On September 2, 2012, Ivan and I had breakfast at the buffet.  We met outside for a tour outside of the cruise ship.  We were in Olbia, Italy. 

Lil Dave was hanging with his monkey friends on the boat.  They were going to race boats at the monkey pool.  Lil Dave was happy to be on his monkey vacation from The Daily Dave blog.

We went on tour with 22 people through Sardinia.  It was an overcast day.  We looked like we were the youngest in the tour group.  The tour guide was a man named Mario.

Our first stop was Porto Rotondo in the Casbah area at the marina. 


There was lots of boats and plants.  We saw a church service in progress. 


Right outside the church there was a cool bell tower.  Also, on the ground there were profiles of the popes in the marble floor.  It looked really cool.. not sure who is who though, but I’ll tell you one thing they all had big noses.


We drove more and got to stop for the panoramic view.  It was a shame about the weather because this would have been beautiful with blue skies and a sunny day. 


Our next stop was Porto Cervo.  We walked around with Mario for 10 minutes and then we got some free time.  Porto Cervo is filled with expensive stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari and Versace… but we also saw some cute boutique shops.  A few people were walking their cute dogs.


There were a lot of interesting art pieces around the village.


Ivan and I each had a scoop of gelato on a cone.

It was on to the next destination which was Baja Sardinia (Sardinia Bay).  We stopped by the Holy San Antonio Church where Mario sang All Come All Ye Faithful in Italian – he has a lovely voice. 

Mario talked earlier of the most famous Italian song Mama.  He sang it beautifully to the tour group on the bus.  Somehow, the bus left without two people.  Good thing somebody was paying attention.. because I surely had no clue who was really on this tour.  Luckily, the bus went back and Mario and some people went looking for them.  Somebody saw them near the bus. 

Our last stop on the tour was Palau.  It was another gorgeous panoramic shot. 


Mario even said that he felt bad showing us these beautiful places with such bad weather.  The driver drove us through Palau and then we drove back to Olbia.

It was time to head back to the cruise ship.

Ivan and I had a late lunch on the Carnival Breeze.  I had a lovely burger with sautéed onions, banana peppers and bbq sauce with their oh so tasty seasoned french fries from Guy’s Burger Joint while Ivan got stuff from the Tandoori (Indian food) and the buffet.

We went on the fun water slides a few times and then read our books in the jacuzzi.

Later, we decided to hit the buffet instead of going to the restaurant since we had a late lunch.

Ivan and I had some tasty food at the buffet.. we had sushi, seafood chowder and tilapia.

We were so knackered (tired) that we watched an episode of Beaver Falls and then called it an early night.

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