Indian Rowing

On October 20, 2012, Ivan drove us to Manhattan, New York where we dropped off the rental car.

We met up with Noelle (our friend from Las Vegas) at Tick Tock Diner for breakfast.  Ivan had a vegetable omelet while I had a Tex Mex omelet.

The apartment we booked through Airbnb was nearby.  So, we popped up there to drop off our bags.  The apartment wouldn’t be ready until 2 pm.

Annie, Noelle’s friend who lives in New York, met us at the apartment.  We walked to Times Square. 


We all piled into a cab and went to Central Park.  Here, we got a boat and rowed around. 


Ivan did most of the rowing since he’s really fast.  It was a lovely day out. 


We saw some turtles chilling on rocks.

Next, we went to do Accomplice: The Village.  It’s a interactive theatre and a scavenger hunt.  We were trying to solve a mystery.  It was lots of fun!  I definitely recommend you check out Accomplice.

That night, Ivan, Noelle and I had dinner at the Indian restaurant Bajara.  We started off with potato cakes which spicy, but lacking in flavor.  We also got an eggplant dish, shrimp tandoori and a lovely Goa fish curry. 


The food was wonderful here.

After, we walked around to find a bar.  Noelle had a contact with a promoter.  He got us free entry to CO-OP which is a bar with really loud music.  Ivan and I weren’t digging the music.  It wasn’t anything special inside so we left.

We walked around and there were lots of lines for most places or they were too loud.  It’s not fun going to a bar where you have to shout at each other.  Ivan and I would rather sit down at a bar and chat.  We didn’t find anything, so we headed back to the apartment.

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