Pisco Dunes

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 6 am on November 15, 2012.  Ivan and I packed everything up.

The group left on the yellow truck at 7 am driving towards Pisco.  Franco drove us to a place where we could do a pisco tour and sample the pisco.  This was a new thing that Mel found out about.  It was a free tour.

Our guide took us around The Tony Labis distillery where they make pisco.  Pisco is a grape brandy.  One area was where women stomp the grapes.  The area right behind was where the grapes are crushed even further.


The best part of the tour was when we got to sample the Tony Labis pisco.  The Pisco Sour was really good.  There was a sweet wine called Perfect Amor which is dubbed the baby maker since it makes you hot and want to have sex.  Marilyn was saying that Ivan and I should buy a bottle since we want to start a family next year.  The Perfect Amor wine is good with a strange popcorn aftertaste – some people said they tasted pretzels.


Mel fixed us up lunch.

Next, we drove to Huacachina.  Here, we got our stuff together since we were going on dune buggies and then camping in the desert.  A few people were staying at the hostel instead of going into the desert.   

The group headed off into two dune buggies.  The dune buggies were big and could hold 11 people each. 


Our driver took off shortly after 4 pm.  He started driving really fast over the tall dunes.  Sometimes it was big scary since the drop was rather steep.  We would stop periodically to allow people to go sandboarding.  Ivan’s tried this before on his overlanding trip in Africa.  He told me a girl broke her arm doing sandboarding.  It looked fun, but I didn’t want to hurt myself.  Everybody in the group did it except the driver Franco, Ivan and me.

The snow boarders got to go 4 times.  The people were competing to see who would go the farthest.  One of the boards was very smooth and whoever went on this board would win.  It was great to watch everybody do it. 

The sand dunes look really cool, although pictures don’t really do it justice.


It was lots of fun going fast on the dunes. 

Our last stop was to watch the sunset.  Then, the drivers drove us to the camp around 7 pm. 


A big fire was made.  There was even a toilet set up with a red tent around it for #2 only.

The group sat around the campfire.  We were given free pisco-cola which tasted great. 

The guys set up a grill over the fire and vegetable and chicken kebabs were cooked for our appetizers.  Ivan and I shared a bottle of red wine that we brought with us.

The main course was chicken for the meat eaters and veggie burgers for the vegetarians.  We also got salad, potatoes and corn. 

The group roasted up marshmallows around the hot fire.  There was loud music playing from one of the cars.  The guys from the tour were dancing with a few girls showing them the Latin moves.  Franco was showing me how to dance, but I don’t think I was doing good.  Then, he said go show Ivan the moves.  He was leading so I had no clue how to teach anybody.  Apparently, it’s all in the hips.

Sometimes the music was good ambient music or 80’s.. but then it would go back to the same Latin music which wasn’t good at all.  Nobody was into it.  Ivan thought it would be nice to chat and look up at the stars without the loud blaring music.

A lot of people were getting drunk. 

Ivan and I were tired around 11 pm.  Ivan asked the guides if they could turn down the music. Ivan got from their Spanish that they couldn’t turn the music down since our friends were still having fun.

Ivan and I decided to grab our sleeping bags and mats and head up the sand dune where it would be quieter. 

Bob couldn’t find his sleeping bag.  I’m not sure why he left it.  It was so dark and a few people were looking for it.  He never found it though and ended up sleeping on the sand.

Ivan and I slept on a slope which made my back hurt.

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