Designer Dancing

Ivan, Lil Dave and I headed to the La Boca neighborhood for lunch.  We strolled around the restaurants to find one that had tango dancing and live music.

We ended up at La Barrica.  Ivan got an anchovy sandwich while I had a tuna sandwich.  Lil Dave ate a banana and honey sandwich he brought.  The restaurant did have tango dancers, but they were more interested and charging money to take pictures with the customers in tango poses.  The band played a song every few minutes with a man singing and then later a woman singing.  It was annoying because the dancers were on the stage talking.  Since it was probably about 20 minutes and still no dancing, I thought that they didn’t even know how to dance. 


But, they started dancing for one song and then take another break and get more pictures taken.  The dancing was okay – the dancing at Complejo Tango was so much better.


La Boca is filled with colorful buildings.  We walked around the stalls selling jewelry, mate cups and other souvenirs.


Next, we got a taxi to Palermo Soho.  Ivan and I did lots of window shopping and we also checked out the designer shops. 

Later that night, we went to the aphrodisiac restaurant Te Mataré Ramirez.  Ivan and I arrived at 8:30 pm for our reservation, but the restaurant was just setting up and weren’t ready yet.  Ivan told the hostess that we’d be back at 9 pm. 

We walked around Palermo Soho to waste some time. 

Shortly after 9 pm, Ivan and I sat down at Te Mataré Ramirez.  Since it’s an aphrodisiac restaurant, the dishes had suggestive names, but they didn’t have any aphrodisiac qualities or look erotic but they didn’t. 


Ivan and I shared the ‘Confused by the aroma of her desire’ which was strips of fresh salmon marinated with vegetable mirepoix, ‘I Know Her Essence She Never the Same’ which is brie and goat cheese brochette covered with corn flour, semolina and mint over a mix of sprouts and ‘I Covet The Beauty That her Short Skirt Suggests’ which is a vegetable lasagna with tomato ragu and white sauce.  The food was just okay.  The lasagna was the worst since it didn’t have any pasta in it and was mostly just melted cheese with cucumber slices.  The names of the dishes had nothing to do with the presentation or the taste of the dishes.  It didn’t make any sense to us.

The nude tango came on which didn’t have much tango at all.  The acts were really short with 3 acts lasting 5 minutes.  It was more like artful erotic dancing.  There were two girls and a guy.  The guy did take off everything, but covered up his goods.  The girls were topless and eventually did take everything off.  Ivan and I were expecting more with the food and the dancing. 


For dessert, Ivan and I shared the ‘Until You Scream with Pleasure and Pain’ which was a fiery chocolate volcano with a banana center.  It didn’t have much banana flavor at all, but tasted alright.

I don’t think Te Mataré Ramirez worth it for the 220 pesos minimum charge per person that the restaurant charges since the food is below average and the dancing show wasn’t too exciting.

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