Cider Parade

On September 16, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I went into Potes at 11:10 am. 

There was a farmer’s market going on selling cheese, anchovies and cider.  Ivan and I tried a few cheese samples, while doing the whole ‘hmm let me just try some more of this so I can decide if I want to buy it or not’ act.

We didn’t think there was much going on for the Fiestas de la Cruz.  Apparently most of the stuff happened on the Friday and Saturday. Still, at least we caught the crazy water fights yesterday.

For lunch, we went to Don Pelayo for the menu del dia (menu of the day). 


There was a great view from their balcony facing the river.  Ivan and I shared the fava bean stew and anchovies for a starter.  Lil Dave got a banana stew and a fish and banana salad.  The menu of the day came with a bottle of cider so we got to pour it high into our glasses, which is how they always pour the cider out here. Ivan went a lot higher than me. 


We’re not sure why they pour it high, it must be tradition.  It’s definitely a lot of fun pouring it that way and seeing it poured.  We shared the grilled hake and fried squid with onion for our main course.  We saw a parade on the bridge for the fiesta. 


Then for dessert, we got orujo cake and rum cake.  It was a good meal.

It was a lovely day out.  It was nice walking along the river.  It was a bit warm out with jeans on.

Ivan drove us back to the hotel at 2:20 pm. 

We chilled in the room and took a long 3 hour nap.

Ivan wanted to take a hike or play tennis.  The hike to the next village was an hour long.  Since it was already getting dark, I thought it would be best that we played tennis.  At 7:40 pm we started playing tennis.  I won this time. 

Later, we had dinner in the hotel again.  Ivan and I each got the grilled salmon which was even better this time since it was cooked longer making the skin very crunchy.  For dessert, we shared the delicious walnut and chocolate tart.

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