Porto Crawl

Ivan and I woke up early on the morning of September 19, 2012.  We returned the car at the Avis located at the airport after 10:30 am.

We got the free Avis shuttle to the airport and then we got the metro to the city. 

Ivan and I checked out the Pull and Bear Outlet.  I bought two cute t-shirts. 

We walked around Porto stopping by a pastry shop Padaria Ribeiro which we saw during the walking tour yesterday.


Ivan and I shared an egg custard tart.

Lunch was at Farol de Boa Nova with a lovely view of the river. 


The waiter gave us cod fritters and cheese which was tasty.  Lil Dave got a banana sandwich.  Ivan and I each got the cod brás which was cod, eggs, onions and chives.  It wasn’t very exciting, but apparently it’s a traditional dish. They charged us 4 Euros each for the cod fritters and cheese – they never told us about the charge.. a bit annoying when they do that, but to be fair we did eat it, and it was pretty good.

We walked to Gaia (the other side of the river) to check out a cellar tour.  The banks of Gaia are full or port wine cellars.


Porto is known for their port wines.  We walked around to find a tour that was starting soon. 

Ivan, Lil Dave and I did the Ramos Pinto tour.  It was 5 Euros each with a museum tour, cellar tour and two tastings.  We got a white and a ruby port.  Both were tasty.  Port can be very sweet.

Outside, we had fun putting our faces in the Ramos Pinto ad with the couple kissing.


Next, we came across Kopke which is the oldest port wine house.  Ivan and I shared the La Grima which is a sweet white port and a Tawney Reserve which is an tasty oakey port wine. 


It came with chocolate that went well with the tawney.  Chocolate and wine are a lovely combination!!  The two glasses of wine was only 5 Euros. 

Took the tram back.  I took an hour nap since I was feeling tired probably from all the wine we had.

We went out at 8:30 pm for dinner at Casa da Foz.    Ivan and I started off with a great shrimp & mushrooms dish in a spicy sauce.  Lil Dave got a banana pizza. 

Ivan and I shared a vegetarian pizza and a weird pasta with anchovies, but actually didn’t come with anchovies.

Lil Dave decided to take it easy and head back to the room.  It’s been awhile since he got to relax, jumped on the bed and munched bananas.

It was time for the Pub Crawl.  The starting point for the crawl was at Bar Porto com Arte.  There was an option to do a wine tasting for a separate charge.  Ivan and I didn’t do it, but got a white port wine instead.  There were lots of young people for the pub crawl.  The wine tasting took forever since the waiter kept babbling about how to taste the wine – nobody seemed to care about what he was going on about.

It was time for the first bar.  It was near the university and surrounded by college students.  It looked like a crappy café that you could get drinks on the cheap.  We were given a free orange watered down drink which tasted like Fanta.  Then, we got a beer.  The group were standing outside drinking.  It felt like being in college and being a student.  Ivan and I thought were too old for these pub crawls.  The pub crawls where they show you cool bars are interesting, but the crawls, like this one, where people just want to drink… are lame and usually boring.

We walked to Plano B nearby, but nothing was really happening.   So, we went back to get some rest.

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