Taken Musical

Ivan, Lil Dave and I slept in on October 8, 2012.  Traveling can be so exhausting that sometimes you do need a break to recharge.

I drove us to Sweet Tomatoes for a late lunch.

Next, we went to Downtown Disney to catch a movie.  We saw the movie Taken 2 which was your standard action movie.  It was too far fetched. 

We walked around Downtown Disney. 

That night, we went to a musical revue called Hoop-Dee-Do Revue.  The show is located in Fort Wilderness.  There’s no parking right by the show.  You have to park at the reception area in Fort Wilderness and then catch a shuttle bus to the show. 

Fort Wilderness has lots where you can park your RV and camp out in the wilderness.

We let the guy who handed us the menu know that we were vegetarian and he said the chef would be over to talk to us.  The dinner includes salad with corn bread.  We got unlimited drinks which Ivan and I chose rosé.  Our server was putting the beans on the table.  We told him we were vegetarian. We told him that we told a guy, but that guy never told him. 


We munched on the corn and mashed potatoes while we waited for our main to come.  The chef came over and asked us what we’d like.  The pasta was just boring marinara.  Ivan asked about fish.  He said he could do a salmon with grilled vegetables.

The salmon was a huge portion with grilled cucumbers and squash.

The show had lots of singing and banjo playing. It was an average show.

Dessert was Ma’s Strawberry Shortcake which was delicious.

At the end, each table was given a big washboard to play.


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