Caipirinha Beach

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went out at 2 pm on January 8, 2013.  We got a taxi to Jurerê.  We had lunch at Doce Magia which is a pay per kilo buffet.  The food was alright.

We walked along Jurerê Beach. 


It was another overcast day.  The water was really cold.

I noticed a stall selling acai.  Ivan and I shared an acai with granola. 


Lil Dave got a acai with banana.

We walked further along the beach.  Ivan saw a lounge, so we decided to go sit down at Taiko which is about half way down the beach.  Ivan and I ordered caipirinhas with yellow fruit.  The drinks were the best caipirinhas we’ve had with pineapple, mangoes and passion fruit. 


We relaxed and later had another round of caiprinhas. 

We walked back to the street to find a taxi, but there wasn’t any around.  Ivan spotted a mini bus.  It was going to Canas Vieras, so we hopped on.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I started walking back to the guest house.  I noticed some cool art.


Ivan and Lil Dave used the internet while I worked on the blog.

For dinner, we went to Restaurant TriLegal.  Ivan ordered the salmon with quido which came with pickles.  Eww, we both hate pickles.  The salmon wasn’t as good as the fried cod with shrimps dish we had the other day.  It was good though.

We walked around to find something to do.  Ivan heard live music that was playing above Bob’s Burgers.  It was Route 66 bar which had a live band.  The song the band were performing was “Billionaire” by Bruno Mars.  Ivan and I each got a caipirinha which will be our last caipirinha in Brazil since we’re leaving for Lima tomorrow.  We stayed awhile listening to the music and enjoying our caiprinha.

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