Indian Manta

On October 7, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to IHOP for lunch.  Lil Dave got banana pancakes.  Ivan got a vegetable omelet with pancakes while I got the blueberry pancakes with scrambled eggs.

We headed to water park Aquatica and rode a few water rides. 


It was a hot day out.  There are two lazy rivers here which move you along at a good pace.  We had a good time at the water park.

At 5 pm, we drove to Sea World.  Keep your receipt from Aquatica and your parking is free at Sea World. 

We went on their new fun ride Manta.  It’s a a flying roller coaster and your spine is parallel to the track.  It does feel like you’re flying really fast.

We went on Journey to Atlantis which was ok.

Ivan and I went on Manta again since it was a wonderful ride.


We checked out the Turtle Trek 3D which has a 360° dome as your viewing screen.  It covers 20 years of a turtle’s life. 

The last show we saw was Countdown to Halloween with Sesame Street friends.  It was cheesy and was aimed towards kids.

Later, we had dinner at the Indian restaurant Aashirwad.  Ivan thought we should have cuisines that we won’t be eating in South America in a few weeks.  There was a great spicy chutney that came with the poppadums. 

Lil Dave got a tandoori banana dish.  Ivan and I shared Haryali Tikki (potato cakes), Tandoori Salmon and Kerala Fish curry.  The food was delectable.

Source: Manta photo

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