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Jetski Illusion

It was an overcast day on October 1, 2012.  The Disney Fantasy was parked near Grand Cayman.  Ivan and I had breakfast at the buffet.

We went to Animator’s Palate to get a ticket for the tender. 

We got on the tender at 10:55 am and the boat arrived at the pier at 11:05 am.

It was only a short walk to the Hard Rock Café.  We met the driver for the Fat Fish Adventure.  Around the corner, he picked up a family of four.

The local driver told us about the island.  There’s no taxes and lots of offshore banking.  Bill Gates and Barbara Walters have homes here.  He said the guide wanted to cancel the tour, but he thought it would be fine.  The driver drove us to the dock.

Our guide was a man named Robert. 


Ivan and I shared a jetski.  The family of four shared two jetskis.  Robert led us by going really fast on the jetski.  Ivan drove us to Stingray City. 

We got to feed Freckles the stingray which was weird since their mouth is like a vacuum.  This stingray always comes to Robert.  We got to take pictures of the stingray while we held it. 


Ivan and I each got to kiss the stingray as well.

One of the jetski’s battery died who was carrying the lady and her son.

We went snorkeling and there was lots of small, colorful fish near a reef.

The lady got behind Robert while the boy joined his dad and his brother on their jetski.

We headed toward Starfish Point.  The water was choppy, but not so rough. 

The water was really murky at Starfish Beach.  Robert says the water is usually so blue.  We got to pick up a starfish. 


It was a lot of fun on the jetskis.  Robert took us back to the dock.

We arrived back on the boat at 3 pm. 

It was time for animation at Disney Animation: Cartoon Physics.  We were given a book where we drew a ball.  It was supposed to make the ball move when we turned the pages.  But, it didn’t really seem like the ball was moving.  You needed to draw a lot more balls on more pages.  Next, we drew Goofy. 


Mine turned out alright.

We heard the great music of Roberto and Daria.  It started raining.

Later, we had dinner at Animator’s Palate.  There was a show with the turtle Crush from Finding Nemo.  It’s like the show Turtle Talk with Crush at Disneyland.  I don’t know how they make Crush move around and talk to the guests.  Somebody at our table suggested that there must be microphones on each table. 

I had the truffle pasta purse for a starter while Ivan got the mushroom risotto.  Both appetizers were very tasty.  For our main courses, Ivan got an average cod while I had a good Trio of Veal. 


For dessert, we shared an average walnut cake. 

We saw the illusionist Jason Bishop who is funny, likeable and a great magician. 

We saw part of the ventriloquist Kevin Johnson’s show.  He’s not that good though, so we left early.

It was up to the 14th deck to check out the Outlook bar.  It’s a piano bar which is really small inside with only 3 tables.  We didn’t stay too long since we were tired.

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