Tofu House

Ivan and I woke up on October 17, 2012 and had a good night’s sleep for once.  We had breakfast at the Airbnb house and then left.

We used the free wi-fi at McDonald’s.

Our next stop was the Visionary Arts Museum. 


It was a small museum with art, some were good while others were ok. 

We had lunch at Mr. Rain’s Fun House.  Ivan and I each got the set menu.  We had potato and leek soup and an apple and walnut salad for a starter.  A veggie sandwich was our main course.  We got the desserts to go.

At 2:25 pm, we started driving towards Pennsylvania.  We passed through Delaware and arrived in Philadelphia at 4 pm.

We were staying with a place that we booked through Airbnb.  We met Gavin and his girlfriend Amanda.  Gavin created the house.  Our room was up uneven steep stairs.

Gavin recommended a restaurant nearby.  We had dinner at Honey’s Sit n Eat.  Ivan and I started off with vegetable latkes and a vegetable soup.  The latkes were good.  We each got a tofu noodle Asian salad which was huge. 


Lil Dave went with the banana latkes and a chicken and banana wrap.

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