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Sushi Tennis

Ivan and I went to lunch at DNA Natural on January 5, 2013.  Ivan and I shared an acai with banana.  Ivan had a salmon salad while I got the shrimp and palm hearts warp.  It was a great meal again.

We stopped at a shop to pick up paddles and two bouncy balls. 

It was another overcast day, so it wasn’t too hot. 


Ivan went to the beach to play beach tennis with the paddles.  We drew a line in the beach like other people did.  Somebody left and we used their box to play our game.  I ended up beating Ivan two games in a row.

We walked back to the hotel and used the internet for awhile.

Ivan and I walked to the beach and we played beach tennis again. 


I beat Ivan three games in a row. 

We walked to Havaianas where I bought a pair of pink Cheshire Cat flip flops. 


I got a flower and a turtle jewel added to it.

Later that night, we went to dinner at TEMAKIart at 11 pm – went to the location right along the beach.  Ivan and I got lots of sushi: tuna, shrimp, salmon and salmon carpaccio.  The food was tasty with the smooth, cold Oze Karkuchi sake. 

Ivan and I walked to Avenida Brasil to find a taxi cab since we were going to see French DJ Bob Sinclar at Space.  It started raining really hard.  A man who was walking told us there was a taxi stand a few blocks down.  We walked down there and shortly found a taxi.  It took us 40 minutes to finally get one. 

Ivan couldn’t find an international ATM earlier, so we had the taxi driver drive us to the ATM that we used the other night by the Big Beach Boutique stage.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t working.  We drove to another Bradesco and the ATMs were all shut off. 

Ivan asked the driver to take us back to Hotel Plaza.  Ivan asked the guy at the desk if he could pull off money off his credit card, but the guy didn’t have any money. 

The taxi driver asked another driver if he had a credit card machine, but he didn’t. 

Ivan ended up paying for the taxi fare by paying for his gas as another taxi driver suggested.

We decided not to go to Bob Sinclar since he was probably already on, we didn’t have any money for drinks and cab fare and we probably wouldn’t find a taxi back to the hotel at the end of the night.  What a bummer!  It’s alright.. I’m sure we’ll see him in Vegas at a pool party this summer.


Popsicle Wrap

Ivan had the free breakfast at the hotel at 10 am on January 4, 2013.  I was thinking of going, but I was too tired and went back to sleep instead.

It was time to head out for lunch.  I noticed a big Santa Claus right near the beach.


We went to lunch at DNA Natural.  Ivan and I shared the acai with banana and granola.  I could definitely eat this everyday. 


Lil Dave got an acai with bananas.  Ivan got a shrimp and palm heart wrap while I had a vegetarian wrap with cheese, eggplant, peppers, raisins and nuts.  Ivan’s wrap tasted better than mine.  It was a great meal.

We walked along the beach before heading back to the hotel.  Ivan used the internet while I worked on the blog.  It was a day of relaxing.

Later on, we went to Los Paleteros again.  Ivan and Lil Dave got a banana popsicle while I got strawberry. 


The popsicles are full of great flavor. 

We walked along the beach and saw a market on the beach.  I saw summer clothes, bikinis and jewelry being sold.

That night, we had dinner at San Telmo.  Lil Dave got a fish stuffed with bananas.  Ivan and I shared fried calamari and a salmon dish with passion fruit.  It was a really tasty meal. 

We walked along the beach to walk off some of the dinner.  Ivan and I went back and watched an episode of Bad Education before going to bed.


Fatboy Slim

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up early at 7:15 am on January 3, 2013.  We packed up our bags and had breakfast.  Ivan and I said thanks and good-bye to Elizabeth.

We got a taxi at 8 pm to the airport.  Our flight left at 9:35 am headed to Guarulhos.  Ivan and I slept during the hour flight since we only slept 5 hours.

We all had lunch at the airport.  Ivan and I shared tuna sandwiches that tasted weird to me.  We used the internet.

Our flight to Navagantes was at 12:50 pm.  The plane arrived at 2:10 pm.

We got a taxi to Balneário Camboriú which is 35 km and it cost us $42 USD to get there – way too much money.

Ivan checked us in to the Hotel Plaza Camboriu which is close to the beach.

Lil Dave was happy that there was a double bed for us and a single bed just for him.  Ivan and I used the internet.

Ivan walked around to see the beach to see the stage for Fatboy Slim at the Big Beach Boutique tonight.  It looked miles away from our hotel. 

At 5 pm, we walked to Los Paleteros which is a place that sells Mexican popsicles.  Ivan and I each got Chocolate Belga (Belgium Chocolate) while Dave got Banana.  The popsicles were so very chocolaty and tasty.  Lil Dave thought his was tasted great.

Lil Dave went back to get ready for a monkey party on a boat. 

Avenida Brasil was busy with cars.  Ivan and I walked down the street trying to find a taxi and we couldn’t see any.  After about 10 minutes, we finally found one.  He took us near the stage for tonight.  There were people selling tickets for the event.  Ivan and I checked out the backstage area which is right behind the backstage.  We’re not really sure why you’d want to see the back of the DJs instead of be in front where all the action happens. 

We found out from a lady where you can print your tickets that the box office wasn’t open yet, but we could try there later.  She wasn’t sure when it was opening and how much tickets cost. 

Ivan went to a few people who were selling to get two Gold tickets for R$300 each ($150 USD).  Most guys wanted R$500 per ticket.  One guy said fine even after his friend was getting mad for saying he’d take it for R$300 per ticket.  We got a good deal since the prices were a lot more at the box office.  Glad to get it all sorted before we had dinner.

Ivan and I had dinner at Casa de Lagosta.  Ivan and I shared shrimp cooked aglio & olio style and a salmon in a great orange sauce.  The salmon was a huge portion for 2 people.  We weren’t sure what time Fatboy Slim would be on.  Ivan figured there would be a few opening DJs first.  We each had an espresso.

I noticed on the screen that 3 DJs would be on before Fatboy Slim.  Ivan and I walked to the Gold area entrance.  He asked a few people what time Fatboy Slim was going to start.  Since they didn’t really speak much English and we speak no Portuguese, we were hoping they knew we were asking what time he started and not when he finished.  Two people said 11 pm.  We walked to the box office and the guy there said 9:30 or 10 pm. 

We walked around to find a place for dessert since we had time to kill since it was 7:20 pm.  We went to Meiji Sushi.  The music started at 7:30 pm and it was generic house – so we knew it wasn’t Fatboy Slim since his music is very upbeat.  Ivan and I shared a petit gateau which came with vanilla ice cream.  It tasted good even though the cake wasn’t that warm.

We walked to the Gold area entrance at 8:30 pm.  Ivan waited in line for awhile to get drinks.  He got a bunch of Smirnoff Ice for later (so we wouldn’t have to keep going back to the bar) and Jagerbombs for us.. then, we headed to the dance floor.  Dexterz was on which had a DJ, a violinist and a drummer.  They played some lovely music.  We danced awhile and then the next DJ came on who was alright.  It started showering at the end of the set. 

Fatboy Slim came on at 11 pm. 


When he started DJing fireworks went off above the whole stage structure.  It was really cool.  His sets are always filled with fun, upbeat music.  There’s usually a lot of vocals and classic tunes.  The visuals on the big screen were really cool. 


I saw a 3D rendering of Fatboy Slim, lots of yellow smiley faces and skulls.  I liked the white paint on his face and in black Dance Bitch was written on his face.  When he played Can you help me find Fatboy?, he was on the screen with his face painted yellow and a black smiley face drawn on his face. 

Ivan and I were in the front off to the side where there was plenty of room to dance.  Part of the Gold area is a covered area with VIP tables and tables where you stand – this area was packed with people. 


We danced like crazy to Fatboy Slim.  The rain made it cooler out which is good when you’re dancing since you get hot.  It started raining hard for a few minutes, but then it finally died down. 


Fatboy Slim had a canopy over him so he stayed dry.  It was taken down when the rain stopped.  Later, they had to put it up again.  It was a wonderful set.

Check out the video of the beginning of Fatboy Slim’s set:

It was awesome dancing to Fatboy Slim.  We could have to danced to him for hours more.

There wasn’t a taxi in site near the beach.  Ivan and I walked along the beach for awhile and then on Avenida Brasil to get back to our hotel.  It took us an hour to get back.

Photo Credit: Fireworks, Skull photo and Fatboy Slim

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