Family Flags

On October 19, 2012, Ivan and I looked up and it was pouring outside.  Good thing it wasn’t like this yesterday or we wouldn’t have gone on the walking tour.

Ivan drove us really slooowly to Jersey City, New Jersey.

We met up with my Auntie Belle and my cousin Karl at Saigon Café.  I ordered the seafood udon soup while Ivan had sautéed vegetables.   We chatted about life and traveling. 

For dessert, we drove to Red Ribbon. 


Auntie Belle and Karl had halo-halo which is a sweet Filipino dessert.  Ivan and I shared a good slice of chocolate cake.

The rain had stopped which was good since we were heading to a theme park later.

We checked in to the Red Roof Inn in Secaucus nearby.  We sorted out our backpacks since we’ll be going to South America soon – so we need to lighten our load.

Ivan drove us to Six Flags Great Adventure.  Fright Fest was also going on – we saw lots of clowns and ghouls scaring people. 

Our first stop was Kingda Ka which is the highest rollercoaster in the world. 


It was so fun that we rode it twice in a row.  It goes from 0 to 135 mph in 3.5 seconds.

We rode El Toro next which is a wooden rollercoaster with the highest drop.  It’s like riding a bull since you go up and down in your seat.


The Fright Fest events are extra, so we didn’t end up doing any of the terror trails.  We did see one of the scary shows Bad Bob the Bone Butcher which was good.  It was funny when they started dancing the Gangnam Style dance.

Ivan and I checked out the rollercoaster Bizarro which was good, but the music didn’t make sense.

We really enjoyed all the rollercoasters at Six Flags.  It was good that it rained earlier in the day.  Ivan thinks a lot of people thought it would rain so they didn’t come to the park.  It was pretty quiet with our longest wait being 10 minutes for the cable car.

Source: Kingda Ka photo

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