Lima Food Tour

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had the free breakfast at the b&b at 9 am.  I took a quick shower.

Lil Dave went out to explore Lima on his own.  He wanted to check out the beach.

Ivan and I were picked up by Sam at 9:45 am for the Capital Culinaria Lima Gourmet Tours food tour.  It was only us on the tour.

Our first stop was Tostaduria Bisetti.  This café picks their coffee beans individually and then roasts them.  Everybody had a cup of espresso.  Sam talked about the former corrupt Japanese president Alberto Fujimori.  He ended up in jail because of human rights violation.

The buildings in Barranco have to keep the buildings in the old style, so the Starbucks isn’t all green like it is in other cities – but the name is in black on a yellow building.

Next, we walked to the secret garden La Bodega Verde.  Ivan and I each had a lúcuma shake with milk and ice.  Lúcuma is a fruit that tastes like butterscotch.  It was a very tasty drink.

We walked to Sam’s nice BMW car.  He drove us to Chorrillos district and we stopped for a great panoramic view of the city.

Our next stop was the San Isidro local market. 


Ivan and I got to try a raw scallop with lime at the Pescaderia “Sanchez” stand.  We also got try to a couple local fruits at a very organized and pretty fruit stand.


Sam drove us to Embarcadero 41 Fusión which is a seafood restaurant in Miraflores.  A bartender talked about the different kinds of pisco and then showed us how to make pisco sour. 


The drink  was quite tasty.

We took our pisco sour to a table in the back.  A chef instructed us on how to make ceviche. 


We got to make our own ceviche which turned out great.  I made mine a little too spicy. 

Our last stop on the tour was Huaca Pucllana which is a place where you take special guests.  The King of Spain, Mick Jagger, Bill and Hillary Clinton have all visited this restaurant.  The cool thing about this restaurant that it’s right next to pre-Incan ruins.  It has a lovely view. 

Ivan and I got a Pisco Chilcano passion fruit drink which was sour and sweet at the same time.  It was good, but a bit odd to me.  The Chilcano is pisco sour with ginger ale.


We got four dishes to try which were Parmesan scallops, Japanese grilled octopus, Peruvian tamale and causa (crab with potato and avocado). 


Our favorite was the grilled octopus.

The four desserts came out next with warm rice pudding, lúcuma pudding, Peruvian-French cheesecake and a dulce de leche.  I really enjoyed the lúcuma pudding and the cheesecake.  Ivan liked the lúcuma pudding.

Wow, this tour was amazing!  It was great to try lots of great food and learn things about Lima.  I really recommend taking Capital Culinaria Lima Gourmet Tours if you’re ever in Lima.

Sam dropped us back at the b&b.  We chilled for awhile using the internet.

Later that night, we walked 3 miles since we were still stuffed from the food tour.  Ivan found a taxi and we drove to the seafood restaurant Pescados Capitales.

Ivan and I shared grilled octopus, Gandhi ceviche and grilled swordfish with mushroom risotto.  We got tasty Pisco Rubio drinks.  The dishes were excellent.  The Gandhi ceviche had a hint of Indian spice. 

We got a taxi to Barranco.  We went to the Ayahuasca Bar which is located inside a huge mansion. 


It has the coolest décor inside.  Ivan and I were both too tired to get a drink, so we walked back to the b&b.

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