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Salsa, Nemo and Pirates

The weather was totally overcast when we arrived in Cozumel, Mexico on October 3, 2012.  Ivan and I were up early at 8 am.  We had the breakfast buffet and headed to the D Lounge at 8:45 am.

We were going to do one of the excursions we booked through Disney.  Since the weather was so bad, there was an option to cancel your excursion.  Ours was indoors, so we didn’t cancel.

We left the boat at 9 am.  It was raining out.  We were picked up for the Salsa and Salsa class.  There was supposed to be 10 people, but it was only four of us after all the cancelations.  The guy kept talking to somebody in Spanish.  It seemed like they were going to cancel it, but I’m so glad they didn’t.

The man walked us through a mall and then put us in a taxi.

We went to a hotel nearby.  Our two teachers for the Salsa and Salsa class were two friendly Mexican girls. 


They taught us 7 salsas and two margaritas.  It was unlimited margaritas and we were taking advantage of it.  It didn’t look like the other two were though. 

It was great having only four of us in the class since they were making the margaritas right at our table with us.  I really enjoyed the salsa verde the best.


I was feeling drunk and now it was time for dancing.  I wonder if they do this on purpose.  The girls taught us some salsa moves which I’m not sure anybody really mastered, but it was fun trying!


The class includes beach time for an hour, but it was still bad weather – so we all headed back to the ship.

Salsa and Salsa is a terrific class that’s tasty and lots of fun.

Ivan and I were drunk and hungry.  We got room service: vegetable panini and fruit.  Then, we took a long nap. 

I woke up and Ivan had brought us grilled salmon sandwiches from Flo’s Café. 

It was time to watch Finding Nemo 3D in the theatre.  I’ve actually never seen this movie.  It was funny and such a cute story. 

Ivan and I went back to the room and found two Mickey Pirates in the Caribbean bandanas in the room.  It was Pirate Night.  Lots of people were dressed up in Pirate costume.  I only had my bandana and my pirate earrings.  Ivan had his bandana and the pirate hat that I got from Ibiza.

We saw part of the Pirates in the Caribbean show on the pool deck. It was a live show with all the disney characters dressed up as pirates and was quite fun to watch.


Dinner was at Royal Court.  Since the other couples were having dinner at Palo, it was just us and Ben and Nicole from New Jersey. 

I started off with a conch chowder while Ivan had a crab cake and seafood pearls.  Ivan thought the crab cake wasn’t crabby enough. 

We had the vegetable jalfrazie that was made for us.  It probably wasn’t made by an Indian chef since it didn’t have any tomatoes in it which is the MAIN ingredient in a jalfrazie.  It tasted great, but was definitely NOT a jalfrazie!

We chatted with Ben and Nicole about semester at sea and traveling.

Dessert was Death by Rum which was rum cake with raisin ice cream. 


Kristina created this and raved about it, but we didn’t really think it was anything much. To be honest, she didn’t look like the kind of girl who was too fussy with her desserts.

Ivan and I headed up to the pool deck to get a good view for the fireworks.  Kristina recommended that we go on the left side of the big screen to get an ideal view. 

There was a show where pirates were fighting with Captain Jack Sparrow. 

The Buccaneer Blast Fireworks came on which lasted a few minutes.  The fireworks were good, but too short.

The AquaDuck was open late since it was closed during the shows.  Ivan went on the AquaDuck which is a lot cooler at night since the tube is all lit up.


We went into the hot jacuzzi where we saw some of the Disney production cast.  There was a few princesses and and one of the dancers.  Ivan thought the magic was gone since he saw them out of their element.

Credit: Aquaduck photo by The Walt Disney Company

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