Crab Cooking

Ivan and I went to lunch at Amazonia Soul on January 2, 2013.  We shared an açaí with granola and a crab dish with olive oil. 


It was a tasty meal.

Lil Dave went out earlier to meet up with his cousin for his last day in the monkey favela.

We chilled at the apartment for awhile.

At 3:30 pm, we walked to an apartment nearby.  We were taking the Cook in Rio cooking class.  The teacher was a Brazilian lady named Chef Simone.  The class included us and 5 South African people (2 couples and a single guy). 

Simone did most of the work.  Sometimes we got to chop things up.  It would have been nice if she told us what she was doing which she only did every so often. 

The first thing Chef Simone made was grilled cheese with a spicy guava marmalade sauce.  The grill was similar to halloumi cheese.

Next, she made fried cassava sticks (aipim frito) with a spicy sauce to add on top.  It had a similar taste to potatoes and tasted great with the spicy sauce Simone made.

It was really hot in the kitchen since there was only a fan that rotated.  Ivan and I were sweating the whole time.  Ugh.


I helped chop up limes and oranges (which were actually yellow) and mush the fruit for the caipirinhas. 

Ivan chopped up onions and then caramelized them on the stove. 


Later, he added farofa, bananas and then coconut.

Two of the South African guys helped make the fish stew which has peppers and onions in it.  Brazilians don’t cook with spices, they just make spicy sauce to add to it when you’re eating. 

The next caipirinha we made was with pineapples and passion fruit.  Simone said passion fruit calms you down. 


It was a tasty drink.  I think the caipirinhas on the beach and in the bars are much sweeter.  I’m sure they add tons of sugar to the drinks.

A rice dish with garlic was cooking.  Mmm, I love the smell of garlic cooking. 

Our last caipirinha was the traditional kind.                                 

The main course came out which was fish stew, banana farofa mix and garlic rice. 


It was a colorful dish that tasted great.

This cooking class is actually a demonstration since you don’t really get to cook very much with some people actually not cooking at all.  Simone is super nice.  It just would have been nice to hear more about what she was doing with the ingredients – I didn’t even know there was coconut in the banana dish until Ivan told me now when I was writing the blog.  It was way too hot and a proper air-conditioning unit would have been great.  The class is $75 USD per person which isn’t worth it.  Maybe if they had more cooking stations for people to cook and prepare the food it would be a good class. 

We walked back to the apartment and watched an episode of New Girl before going to sleep.

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