Last Day in BA

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to Puerto Madero on December 25, 2012 which is right by the river.  We walked along the river to find a place for lunch.


All the restaurants were the same with pizza, sandwiches, burgers and some had Italian food.  We decided to go to TGIF’s.  Ivan and I shared the tasty fried calamari for an appetizer.  Lil Dave had a banana skewers dish.  I had the Jack Daniel’s chicken while Ivan got the shrimp fajitas.  The main courses were average.

It was time to walk around more.  I really like the big yellow cranes right by the water – I think they look cool. 


Ivan wanted to check out the Fauna hotel which was designed by Philippe Starck.  It was modern and pretty inside. 


The restaurant in the hotel was about the same prices as TGIF’s and had really cool antique items all around in glass cases.  Too bad we didn’t go here for lunch.

We walked back to Puerto Madero to find a bar.  It was hot out, but at least it wasn’t that humid like the past two days have been.  We couldn’t find a good bar along the river.  We did notice better restaurants than TGIF’s though, but we had gone the opposite directions in search of something.  Oh, well.

We walked back to the center and went to a bar and restaurant which I think was called Junto de 1812.  Ivan got a Stella Artois, Dave got a banana juice and I got a red wine.

We walked back to the apartment and arrived at 5:50 pm.  We were supposed to meet the lady outside the guest house at 6 pm.  She came shortly after and let us into the apartment to collect our backpacks. 

We had a great time in BA (Buenos Aires).  There’s lots of fun things to do here.  I really enjoyed seeing tango up close and dancing it. 

Ivan hailed a cab and we piled in and headed to the bus station.  Ivan went to the Rio Uruguay desk to print out our bus tickets, but they wouldn’t do it for him.  How can they not do it when we booked it through them online?  Good thing there was a internet café right by the desk. 

The bus left at 7 pm headed to Puerto Iguazu.  It was another luxury bus.  It was dumb since they have tv screens, but headphones weren’t given out – the sound played on the speakers right above the window seats.  There was no way to turn it off.  The seats were like the Andes Mar bus which were very comfortable and you could recline all the way back making a bed.

We were served drinks with an option of soda, beer or whiskey.  Ivan and I decided to share a whiskey.  A few minutes later, we got bag of pizza chips.

Dinner was served later on.  We got cordon bleu, potatoes, sandwiches, a bread roll and dessert served with red wine. 

Ivan and I watched the movie Anuva hood which is a funny British gangster movie.  We got a glass of champagne before bed.

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