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Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 9 am on November 13, 2012.  Lil Dave decided to explore Lima by himself.

Ivan and I got a taxi at 10:40 am to Miraflores which is a nicer part of Lima.  We arrived a few minutes later so we popped into a pastry shop.  We got small bread that were shaped like croissants.

It was time to head to the Sky Kitchen cooking class.  The class taught in a kitchen in a penthouse apartment.  The kitchen is very modern with induction stove.  The teacher is a Peruvian man named Yurac and his partner a German guy named Christian.  The class included us, a couple from Seattle and a French girl. 

Yurac did the cooking and spoke in Spanish while Christian translated it into English.  We got to chop up things and help out with the creation of the dishes. 


The first dish was an appetizer called Papa a la Huancaina.  This Peruvian dish has potatoes in a spicy sauce made from yellow Peruvian peppers, milk, oil, cheese and salt.

Our next dish was ceviche.  The group got to make it with mahi mahi. 


It tasted delicious, definitely the best we’ve had in South America so far.

The main dish was Papa Diablo for Ivan and me since we’re vegetarians.  The meat eaters were making Aji de Gallina which is a spicy chicken stew.  Our potato dish had included yellow pepper, milk, bread, peas and cheese. 

This class was fun and the food tasted wonderful.  I definitely recommend this cooking class.


We got a taxi back to hotel where we used the internet and I worked on the blog.

That night, Ivan and I met up with the group at Bar Cordano.  It’s one of the oldest bars in Lima.  Ivan and I met the new people Kate, Sam and Will.  They’re from Australia, Canada and England.  We had red wine and shared fried calamari.

The group wanted to get dinner.  We walked around to find a restaurant.  Ended up going to an Italian restaurant called Veruma.  Ivan and I got a sangria to share which was very sweet with small slices of apples. 

Ivan and I shared a vegetarian pizza which tasted horrible.  There wasn’t enough tomato sauce on the pizza and the cheese was bad.   It was very much lacking in flavor.  Ivan and I only had two slices each since we were hungry.  We shared it with other people.  Anna gave us a piece of garlic bread in exchange.  It’s sad that the garlic bread tasted better than the pizza!  Good thing the sangria tasted so good because I didn’t care as much that the pizza was so very bad.

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