We’re a couple named Ivan and Jennifer. We traveled before for over 4 years to many places like Southeast Asia, Europe and Australia.

We recently got married in 9 wedding ceremonies (8 of them themed weddings in one day: Elvis, Venetian gondola, Flightlinez zipline, Stratosphere ‘Big Shot’ Thrill Ride, Austin Powers, helicopter, KISS and Jewish) in Vegas. Check out our 8 themed weddings video below.

We wanted to do 9 honeymoons in 6 months to match our 9 wedding ceremonies. We’ll be headed to Europe, South America, Carribbean, Alaska and the East Coast of the USA. Read about what cities we’re headed to on the itinerary page. Check out our RTW blogs here and here. The world’s a big place, so we’re going backpacking even more.. before we start a family.


Jennifer has lived in Las Vegas for most of her life. She’s a small Filipino woman who enjoys anime, dancing to house music, wine, reading, the internet, cartoons, creating mailart, digital photography and music. She doesn’t take life too seriously. She loves to laugh and make jokes. She would love to become an anime voice actress someday.

Ivan is a man from Essex, England. He has many talents such as performing hypnosis, playing the piano and drums and doing magic tricks. He loves theatre, meeting new people, food, movies and music. Ivan is very spontaneous. He’s had tons of adventures backpacking around the world. He hopes to have his own hypnosis show in the future.

Lil Dave was born on May 10, 2000 as Dave Junior. He’s lived in California, Texas, England and Las Vegas. He is a very active monkey. His favorite food is bananas, of course! He loves making food and playing in the secret tree house with his friends in Las Vegas. He enjoys sampling all the different bananas around the world. Lil Dave would like to have his own restaurant one day where he makes signature banana dishes.  Lil Dave has taken on modeling now. Contact him on his Facebook page for bookings!