Sushi Tennis

Ivan and I went to lunch at DNA Natural on January 5, 2013.  Ivan and I shared an acai with banana.  Ivan had a salmon salad while I got the shrimp and palm hearts warp.  It was a great meal again.

We stopped at a shop to pick up paddles and two bouncy balls. 

It was another overcast day, so it wasn’t too hot. 


Ivan went to the beach to play beach tennis with the paddles.  We drew a line in the beach like other people did.  Somebody left and we used their box to play our game.  I ended up beating Ivan two games in a row.

We walked back to the hotel and used the internet for awhile.

Ivan and I walked to the beach and we played beach tennis again. 


I beat Ivan three games in a row. 

We walked to Havaianas where I bought a pair of pink Cheshire Cat flip flops. 


I got a flower and a turtle jewel added to it.

Later that night, we went to dinner at TEMAKIart at 11 pm – went to the location right along the beach.  Ivan and I got lots of sushi: tuna, shrimp, salmon and salmon carpaccio.  The food was tasty with the smooth, cold Oze Karkuchi sake. 

Ivan and I walked to Avenida Brasil to find a taxi cab since we were going to see French DJ Bob Sinclar at Space.  It started raining really hard.  A man who was walking told us there was a taxi stand a few blocks down.  We walked down there and shortly found a taxi.  It took us 40 minutes to finally get one. 

Ivan couldn’t find an international ATM earlier, so we had the taxi driver drive us to the ATM that we used the other night by the Big Beach Boutique stage.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t working.  We drove to another Bradesco and the ATMs were all shut off. 

Ivan asked the driver to take us back to Hotel Plaza.  Ivan asked the guy at the desk if he could pull off money off his credit card, but the guy didn’t have any money. 

The taxi driver asked another driver if he had a credit card machine, but he didn’t. 

Ivan ended up paying for the taxi fare by paying for his gas as another taxi driver suggested.

We decided not to go to Bob Sinclar since he was probably already on, we didn’t have any money for drinks and cab fare and we probably wouldn’t find a taxi back to the hotel at the end of the night.  What a bummer!  It’s alright.. I’m sure we’ll see him in Vegas at a pool party this summer.

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