Bilbao Pintxos

At 12 pm on September 14, 2012, we were woken up by somebody knocking on the door.  It was the girl at the Airbnb place saying that check out was 12 pm, but we could stay 30 minutes to pack – we had to go since there was somebody else coming to stay soon.  Somehow we slept 10 hours.  Must have been the pinxtos overload from the night before!

We packed everything up and said bye.  Then, we dropped off our backpacks at the car.

It was time for pintxos for lunch.  Our first stop was at La Mejillonera and thank goodness it was actually open!.. with this being the fourth time we tried.  Ivan and I shared papa bravas (patata bravas) and mussels tigres.  The papa bravas are the best in San Sebastian…so we were told..and seeing as a) they were pretty good and b) they were the ONLY potato bravas we had in San Sebastian, we would probably tend to agree!!!


The papa bravas had a delicious spicy sauce (definitely the best sauce I’ve had with patata bravas), but I wish the potatoes were crunchier.  The mussels were great with a tomato sauce.  Lil Dave asked the chef to make banana bravas and he liked it with their sauce.  This place actually has calarmari bravo which I’m assuming tastes good as well.

The second pintxos bar was La Txepetxa where Ivan and I shared anchovies with blueberries and anchovies with salmon and onion.  The salmon and onion one was tasted better.

Our last stop was A Fuego Negro. 


We got freezing gazpacho, black and white quinoa with cucumber and apple and cod’s curd with honey powder.  The freezing gazpacho was like an otter pop (frozen snack).  The food was once again delicious and inventive.

We went to Naturally for more great frozen yogurt.

Ivan started driving us at 1 pm towards Bilbao, Spain.  It took an hour to reach the new city. 

We parked in the street near the Airbnb apartment.  The apartment wasn’t easy to find.. we weren’t even sure we had the right apartment when we rang different ones.  The dude who lived in the place hadnt really put his correct info into the Airbnb listing.

Ivan found some internet and talked to the guy via Skype (we lost our cell phone somewhere along the way in Spain). He said he’d meet us outside of the apartment.  We said hi to him and Ivan asked about the parking.  He said we should move the car to the street right next to his apartment since it’s free.

Ivan and I wanted to check out the Guggenheim Museum.  Ivan read that it’s better to get a tour, so we figured it would be better to check it out tomorrow for the tour.

We went to Abando y Barra for a tapas snack and then we walked around Bilbao.  The Guggenheim has lots of cool arty buildings and art outside of the museum. 

It was now dinner time. 

Ivan found some good pintxos bars to try out.  The first stop was Irrintzi which had a cool anime theme.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t many pescatarian dishes for us to try.  We shared the fried cod, small fish on bread and bread with cheese and anchovies.


The bread with cheese and anchovies was good.  Lil Dave got chicken and banana on a stick and a banana salad.

It was time to walk to our next stop Gure Toki.  It was this great bustling little bar at the corner of a busy square filled with people eating drinking and having a good time.


Ivan got a beer while I got red wine.  Here, we tried the tuna with onions, salmon ravioli, the award-winning soup with cheese and egg, octopus on a stick and the apple, mango and cheese on bread.  The soup was really good.. but the best dish was the awesome apple, mango and cheese with bread.


Ivan and I thought we should try one more place.  Our last bar stop was Zezen Gorri.  We got the anchovies, seaweed and black olive paste and a cheese spread with salmon on bread.  Both dishes were very tasty.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went back early.  Ivan and I watched an episode of Beaver Falls before going to bed.

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