Comedy, Tea & Trivia

Lil Dave was already gone on August 28, 2012. He made some monkey friends on the boat and he decided to have fun with them. He was definitely going to take advantage of having as many bananas as he wanted on the cruise ship.

Today was a Sea Day.  Ivan and I watched the morning show with the cruise director Butch and Calvyn. Calvyn is soo funny. We heard them talking about the steakhouse called Fahrenheit 555 (pronounced as five fifty-five). There was a contest to win some stuff from the store that sold things for cheap $10. I called in and got in first. Butch asked where I was from. I said I was from Las Vegas. Butch said that he’s attending UNLV. I told Calvyn that I loved him. He said it wasn’t going to work out for us (he’s gay that’s why). I said You were checking out my husband last night which he actually glanced at him when we passed by him last night.

The question was what is the name of the steakhouse. Ivan was trying to tell me the answer, but I was plugging my ears since the tv was on so loud. I said Fahrenheit 555 (five five five) and Calvyn said no and hung up on me. I was sad and Ivan was mad that I didn’t listen to him. Somebody else called in and answered correctly. Calvyn told her to pick 2 of the 3 prizes. He said that the clutch (purse) would go to me. Butch thought it was only fair since he rudely hung up on me.

Ivan and I headed to Ocean Plaza for the Mind Trivia. Ivan popped his head in and saw Butch and Calvyn doing the morning show in the Liquid Nightclub. Ivan told me that was where they were, so I popped in to say hello. The show had just finished when I got there. I met Butch and Calvyn who were both really nice. Butch said I saved them a trip to going to our room to deliver the clutch. Calvyn gave me a cherry covered chocolate that was in the shape of the mouse. it was the Calvyn Candy of the Day.

I went back to Ocean Plaza to help Ivan out with the Mind Trivia. It was a hard game with mind twisters.. too bad we didn’t win.

It was time for lunch at the Sapphire Restaurant for Punchliner’s Comedy Brunch. Ivan and I each started off with a tomato soup. Ivan got salmon fillet while I got an omelette with vegetables. The food was quite tasty. Thomas Brown came on at 12 pm. He was making fun of people in the audience. One old lady kept hitting on him. He was avoiding her though after awhile. He was only on for 10 minutes which I think is too short. It’s also a bit strange that they’re just chatting to people and moving around the restaurant.. I think it should be like the comedy club where the comedian does a bunch of jokes in one spot. It does give you an idea if the comedian is funny though and if you should check them out later.

We headed up to the pool. I rushed so I could be a judge to the Hairy Chest Competition. I did this on the last Carnival cruise I was on and it was lots of fun. The entertainment host asked if everybody was 21 because the prize for us would be champagne. I mean if you weren’t 21 would you admit it knowing that the prize was champagne? I don’t think so!

The guys came over to us dancing their moves to whatever song was being played like I’m too sexy. The three girl judges put suntan lotion on the men.


We put tons on and didn’t really rub it in.

We got to pick the best guys to move on to the next level. The guys had to give their best pick up lines and most were really lame like How are you? Have these guys ever hit on a woman… not too sure on that one.

Again, we got to pick the next guys who would move on to the final level. The two guys got dressed up in girl’s clothing from the guests’ clothes at the pool. Then, they had to gather the most people for a conga line. I joined it and conga’d up the second deck and back down to the pool deck.

It was nice getting a free bottle of champagne for doing something so easy.

Next, we headed to Tea Time. It’s held in the Blush Restaurant. I’m not sure why it’s never so busy.. maybe people don’t really read their Fun Times which includes all the events that are occurring all around the ship. Ivan and I had some scones, macarons and strawberries… and, of course, tea. It’s always lovely since you get a nice view of the ocean.

Our next stop was the Liquid Nightclub for the Cruise Critics meetup. Ivan thought that Butch might be there. We got to meet Butch, Calvyn and Noonan (he’s the comedy show host).  Butch was really nice.  We said that we did this cruise because we’re big fans of John Heald who’s the senior cruise director and the brand ambassador of Carnival.  But, we didn’t find out until before the cruise that he wouldn’t even be on the cruise since he was having surgery for his carpal tunnel.  Ivan thought that John didn’t know until recently, but Butch told us that he knew he was going to be on this cruise a year before.  We wouldn’t have booked it if we knew John wouldn’t be on it.  It was great talking to the guys.  I felt really short since everybody was 6 foot tall or more. 


Later, we went down all the slides a few times and then the jacuzzi to read our books.

For dinner, we had a French Canadian family who spoke English and were really nice.  But, the location was off to the side of the main dining table.. we thought it was worse than the first night. 

Ken the maitr’d sang and some of the waiters danced.


After dinner, we saw the comedians Thomas Brown and Dwight Slade again at the Punchliner’s Comedy Club.  They did a different set to the previous night.  They were both really funny. This is one of the reasons why we love Carnival cruises so much – they have their own comedy club!

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