Inca Ruins

Ivan and I were up early again for breakfast on November 25, 2012.  Breakfast was porridge with a chocolate pancake.

The porters introduced themselves to us and then we did the same.


Our group starts ascending to the second pass.  We see the Inca ruins Runkurakay.  Later, we see the citadel of Sayacmarca – you have to walk up 98 steep steps to get to it. 


Ivan and I decided to rest instead along with Katie.  The rest of the group heard information about the citadel from Alfredo. 


The views are quite lovely when you’re hiking. Ivan was reading his book while hiking. People thought he was crazy since he wasn’t enjoying the views. He thought reading a book time passed by a lot faster.

In the distance, we saw Qonchamarka. 


The group started hiking towards Puya Patamarka where lunch was served.  The hiking was really hurting my legs since the steps can be really tall and I have really short legs.  My calves were getting very tense.

Ivan and I start walking towards Wiñay Wayna (Forever Young).  Alessandro told us there were two options: to head to Wiñay Wayna or to take the shortcut to the camp.  We decided to go to the camp.  Alessandro isn’t good with how long it takes to get to places.  If he tells you 30 minutes, you should add 30 minutes to it. 

It took us about 45 minutes to reach our camp at Wiñay Wayna.  I heard that somebody had a shower there, but it was freezing cold.  Ivan and I figured we’d just take a shower tomorrow back in Cusco.  I was glad to be at the camp since my calves and thighs were hurting really bad.  I massaged my legs in the tent.  Raoul suggested that I stretch my legs since there was more hiking tomorrow.

That night, the vegetarians had soya meat in a tomato sauce with rice.  Dessert was a fruity pudding.

Ivan and I were knackered (tired), so it was another early night for us.  Tomorrow, we’d have to wake up super early at 3:00 am.

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