Pintxos Bar Hopping

On September 13, 2012, we woke up and the weather was gloomy and overcast.  We wish the weather was better because we wanted to head to the beach.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I headed out into the city at noon to find pintxos for lunch.  Ivan had done his homework from the internet, and had a whole list of places to visit. The old town of San Sebastián is known for its pinxtos and there are literally hundreds of places crammed into a handful of small streets. 

Our first stop was Bar Burda Berri.  Lil Dave got the banana and mushroom skewers.  Ivan and I got the yummy bacalao(cod) and the creamy mushroom risotto and a glass of red wine.

The next bar was Bar Goiz Argi.  It’s famous for the very delicious shrimp and meat on a skewer on top of a toasted bread which is called brocheta de gambas for 2 Euros. 


We also got octopus but it wasn’t as good as the one we had last night at La Cuchara de San Telmo. 

Bar Txepetxa was our next bar stop. Its famous for its anchovies. This place has been visited by Sir Ian McKellen (who plays Gandalf in the Lord of the Ring trilogy), Glen Close and other famous Spanish people.  Lil Dave got bananas with raspberries and bananas with cinnamon.  Ivan really wanted to try the papaya and anchovies, but they were out or maybe papaya’s not in season right now….or maybe they just didn’t think we deserved to get any papaya, when in fact the reality was they had huge buckets of it under the counter…  Ivan and I tried anchovies with blueberries on bread and anchovies with coconut. 


They were both so delicious and very unique. 

Bar La Cepa was up next.  Ivan and I had the tortilla de bacalao (cod tortilla) which was alright – the cod was overpowered by the flavor of the eggs.  This bar has cool tables with candy in it. 


Our next tapas bar was A Fuego Negro.  This is the coolest tapas bar with yellow and red over the bar.  There’s also a restaurant in the back.  The restaurant has really unique dishes like gastronomical creations.  We tried the frozen cheese and sardines, marinated salmon with citrus fruit and croutons, coaled cod with pepper pips and pomegranate ceviche. 


The frozen cheese had a hint of sardine flavor and melted in your mouth like it was snow in your mouth.  The dishes were so delicious.  I know we’ll be coming back to this place to try more dishes.  I wish we lived here and we could try everything out.

We tried the La Mejillonera again but they had run out of papas bravas and were closing.  Darn it!

Ivan and I went to Smooy a frozen yogurt place.  We got the yogurt with berries and nuts and raisins.  Lil Dave got yogurt with extra bananas.

It was time to head back to the apartment for a long siesta.

Later, we went out at 7:30 pm and walked by the ocean. 


We saw some weird structures and the lovely beach. 


Shame about the weather.. but at least we get to try lots of tapas.

It was time to use the internet for awhile before heading out for dinner.

We went out at 10:30 pm for tapas.  The La Mejillonera bar had no more patata bravas and mussels at 10:50 pm – I guess it’s that popular or they don’t have much food.

Our first stop was La Cuchara de San Telmo.  Ivan and I shared the risotto with goats cheese and cod with tzatziki with the local cider.  The cider is tasty but is bitter since it’s doesn’t any sugar added to it.

Next, we went to Zaruko.  We got the tasty goats cheese with apple and caramel, sea urchin (which tasted good since it had a creamy sauce with it), eel with a fish on top and a cook your own fish dish. 


The cook your own fish dish was interesting.  I ate the fish, then I ate a sweet cream on bread and then drink something green in a test tube.  The fish was ok, I really liked the sweet cream on bread and the test tube liquid was average.  I really love how the pintxos are very unique and tasty. Very modern also.

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