Bay Fountains

I woke up at 8 am on November 14, 2012.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I got a taxi at 9:30 am to Miraflores.

Today, we were going on a bike tour.  There were three other people on the Bay tour.

Our guide Juan Carlos took us around the areas of Miraflores, Barranca and Chorrillos.  The ride was mostly flat.  It was a little cold during the start of the tour.

We stopped by Victor Delfin’s house who is a sculptor.  The group biked along the bay where we saw a couple of beaches, a fishing pier and a few parks.  It started getting really warm out.

The guide showed us a mall that was built into the cliffs.

There’s a legend of a Franciscan monk who jumped from a hill to the water killing himself.  A man recreates it near the El Salto del Fraile (Jumping Monk restaurant) by putting on a robe and jumping from a cliff into the water.


Piselli Bar was our stop for a snack.  It was included in the tour.  Ivan got a cheese sandwich while I decided to be naughty and get a salty ham sandwich.  Ivan and I shared a Pisco sour.  I’m not sure why the tour calls it a snack when it’s more like a small meal.

One of our last stop was the Parque de Amor where Victor Delfin’s El Beso statue is.


The man and woman are really large which make people say they look similar to Shrek and Fiona.  The park looks like Park Guell in Barcelona with the colorful tiles.


Later that night, we went to see the Magic Water Tour in el Parque de la Reserva.  Ivan wanted to check out the 13 fountains in this park since it’s apparently THE thing to do in Lima according to Tripadvisor.  I liked the Fountain of Harmony which is shaped like a pyramid.


One of the most popular fountains is the Maze of the Dream.  Everybody tries to walk into the center without getting wet and then come back out again.  There’s a big chance you’re going to get wet in the maze since the fountain changes fast.

Ivan and I walked through the Tunnel of Surprise Fountain.  The floor was wet and it was weird walking in a tunnel of gushing water.


Fantasy Fountain is a nightly show with lasers, music and video projections on the water.  Ivan and I weren’t impressed with the show since we’ve seen the famous Bellagio Fountains and the show at Tokyo DisneySea which are so much better.

We saw people from the group there since they left earlier than us.  Ivan and I decided to join them for dinner.

The group got two taxi cabs to Pizza Street (Calle de las pizzas).  This street is filled with restaurants, bars and clubs.  Our group was bombarded with people from the restaurant trying to tempt us to go to their restaurant.

We picked a restaurant but I don’t recall the name.  Each person got a free pisco sour.  Ivan and I shared a ceviche and a tasty fish & seafood dish with a great seafood sauce.

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