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Caipirinha Beach

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went out at 2 pm on January 8, 2013.  We got a taxi to Jurerê.  We had lunch at Doce Magia which is a pay per kilo buffet.  The food was alright.

We walked along Jurerê Beach. 


It was another overcast day.  The water was really cold.

I noticed a stall selling acai.  Ivan and I shared an acai with granola. 


Lil Dave got a acai with banana.

We walked further along the beach.  Ivan saw a lounge, so we decided to go sit down at Taiko which is about half way down the beach.  Ivan and I ordered caipirinhas with yellow fruit.  The drinks were the best caipirinhas we’ve had with pineapple, mangoes and passion fruit. 


We relaxed and later had another round of caiprinhas. 

We walked back to the street to find a taxi, but there wasn’t any around.  Ivan spotted a mini bus.  It was going to Canas Vieras, so we hopped on.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I started walking back to the guest house.  I noticed some cool art.


Ivan and Lil Dave used the internet while I worked on the blog.

For dinner, we went to Restaurant TriLegal.  Ivan ordered the salmon with quido which came with pickles.  Eww, we both hate pickles.  The salmon wasn’t as good as the fried cod with shrimps dish we had the other day.  It was good though.

We walked around to find something to do.  Ivan heard live music that was playing above Bob’s Burgers.  It was Route 66 bar which had a live band.  The song the band were performing was “Billionaire” by Bruno Mars.  Ivan and I each got a caipirinha which will be our last caipirinha in Brazil since we’re leaving for Lima tomorrow.  We stayed awhile listening to the music and enjoying our caiprinha.


Shrimp Pirate

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to the beach at 2 pm.  We went to Restaurant TriLegal for lunch.  Lil Dave got banana skewers.  Ivan and I shared a great fried cod with shrimp that had a tasty sauce. 


We walked along the beach.  Ivan started talking to a lady about the pirate ship ride.  It goes to an island and you get a free caipirinha.  Ivan thought that we should do it since it was another overcast day.  It is R$50 per person.  The lady walked us to the ticket office and the port. 


We boarded the pirate ship at 4 pm. 

The boat started going towards the island.  The sun came out and it was warm out.  Ivan and I got our free caipirinha which was served in a small clear plastic cup.


The pirates on the ship danced with most of the people on the ship – it was lots of line dancing.  The dancer Lola and the black guy (didn’t catch his name) were really good dancers. 


It took us an hour to reach the island Ilha de Anhatomirim.

The island has an entrance fee of R$8 ($4 USD) per person which isn’t included with the pirate ship ride.  We paid the entrance and got a free postcard of the island.

The whole group were taken around the island by the tour guide.  Ivan and I had no clue what he was saying since he was talking in Spanish (There’s lots of Argentinians who come to Florianópolis).  We walked around the island and Fortaleza de Santa Cruz which was a former fortress. 


The group went inside a building where a big skeleton of a whale was in the middle of the building.  I’m not really sure why.

I went to take pictures by a cannon.  There was a small owl and it would scream loudly when I came close.  It was really funny.  It would stop and then just look mad at me since I didn’t move away. 


If I moved back and went near him again, he’d scream again. 

The group piled back on to the pirate ship. 

More line dancing happened. I think the Brazilians and Argentinians love dancing.

There was a pirate fight against the black guy and the main pirate. 


I don’t know what they were saying, but people were laughing.  The acting wasn’t very good. 

The ship stopped and the main pirate threw the black guy overboard.  Then, a lot of people started jumping into the cold water from the ship. 

The captain started taking us back to the beach.  We arrived back at 7:20 pm. 


It was a good pirate ship ride.

Ivan and I walked to the Delicia no Palito stand where the crepes on a stick are sold.  Ivan and I each got a shrimp and cheese crepe.  Lil Dave had to convince the lady to cook him one with bananas – he even used his own bananas.  It was so very tasty again.

At 11 pm, we went to the smaller buffet for dinner.  I had some meat, banana fritters, fish and sweet potatoes. 

Ivan asked the guy at the guest house earlier about the clubs.  He said that they’re filled with young people who are 18 years old.  So, we decided not to check out the clubs.

Ivan and I watched some of comedian Jim Jeffries DVD before going to sleep.



On January  6, 2013, Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at Surfer’s Paradise.  Lil Dave had a banana salad.  Ivan and I shared a acai smoothie.  Ivan got a salad with goats cheese and a salmon sandwich.  I got a filet mignon sandwich with cheese and caramelized onions.  It was a tasty meal.

We got a taxi to the bus station.  We left Balneário Camboriú, Brazil at 2:45 pm headed for Florianópolis.  Ivan and I watched the shows Bad Education and New Girls on the bus.  We arrived at 4:15 pm.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I got a taxi to the Utopia guest house. 

We walked around the beach to check it out. 


Ivan and I had a corn on the cob.

We walked around the city and saw lots of restaurants and shops. 

We noticed a place selling a crepe on a stick. 


Ivan and I shared one with shrimp and cheese.  It was really tasty! 


It reminded us of a waffle though.

The guest house comes with free dinner every night.  Later that night, we went in search of the restaurants.  The first one was a small buffet with lots of different meats.  We went to the other free restaurant which was Canto Gaucho.  Ivan and I filled our plates with food.  I got some meat at the back where there were lots of choices.  The food was pretty good.

Ivan and I walked down to the beach to get a drink and a few carts were selling drinks, but there wasn’t anywhere to sit.


We walked through the city, but there was only one bar.  The other places are restaurants where you can get drinks. 

There are promoters who try to get you to come to their club.  But, nothing exciting really seemed to be going on. 

Ivan and I headed back and watched the great British horror movie The Children.

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