Pasta Flip

Ivan and I had the free breakfast at the apartment on September 26, 2012. 

Later, we had lunch which was fish sandwiches we bought the night before at a Oktoberfest stall.

Ivan did some laundry.

We headed to Oktoberfest at 4:10 pm.  I went to the post office which is right at Oktoberfest by the Hippodrom.  I mailed a bunch of postcards.

Ivan and I each had an espresso. 

Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out the tents.  For some reason it seemed even more crowded today than previous days.

Ivan rode a few rides.  There was one ride where you get on a boat that’s a swing – they put a belt on you. 


Ivan wasn’t going that high. 


Two guys got on it and started swinging and going all the way around. 

Ivan rode the Flip Fly ride which made him nauseous. 


He thought it was a lot of fun though. 

The pub Lenz was nearby and we wanted to eat there.  But, it was really noisy inside.  Ivan had a headache and wanted something quieter.  We stopped by the pub we had lunch at the other day.. but there wasn’t much on the menu for us to eat.

We walked further.  I noticed Vapiano which has a branch near the bus station by the apartment.  We decided to try their pasta.  Ivan and I created our own pasta.  We each had whole wheat pasta, but Ivan got arrabiata and I got algio e olio.  The pasta was delicious.  We also shared a very tasty tomato soup.

We were both really tired so we were back at the apartment at 9 pm.

Ivan used the internet while I packed my backpacks up.

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