Treasure Cove

On October 6, 2012, the Disney Fantasy was back in Orlando, Florida.  Ivan and I packed our backpacks. 

We got off the ship at 8:05 am.  We thought Immigration might be long, but there were so many people so it was really quick.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I got the shuttle to the airport.

There, we got a rental car at 9:45 am.

Ivan drove us to Discovery Cove which was close by.  Ivan booked a package that included access to Discovery Cove, Sea World, Aquatica and Busch Gardens.

Discovery Cove includes food, drinks (including alcohol) and even sun tan lotion.

It was time for lunch.  I had the mahi mahi while Ivan had a veggie burger.  Lil Dave had a banana pasta.

We got a wetsuit vest which is mandatory.  The sun tan lotion was really cheap stuff that didn’t rub in which made me look white. 

We went in the The Grand Reef which is a reef with lots of fish and big stingrays. 


The sharks were behind glass.

Next, we headed to the lazy river Wind-Away River which was really slooooow.  Ivan thought they’d be fish while we were in the river, but there wasn’t.

There really isn’t much to see at Discovery Cove.  I don’t think it’s worth it for the normal price of $169.  There is an extra charge if you want to touch the dolphins, but it’s not worth it.

We checked out the Explorer’s Aviary, but there weren’t many birds inside.

Ivan and I had more food.  Ivan and I each a veggie burger.  We shared a good brownie and a carrot cake which were better than the desserts on the Disney Fantasy.

Ivan asked about parking at Sea World.  A guy said we should stop by the Information Desk.  A lady gave us a free parking pass for today for Sea World.

Ivan thought that we should check out a few shows today at Sea World and come back tomorrow.

We saw the One Ocean show featuring Shamu. 


The show has the killer whales jumping and twisting all around.  It’s funny how they splash the people in the Splash Zone.  Some people get mad and freak out.  They should be smart and NOT sit in the Splash Zone then.  It’s only water anyway!

Next, we saw the Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island Show.  It featured sea lions and an otter. 


The two shows were pretty cheesy – not as good as Disney shows.

We drove to Rosen Plaza Hotel where we checked in.

Later that night, we went to Treasure Tavern dinner show. 


It’s a really funny variety show with comedy, magic, singing and hula hooping.  We got a four course meal with soup, salad, salmon and a lovely chocolate cake.

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