark.  I love Primark since it’s filled with cool cheap clothes and accessories.  I bought way too much stuff there.

Next, we went to see the show The Vocal Orchestra


It was an hour of the group making music (yes, the whole song with sound effects & beat boxing) with JUST their voices.  It was simply amazing!!  I was thinking about my friend who passed away during one song that had the group making raindrop sounds.. Claudia Georgette was singing and it made me sad.  She sang a song at the end and it brought tears to my eyes.. I thought her voice was like an angel.  If you ever get a chance to see The Vocal Orchestra.. DO IT!!! You’ll be amazed!!

We had more time to kill.. so went to The Whiski Rooms to try out the whiskey. 


Ivan picked two good ones: Ardberg 10 year and the Braeval 12 year.  The Ardberg was Ivan’s favorite since it was smoky. Both tasted good – nice and smooth!  Lil Dave wanted to try a banana whiskey, but unfortunately the Scots haven’t thought of adding bananas to their whiskey yet.

The next Fringe Festival show was Frisky and Mannish.  This silly duo we’ve seen at La Reve in London for a 10 minute act.  They are a pop cabaret act.  Recently, we saw them at the Stand up for Freedom show.. and they did their best bits of their show there.  I really like them as 10 minute act.. but when it’s an hour long, it’s definitely not as exciting and a bit boring.  I was looking forward to this show and it disappointed me.

On to the next show…. Tubular Bells for Two.  If you haven’t heard the song Tubular Bells Part One & Two by Michael Oldfield… go listen to it now!  Before this show, I had only heard some of the first song.  Ivan knows the songs VERY well and loves it.  This show was two Australian guys who recreated all of the Tubular Bells by themselves.  This isn’t an easy feat since there are many instruments involved including, you guessed it, tubular bells.  It was really hot down in the basement, but it was worth it since it was wonderful to hear both parts played in it’s entirety (an hour!) live.  These guys are super talented!  I’m glad this was good.. it made up for the last show being bad.

Our last show of the night was The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  No, it doesn’t involve Scottish military men getting tattoos.


It’s a show filled with dancing, military bands drumming and putting on a show with guns swinging.  It was absolutely fabulous!!  The best was the Top Secret Drum Corps – they did some super fast drumming.

Check out the Top Secret Drum Corps video:

It was awesome seeing all the military bands with the Edinburgh Castle in the background.  I really liked how they projected different things onto to the castle. 


USA was represented with one of their Europe military bands doing a tribute to comic book characters like Dennis the Menace and Batman.  I thought the Norwegian band was particularly good.  You HAVE to check out the Tattoo if you’re ever in Edinburgh.  I loved the dancing, the kilts and of course the bag pipes!  At the end, there was a firework display.  We loved every minute of it.  Even Lil Dave enjoyed it even though there weren’t any monkeys in the show.

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