Dancing Octopus

On September 4, 2012, the Carnival Breeze was docked in Livorno.  The weather was overcast.  Typical…

Ivan and I decided to check out Livorno rather than go all the way into Florence which is what most people do. We got the free bus to the centre of the city.

We walked around, but there doesn’t seem to be much to see….I guess that’s why everyone goes to Florence!

Lunch was at a place near a bridge called Otto Risso. 


Ivan and I shared gnocchetti pesti e noci (pesto gnocchi with nuts) and polpo cacciuccati (octopus molasses) which was lovely with a white wine.  At the end, we tried a lovely ponce alla livornese (coffee with a liquor punch and a lemon peel).


It started showering at the end of the meal.  We started walking back to the centre.

We got back on the cruise ship at 3:40 pm.  I played the 80’s trivia which I was alright at.  Ivan headed back to the room while I played.

We chilled in the room and then relaxed in the jacuzzi. Carnival Breeze has plenty of Jacuzzi’s – on the pool deck, on the adults only part, and also on deck 5 jutting out over the side of the ship.

Ivan and I went to dinner with our tablemates.  We knew that we found a cool table since 4 out of the 6 people liked to have a good time and drink…always a good sign! 

We left dinner early to catch the 9:45 comedy show.  Chas Elstner was on first who I’ve seen somewhere before.  He was just okay.  Then, Al Katz come on next who was just terrible.

It was time to check out the Blue Iguana’s Mexican Fiesta on the pool deck.  Not much was going on there though.

So, we went to find the English couple and French/Latin couple.  We knew that it would be a good day to party since our last sea day was tomorrow.

We found them outside at the Red Frog Pub playing dominos and drinking a fishbowl.  Well, Andres was trying to teach Caroline, Marc and Clare how to play.  Clare look confused and didn’t seem like she wanted to learn.  Ivan didn’t think it was a game to play while you were drinking.. but maybe a game if you’re an old man.  Ivan and I grabbed an espresso and came back.  Nothing like a shot of caffeine to start off a night!

We talked and Ivan did a few magic tricks.  A young British couple Clare knew joined us – the girl’s name was Jennifer. Her parents obviously have really good taste in names!

It was time to dance.  We headed to the Liquid Nightclub which was packed with people.  The Latin/French couple were tired and wanted to sleep.  I told Andres he should get an espresso, but he thought it would affect him too much since he doesn’t drink it often.  Ivan told them they should stay since it was our last day to party.  Andres said they’d buy one more drink and stay awhile.  I knew that they’d be here for awhile.  It’s always one more drink and then I’ll go.. but it just makes you buzzed or drunk and want to dance more.

I said hi to the pretty French Canadian girls that we dined with one night at the bad location in the restaurant.  I keep seeing them around the ship.

We danced for awhile.  At first, the music was good fun pop music like Black Eyed Peas but then it turned into crappy ghetto hip hop (bump n grind crap) music which Ivan and I hate.  I was telling Clare that the music sucked and she agreed.  She asked me what kind of music did I want.  I said garage and drum n’ bass.  Clare went to talk to the DJ and she started pointing to me.  She told me to tell him.. so I went over there and said the music was bad and I wanted to hear some garage or drum n’ bass and he wasn’t going for that.  I said well, maybe something upbeat like YMCA and he laughed and said no.  According to Carnival 2.0 these DJs are trained to learn how to read the crowd and play what they think they want.  I think he was reading the crowd wrong and just playing what he wanted.

Ok, he did start playing some fun music.. so I was happy.  But, you would think he would notice that more people dance to the pop music than the bad hip hop music. 

I was drunk and started doing my usual craziness and hitting people’s butts (I blame the hitting people’s butts on my friend Jerry who would love to hit girls butts really hard).  Ivan and I were having fun dancing around with everybody. 


The music was jumping around to all sorts of music like Latin. 

I noticed some of the playlist productions cast (the singers and dancers in the main shows) in the nightclub.  The Asian gay guy was really dancing like he was auditioning for a play.  I told Mark  that he was one of the cast (he didn’t know since Clare and he hasn’t been to the shows).  He dared me to go start dancing all crazy next to him.  I was going to, but then one of the other production cast members grabbed the Asian guy and left.

The Liquid Nightclub has a drink that comes in a disco ball.  Ivan bought one – we drank it and he went to drop it off in the room. 


I’m glad Andres and Caroline stayed and danced with us.  It looks like they were drunk and having fun.

The music turned to slow music which meant the DJ wanted everybody to leave…either that or he was just feeling all romantic (somehow I think it’s the former reason…).

We said good night to everybody and went to our room at 3:30 pm.  Ivan was ready to dance more.  We ordered some free food from room service and then went to sleep around 5 am. Always nice to leave a nightclub, have a very short walk back to your room, and then have free room service on tap!

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