Bossa Nova Bike

Ivan and I went out for lunch at the Restaurante Natural Beterraba again.  It was good food again.  Lil Dave went to explore Rio on his own.

Ivan and I walked to the beach where we rented a pedal bike.  It cost R$40 for an hour.  We biked down most of Copacabana Beach and then back to the rental place.  It was really hot and humid out. 


We were thinking of heading to the beach, but it was too hot to stay outside. 

Ivan thought we should take a siesta (nap), so we headed back to the apartment.  It’s so convenient having the apartment so close to the beach.  Ivan and I took a long 2 1/2 hour nap. 

We showered and got ready.  We grabbed a taxi and went to Rio Scenarium in the center of Rio.  We were too early since it doesn’t open until 8 pm.  Ivan read that the line to get in can be really long.

This street has great colorful buildings with balconies that remind me of New Orleans.


We got a great watermelon caipirinha at Mangue Seco while we waited along with a lot of other people who were also waiting.

Right before 8 pm, we joined the line and were second in line to go in.  It was $25 USD per person for entrance since it was New Year’s Day.  Ivan and I stepped in Rio Scenarium and were welcomed by fridge doors on the wall and a bike hanging from the ceiling. 


I knew that this would be a cool place.  I was definitely right since the restaurant has lots of cool antiques all around the 3 floors. 

We had great seats next to the band.  Ivan I ordered dinner and then we went to check out the second floor with all the great stuff on the walls and display cases.


Marcia Guedes were playing some great bossa nova music. 


The dance floor was getting filled up with lots of people dancing.  Ivan thought it would be lots of tourists, but the Brazilians were singing along to a few of the songs.

Ivan and I shared cod balls and a shrimp in a pastry for a starter.  For our main course, we shared spaghetti with shrimps in a pesto sauce.  We enjoyed our dinner with a tasty passion fruit caipirinha.

We ordered a brownie which took forever to arrive.  I think the waiter forgot about it until we reminded him 40 minutes later.  I thought it was cheeky when he told us about his tip… especially when we found out later that the service charge is already added on the bill.

The second band Dhy Ribeiro came on later and they were a lot funkier.  Not many people were dancing since I don’t think anybody could figure out how to dance to it.  They sounded good though.


Before we left, we went to look around the 3rd floor. I could spend a very long time exploring this great restaurant.


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