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Emerald Dogs

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 7:30 am on June 20, 2012.  We had breakfast at the buffet before heading off the boat.

The weather was overcast.

We were met by our friendly, lively tour guide from Frontier Excursions as we exited the ship,  and left Skagway at 8:30 am. The group consisted of 22 people and 1 monkey.  Our tour guide was a local named Tyler from, of all places Florida (he said he wanted to get as far away as possible from that place).

We drove through Skagway – Tyler even showed us his house and invited us to a Dungeness crab party tonight.  Too bad we can’t go since we’ll be sailing on the cruise ship.  Even if he was joking about the invite, we would have turned up and claimed that we can’t tell when a joke is a joke, and then helped ourselves to tons of Dungeness crab!

Tyler drove us through the White Pass Trail which follows the same path as the train.  The train is $129 per person while our tour is $99 per person and goes a lot more places, plus we get to stop and get off the bus to take pictures. The people on the train are the usual idiots who don’t check Tripadvisor and realize that you can do the same excursions the ship offers for a lot less money, or at least with a lot less other people around you.

The bus stopped at a place with lots of snow covered mountains. 


We got to stop and play in the snow.  I threw a few snowballs.  The kids and Tyler really liked throwing snowballs at people.

The bus drove through the beautiful Boreal Forest. Later on, we had to stop at the Canadian Customs and show our passports as we were leaving Alaska and entering British Columbia.  We were headed up to Yukon. 

The bus stopped at Caribou Crossing for lunch.  It’s called this because caribou can cross at any time.  Too bad we didn’t get to see any caribou today though.  The weather was quite sunny and warm and the clouds were clearing away.  It was turning out to be a lovely day!

Ivan and I each had the curried lentils and a baked potato for lunch.  Lil Dave had a BBQ’d banana which he thought was a bit strange (and so did we to be honest, but lets face it, the fact that we let a 10 year old monkey hang out with out on our honeymoon is even more stranger!).

We had time to walk around Caribou before headed to our next stop.  There’s a museum, dog sledding, husky dogs, a donkey, ponies and goats.  We skipped the museum and went to see the husky dogs.  There was a few pups that were born last month – they were really cute.  Ivan fed some dog treats to the mama dog and a few of the pups. 

The husky dogs are training for the Iditarod race by doing dog sledding here. 


The dog sledding is done on grass which isn’t the real thing, so we decided not to do it.  It was $35 per person for 15 minutes which to me is a rip off.  Plus, Ivan has done the real thing (dog sledding with a whole pack of dogs to himself) in Lapland on a multi-day trip a few years ago.

The dogs go absolutely mental when they’re being picked for the dog sledding.  The dogs are jealous when they aren’t chosen, they seem to go mad (jumping up and down and barking) and keep barking until the dogs start sledding away.  The way the dogs act you’d think there was some delicious salmon above their head that they couldn’t reach.. but no, they just really have it in their blood to sled. (side note  – do dogs eat salmon I wonder? And if they don’t, do you think that’s because they don’t like it, or just because they have never tried it and are like some humans who claim they don’t like something even though they have never tried it!)

We saw the mama dog Geisha feeding her pups.  One of the pups was on his back while grabbing his lunch – how silly and cute!  Look at him in the picture below on the left.


Next, we visited the ponies.  One was very friendly and liked being petted while the other one kept eating grass and would move away when you tried to pet him.

There was another area with a big donkey and small goats.  You could feed the goats by paying a quarter in the vending machine.  

It was time to head off. 


Our next stop was the beautiful Emerald Lake.  I could see why it was called that since the lake was a lovely green color. It really was so so beautiful and none of our pictures do it justice.

The group boarded the bus and were off to Bove Island.  It’s an island in the middle of a lake.  Alaska is really a beautiful state filled with wonderful nature and wildlife.  We were lucky to see 3 baby bears on the side of the road during the tour. 

We stopped by the Welcome to Alaska sign and Tyler took pictures of people in the group. 


Tyler got us back on time on the boat at 3:05 pm – we were supposed to be back on by 3:45 pm.

Once back on the board, we ordered a cheese and fruit plate from room service and then sat and enjoyed the simply incredible views that we had from our balcony.

We walked around the ship to see the gorgeous scenery passing by.  The commentary from the naturalist was playing in the stairways, and the restrooms, but not outside or in the bars or cafes….slightly annoying..but forgiven due to the fact that the views really were out of this world. We were up close with huge snow covered mountains, and the sun was shining and the water was perfectly calm..simply incredible.


We headed  up to the Cosmos lounge which gives a perfect view all around from up high from the huge windows. We saw some whales in the distance. People always act crazy when they see just the spout or a tail of a whale.  It’s really not THAT exciting after seeing it for the hundredth time.  It’s cool when they breach, but just the tail isn’t going to make me say ‘Oooh, I see a tail!’ and start clapping. I think these people need to pay a visit to Sea World. I mean I’m not saying seeing a whale in the wild in Alaska isn’t cool..I just think the scenery around is the star attraction, and seeing a tail of a whale in the far distance is not going to be the highlight of my day!

Ivan and I saw the naturalist Dirk Younkerman and Ivan started asking him questions.  He told us that his commentary is played on  channel 16.  He said that you should be outside because on the balcony you only get half the view.  Dirk said that tomorrow from 7 to 10 am, the ship would be passing Hubbard Glacier.  He also said that the helipad area on the 5th floor would be open for glacier viewing tomorrow.  He said you can wake up early and sleep in the afternoon.  That’s exactly what we’re going to do.  It’s not everyday that you get to be so close to a glacier.

It’s so weird to us that sunset is so late.  Tonight it’s at 10:21 pm!  It’s nice though since it gives us a beautiful view at dinnertime.

We got ready and headed to the Martini bar.  Here, we ordered two martini flights and the bartender had to stand on a stool to pour them out of the 12 cocktail shakers.  So cool!! 


The best martini flavors in the flight are the raspberry and the pear – so tasty!! Lots of people were walking past and taking photos – their faces were saying ‘wow that looks so cool’, but I would imagine they were simply thinking ‘what a bunch of drunks those two must be to have to order TWELVE martinis to drink, instead of just one each!’.

Ivan and I brought two of our martinis to dinner.  It was time for another lovely dinner with our tablemates.  It’s crazy, but we always enjoy the conversation that we don’t really realize what we’re eating.  I had the great crab stuffed mushrooms and a nice tomato bisque for a starter.  Ivan and I each had two main courses: ahi tuna steak and lobster tail.  The ahi tuna steak was covered in pepper and it was simply delicious.  Ivan wanted to order two more, but didn’t.  Everybody was brought a piece of Baked Alaska.  We didn’t even get the dessert menu which we usually do before we order.  The Baked Alaska had cheap ice cream and wasn’t very good.  Ivan and I shared a tasty apple pie a la mode instead.


We took pictures with our tablemates and exchanged e-mail addresses and Facebook information. 

The show tonight was late, so everybody went to the show right after dinner.  We all sat together too.  iBroadway was the name of the show tonight.  The screen on stage showed an iPod screen and what kind of song the Celebrity Production Singers and Dancers would be performing to.  Many songs were sung from musicals like We Will Rock You, Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia. 


It was actually a really really good show. The dancing was incredible and very well choreographed. Almost every song had the entire cast on stage (about 20 of them) doing very high energy dancing.  It was definitely the best show we had seen all week.


Cruisin’ to Alaska

On June 16, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 10 am.  We slept 10 hours again.  We missed breakfast.  Ivan went to check out the Taste of the Millennium event.  I was supposed to meet him there, but the rocking of the boat made me fall back asleep – also the fact that I kept waking up during the night because I was cold and was too tired to get out of bed to change the thermostat.  Ivan ate different foods from the restaurants of the Celebrity Millennium.

It was another gloomy, overcast day in Canada.  Ivan and I ate fruit from room service on the balcony.  The trees that were passing by would have looked nice, but we could barely see it through the mist. 

I was hungry, so we headed up to the AquaSpa Café. 


Ivan and I each got a delicious grilled tuna and shared a steamed salmon.  Lil Dave got a banana salad and a banana tart.  Ivan and I also got a raspberry tart for dessert.  I could really get used to eating tasty, free fish everyday.  

It was raining outside.  Ivan and I went into the very hot pool in the covered Solarium.  I am reading ‘Needful Things’ by Stephen King while Ivan is really getting into the James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge book ‘Now You See Her’.  People gave us funny looks as we were reading while in the pool. We gave them funny looks back.

It was time to head back to the room and watch the scenery go by. The mist and steam had started to clear so the views were getting quite pretty.


A few of the mountains had snow in them.


We headed down to see the Crepe Making demonstration.  We didn’t stay long since we didn’t feel like having any crepes since we’d be having afternoon tea shortly.  Lil Dave stayed to make his own banana crepe.  I told him to take lots of notes, so he can teach me how to make the perfect crepe.

We went to the Oceanview Café for afternoon tea.  It turned out just to be sandwiches, croissants and scones in the buffet area.  We prefer afternoon tea on Carnival where it’s served to you in the main dining room with lots of selections of cakes, pastries and sandwiches.  We made our own tea.  We enjoyed our scone and tea outside while watching the beautiful nature around us.  I hope to see glaciers, but we’re still in Canada – so maybe soon.

Ivan and I played table tennis out by the pool, and it was a close game, but Ivan won.  Ivan wanted to play more, but I was disappointed that I lost.. so we went to check to see if the sushi was open already.

We met up with Lil Dave at the sushi at the café.  Lil Dave convinced the chef to make a few banana sushi rolls for him.  The sushi isn’t the best quality, but it’s okay.  We asked the chef if we could just have some sashimi as we are not going to eat all the rice anyway, and its going to be wasted. He said he couldn’t do that, so we just took a mountain of sushi, detached the fish from the rice, ate the fish, and then left enough rice on the plate to feed an entire Chinese family for weeks!

Ivan wanted to iron his trousers, but there’s no laundry room (like other cruise ship lines) with a place to do ironing.  Ivan was told that he has to get it pressed and pay for it.  How stupid!!

Ivan and I agreed that the average age on board is 50 years old.  You can tell by what the ship offers which includes ballroom dancing, classical music and a wellness class called Relieving Back Pain & Improving Good Posture.  That and the fact that the ‘activity of the day’ was ‘successful will writing’. Okay that’s a joke, but it really is quite an old crowd on board.

After putting on our smartest clothes we headed to the martini bar to enjoy some pre-dinner cocktails.


Ivan accidently helped himself to a woman’s cocktail from her cocktail flight, after a misunderstanding with the waiter on whether or not the drinks were free!

After a couple of very strong martinis, we bounced off to dinner for formal night. Most people were wearing dinner suits or at least a shirt and a tie but Ivan just had a nice shirt on. Dave just combed his monkey fur a different direction to what he normally does.

Once again we enjoyed the company of the other couples at the table. We really felt like we struck gold with having such a great table. Everyone is friendly, chatty and fun to have dinner with!

For dinner I had frogs legs and salmon. The legs tasted like chicken, but not as good… The salmon tasted like salmon. No surprise there then.

It was a nice meal finished off with some cherries Jubilee.


After eating we went to the captains toast and Ballroom dancing show in the main showroom but didn’t stay for too long as ballroom dancing is only for old people…at least that’s what Ivan embarrassingly told the ‘older’ American couple at our table during dinner anyway.


Alaskan Cruise

After waking up in the morning, we checked out of the house we had been staying in, and jumped on the bus to head downtown.

We walked to Canada Place, which is where the cruises board from. Luckily, unlike a lot of cruise terminals, the Vancouver cruise terminal is right in the centre of town!!  We went through Security with all our luggage.  Ivan and I weren’t sure the two big suitcases would fit, but both did.  Ivan was being asked if we were Entertainers since we were some of the youngest on board. That and the fact that he was wearing his clown makeup, and I was wearing my yogi the bear costume, so its understandable there was a misunderstanding.

Okay that’s a joke, but Ivan did get pulled aside for ‘secondary screening’ by immigration, even though he had a green card (and it was the first time using it). No surprise though – Ivan always seems to have trouble at immigration.

Except for that little hiccup, It didn’t take very long to board the Celebrity Millennium ship…which is unusual as sometimes it can take quite a while to board cruise ships.

We headed straight for the buffet and went to the pasta station where we got some nice salmon pasta made fresh for us. We also got a bunch of food from the rest of the buffet (hey its free food all week long, so you gotta get your money’s worth haven’t ya?)

We went down to our room and then walked around the ship.  We found the AquaSpa Café which has healthy food.  Ivan was annoyed that we didn’t go here for lunch.  I was stuffed, so I just got a blueberry tart.  Ivan got smoked mackerel and fresh grilled tuna with asparagus. He was already stuffed before he got there but claimed that ‘you can never say no to some free grilled tuna’.

We went to the room to relax before the mandatory Emergency & Lifeboat Drill at 3:30 pm.  I find the drill boring and a waste of time since we’ve done a few cruises.  Basically, they tell you how to put on your life jacket and that you have to meet at that place in case of an emergency. We just sat there and read our books, the cruise-pros that we are!!

After the drill, we sat in the hot jacuzzi while reading our books.  Lil Dave laid on a lounge chair.

We all went back to the room to watch the ship sail away from Vancouver. 


The scenery was lovely with the buildings of Vancouver, a green bridge and lots of trees.

Ivan went to check out the sushi and Indian food and he ate some of it.  Again he was really stuffed before he got there, but claimed that ‘you never say no to some free sushi or Indian food either’. He said it was okay but not up to Carnival (our favourite cruise line) standards.

Later on, we walked to the theater to see the welcome show Celebrity Showtime.  There was a flamenco guitarist who was alright – I wish there was a flamenco dancing to go along with the music. We also saw a wonderful a capella quartet called North by  Northwest.  They did a great medley of Beach Boys songs.  The naturalist Dirk Younkerman gave a talk about what we would be seeing during our Alaskan cruise.  The last act was the Celebrity Production Singers and Dancers where they showcased their three upcoming shows.  The singers and dancers sounded great and I’m looking forward to the disco and Broadway shows.

The cruise director told us North by Northwest would be performing at Michael’s Club at 8 pm – so we went there after the show.  The quartet did 3 songs.  Those guys are talented and they’ve only been together one month.  It’s amazing how they sing so well without music.

It was time for dinner.  Lil Dave decided to hit the buffet to get lots of bananas and make a few of his own customized banana dishes (basically, just adding bananas to dishes!)  Ivan and I went to eat at the Metropolitan Restaurant.  Two couples were already sat at the table.  One was an American couple from Los Angeles and a couple from Malta.  I remember the American lady’s name is Teresa, but I don’t remember her boyfriend’s name.  The Malta couples names which were Miriam and Dave.  Dave really looks like Collin Ferrell.  Both of the couples were very chatty and friendly.  Ivan had a mushroom soup while I beets and feta.  The salads were really small and were pretty bland. 


I got the haddock for my main course while Ivan got the vegetable korma.  Ivan and I were both worried that we might get a table filled with boring, old people.  It was good that we got some nice people to sit with.  Ivan shared his knowledge about the cruise ship (like 24 hour room service and the healthy café) which everybody liked.   Usually we change our tables after the first night if we don’t like the people sat at our table (or we get a vibe that they don’t like us – which HAS happened also). However, on this occasion we may actually keep our table mates as they are not bad at all.

Ivan and I shared apple pie a la mode and a banana and berry crepe for desert.  The apple pie was delicious!  We didn’t feel so stuffed even after 4 courses – Ivan says they portions aren’t that big compared to Carnival. 

We went back to the room.  Ivan thought it would be a good idea to sleep early so we could get used to waking up early – we will be waking up early this week for shore excursions.


Rogue Tour

On June 14, 2012, Ivan and I woke up at noon.  I guess we were so tired from all the walking we did yesterday.  Ivan and I took showers and got dressed to head out.Ivan, Lil Dave and I got the bus towards downtown.  We were lucky that the weather was sunny today.

We walked to the Starbucks at Canada Place for the Gastown food tour.  Our guide gave us a headset.  The group consisted of Ivan, me, an Irish couple and one monkey. 


Our guide was Gassy Jack – the guy who Gas Town is named after.

We started off our tour at Rogue where we had a good lobster mac n’ cheese.


The group stopped at 8 different places for food or drinks (or both!).  At Steamworks, we had a Oatmeal stout which was similar to a Guinness. 


The Irish girl said it was good, but not as strong as a Guinness.  Gassy Jack suggested taking a big gulp and swirling the beer in your mouth before swallowing.  I seemed to taste the beer more that way.

We stopped at Tres Organic for a tasty chocoholic cheesecake.  It good that we did the free tour since we sounded smart when Gassy Jack different things about ancouver like knowing that Vancouver doesn’t have a freeway.  Each time Ivan and I answered something right, Jack would give us a maple candy. 

The tour stopped by Fluevog store which isn’t a building but between two buildings which can be taken down in 48 hours.  John Fluevog shoes are worn by a lot of celebrities like Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Another stop was Peckinpah which serves Carolina BBQ.  I tried the pulled pork (going off my pescetarian diet!) and it was nice and juicy.  Ivan got collared greens.

Our group stopped at Apres-Midi which is a teahouse that has over 80 loose-leaf teas.  We got to try their cold Fruit Symphony tea with a tasty chocolate and apple cookie.  I liked that the shop had many tins that people can open and smell the many variety of teas.  I liked the Caramel Crème and the Masala Chai teas.

The tour ended Maple Square next to the statue of Gassy Jack which makes him look Asian not English.  It was a great tour of food and Vancouver history.  Ivan thought we should had tried more Canadian cuisine.  But, Vancouver is a mix of ethnicities which has brought lots of different cuisines here – so I don’t think they really have Canadian cuisine.

Later on, we walked to Rogue to meet up with my cousin , her husband and their daughter.  They were late, so we sat down at the table.  Rogue is a cool trendy restaurant inside the Waterfront Station. 

My cousin Karen, her husband Roi and their daughter Krystle arrived.  Ivan and I ordered spicy edamame, sushi bomb and tomato basil soup.  Lil Dave got a banana pizza.

We talked about life, Vancouver and our honeymoon. 


The sushi bomb was good – There’s a tube in the sushi and you get to inject the soy sauce into the sushi.


We had a good time at dinner catching up with family.


Granville and Gas Town

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 10 am on June 13, 2012.  Ivan and I took showers and got ready.  We walked a block away and caught the bus that was going downtown.

It was another rainy day (apparently a trend in Vancouver), but colder than yesterday.  We walked to Vancouver Art Gallery to meet for the free tour run by Tour Guys.  Our guide was a woman named Jessica.  The tour stopped at many places like Sinclair Centre, Waterfront Station, Granville and Gas Town. 


Granville Street was known for lots of neon signs during the 1940’s and 1950’s – they’re trying to bring the neon signs back to the street.  Gas Town was named after a guy named Gassy Jack.  Jessica asked how we thought Gassy Jack got his name.  I thought it was because he farted a lot, but it turned out that he liked to talk a lot (gassy).  The group stopped by the cool Steam Clock which isn’t actually powered by steam. 


Our last stop was Blood Alley – So named not because of any murders or butchers or anything to do with blood-but purely because the planning officials thought it sounded cool!  The tour was good and very informative.  I would have enjoyed it better if the weather was better – also, the pictures would have looked better with a blue sky!!

Ivan and I were really hungry.  We decided to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Lil Dave got a banana ziti.  Ivan and I shared mussels, seafood spaghetti and a tomato and basil flatbread.  The food was cheap and tasty….impressive considering we were in the heart of tourist Vancouver!

We walked around Granville.  I found a cool antique shop called Salmagundi West.  In their downstairs area, there’s a chest of drawers filled with cool little things like the smallest tarot cards, mustaches, sunglasses, puzzles and flip books.

Ivan thought we should check out Granville Island.  Our tour guide talked about it and Ivan looked it up online and it’s a nice place to walk around.

We took the aquabus to Granville Island.  We walked around Public Market checking out the stalls of fruits, cheese and jewelry. 


I saw cherries stacked up in pyramids.  I told Ivan they were just asking to get knocked down.  I was really tempted to knock them down!

We walked around the island checking out the shops.

We checked out a toy store that had a special entrance just for me!


Ivan and I were getting tired from walking around.  Ivan thought we should walk across the bridge to get back to the downtown area.  The dumb thing is though, you have to walk all the way to the end of the bridge to get on it. 

We exited Granville Island and took a detour to Go Fish to grab a snack.  Ivan read that the salmon chowder is really good.  Go Fish had run out of soup, which was actually a curry soup since the soup changes daily.  Ivan and I shared a good tuna sandwich.  Lil Dave was disappointed that the menu didn’t include any banana dishes – but I told him it was a seafood place….he said he understood, but was still disappointed.

We started walking to the end of the bridge and started walking towards downtown.  We were back on Granville Street and I noticed The Morrissey Pub.  Morrissey is my favorite singer.  I took a picture of the pub.  Ivan thought we should go and get a beer.  We sat at the bar. 


I figured the pub was just named after somebody with the last name Morrissey, but I noticed on the menu that there was a picture of Morrissey on it.  On the back of the menu, there was a Smiths (the band Morrissey was in) song “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” on it.  Ivan and I shared a nice Apricot beer.  I wonder if Morrissey has visited this pub.  I doubt he would like that The Morrissey burger has meat in it (he’s vegetarian).

It was time to head back, so we got on the bus. 

Ivan and I chilled for awhile using the internet while watching tv.

We walked to El Barrio for dinner.  Thank goodness that this restaurant is open until 11 pm since everything else nearby closes at 9:30 pm or earlier.  There was a jazz band playing. 

Ivan and I ordered guacamole, tortilla soup and a salmon burger.  Ivan thought the jazz sounded experimental.  Later, he thought they were just warming up since it was just a guy drumming and some weird noises. I thought we were being invaded by aliens.  One of the band members came over to see if we wanted to give a donation for the music.  Ivan said No right away.  I was thinking of asking Is this music?  It was just a horrible racket.  Definitely the worst music I’ve heard.  Ivan figured out that the band members were improvising but not in one key. The food was delicious, too bad the music wasn’t good at all.

We walked back to the house.  I worked on the blog and Ivan used the internet.


Chocolate Rain (Day 1 of Honeymoon #1)

On June 12, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I had to wake up extra early for our flight. The taxi company called and woke us up at 4 am to make sure we still needed a taxi at 4:40 am.  I was so tired since Ivan and I only got about 2 hours sleep.  The taxi arrived early at 4:20 am.  Ivan and I got ready, grabbed our luggage and headed out the door. 

Today, we’d be headed to Vancouver via a stopover in Salt Lake City.  Ivan got a seat assigned to him for both flights, but I didn’t get one for the first flight.  Ivan thought I would get upgraded since there was no seats available…(turns out he was right! – I got an upgrade later to premium economy!)

It was time to head to Security.  It was so disorganized.  It took awhile.  I was waiting in line for the x-ray machine and it smelled really badly of feet.  Gross!  The smell was waking me up. It was like getting slapped around the face with a wet smelly sock!

Ivan usually gets his backpack searched since he usually forgets to take out liquids.  His bag was searched thoroughly.  The woman really searched it even opening up his first aid kit.  The man who flagged his bag got confused because he saw lots of rectangles on the x-ray machine.  It turned out to be a pack of playing cards….false alarm….luckily, they didn’t see the Samurai sword Ivan and hidden in between the cards!

Our flight left Las Vegas at 6:30 am headed to Salt Lake City.  Ivan and I sat far from each other. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t fall asleep – so I just relaxed while my eyes were closed.  We landed a few minutes before 9 am.

At the airport, Ivan and I each got a tasty veggie panini.  Lil Dave ate a banana and peanut butter sandwich. 

Ivan and I got two seats together for our flight to Vancouver . However they were in the back row which doesn’t give much leg room, and so this idiot in front of Ivan kept on complaining that Ivans knees were pushing into the back of his chair when Ivan didn’t really have anywhere else to put them.

Once we landed we were going to get the skytrain to the place we were staying, but then decided we couldn’t be bothered, and hey we are on our honeymoon, so we got a taxi instead. The taxi dropped us off at the AIRBNB house we were staying at and we were met by the hosts sister who showed us around the house and introduced us to the cute doggy and catty.

We went out to get a quick lunch at a place called Red Wagon, and then on our way back stopped at Schokolade where we got a great pomegranate and chai spice chocolate…Very tasty I can assure you!


After getting back to the house and using the internet for a bit, the tiredness caught up on us so we both drifted off, to the sound of the continuous rainfall outside (apparently vancouver is nicknamed raincouver and we are not about to disagree on that fact!)

After waking up we figured it was a bit late and wet to go into downtown Vancouver, so instead walked to a local restaurant called El Barrio instead and had some shrimp linguine and salmon there, along with a drink called a ‘Caesar’ which apparently has this stuff called Clamato in it, which is literally clams and tomatoes together, and made for an interesting combination. 


It reminded us of a Bloody Mary drink.

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