Walking around Venice

On August 25, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I had breakfast at the apartment.  We got the bus and then the vaporetto (water bus) to the island of Venice. 

We went to St. Mark’s Basilica which is located in the beautiful St. Mark’s Square.  Ivan signed up online for 1 Euro each to forego the line – he read that sometimes the line gets really long.  The line wasn’t actually long.  If you’re wearing a tank top or shorts, you have to buy a cover for 1 Euro.  I bought one, but I didn’t remember that I had my sarong in my bag until after I bought the cover.


The church was lovely inside.  I lit a candle and prayed for friends who passed like my ex-boss who passed recently.  I joked at the end that the cloth I was wearing looked like a table cloth.. and at the exit there was a box of table cloths!  I was actually wearing a table cloth!! Obviously somewhere in Venice there is a restaurant with a confused waitor outside saying to anyone who would listen ‘Has anyone seen that box of table clothes I left outside?’ And there running away in the distance he can see some guy in a priest outfit with the box under his arm and a cheeky grin on his face!


People were being stupid and putting back the table cloth that they bought for 1 Euro.  I kept mine so I can have a picnic on the cruise ship we’ll be boarding soon.

It was time to search for some lunch. Ivan checked out a few different places.  We decided to eat at a restaurant (can’t remember the name).  There was a set menu which was a pasta dish with a glass of wine for 12 Euro, so we went with that.  Ivan and I each had black ink spaghetti with cuttlefish and a glass of white wine.  Lil Dave got got the banana lasagna with a glass of banana juice.  Ivan and I looked like we had turned goth with our lips turned black from the black ink.  The food was tasted great.

It was time to go shopping.  I love walking around Venice since it’s a lovely city.  I checked out all the Murano glass shop, the souvenir stores and Venetian mask shops. 


I could spend hours just walking around here – thank Goodness for GPS, it’s really confusing with all the winding alleyways.  I thought there weren’t any dead ends, but during our time in Venice we ran into two dead ends.

We did lots of walking around.  I see why Venetians eat so much… you spend a lot of energy walking around the streets that you need more energy before you go walking even more.

We stopped at Cantina Do Mori for cicchettis.  Once we did a Cicchetti of Venice tour and the group stopped here. 


I remembered the bronze buckets that line the ceiling.  Ivan and I shared tuna fritters, cheese and fish and veggies on bread. 


Lil Dave had to special order his cicchetis: banana on bread, banana with cheese on top and banana fritters.

We walked around even more checking out the souvenirs.

Ivan thought it would be a great idea to get some gelato.  I think any time is a good time for gelato unless you’re super stuffed from a big meal.  Ivan had choccolata extranoir (dark chocolate sorbet), mango and pistachio while I had blueberry, choccolata extranoir and lemon.  Lil Dave got 3 scoops of banana (of course!).  The blueberry wasn’t the best, while I really enjoyed the lemon and the chocolate sorbet. 

Ivan and I were feeling a bit tired, so it was time to get an espresso at a café.  If you sit down, the café will charge a service charge.  Most Italians just stand at the bar and drink the espresso from the cute little cups.

Next, it was time for wine.  Ivan can’t remember the name of the wine bar.  We had artichokes in oil and sparkling water. 

St. Mark’s Square is huge compared to the one in Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel and Casino.  It’s beautiful – it’s definitely a must see in Venice.


We wanted to do the pub crawl again.   We saw the guide again and nobody showed up again.  I don’t know why.. maybe he’s lying that he has 20 people on his tour sometimes.  Ivan and I reckon they need to fire their marketing guy and hire somebody better.

It was a very tiring day, so we thought we’d head back and have dinner at the local restaurant near the apartment.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I got the vaporetto (water bus) back and then the bus.

We had dinner at Ristorante Tizano.  Lil Dave got a special banana pizza.  Our meal was lovely again with a tunno e cappolla (tuna & onion) pizza and some amazing pasta, and a white wine to wash it all down.

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