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Nova Postcard

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 9:30 am on August 3, 2012. 

We checked out of Vila Panonija. 

Lunch was at Caffe Che Nova? 


It was great eating lunch in a such a lovely setting.  Lil Dave had banana pasta. 


Ivan and I shared a delicious prawn & tomato stuffed squid and an average salmon risotto.

Our backpacks were left at storage at the hotel – so we picked them up and headed to Old Town.

I put a few postcards in the post box.

It was almost time to leave, so we walked to the bus station.  Everything seems so much farther when you have heavy backpacks on and you’re walking in the hot sun. But we don’t mind too much, as we think of the extra weight as ‘exercise’!

Sometimes you’re not assigned as seat as this was the case.  Ivan put our big backpacks in storage while I grabbed good seats.  We got lucky with a table all to ourselves.  Lil Dave was happy since he got his own window seat!

The bus arrived at the Montenegran Immigration at 4:20 pm.  The bus went into the bus lane and it took 30 minutes.  Ivan and I forgot again about the next Immigration for the Croatian side.  There was a really long line.  We were done there around 5:40 pm.  Thank goodness the bus was air-conditioned and we had cold water – otherwise the wait would have been a bit unbearable.

We arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia at 6:30 pm and got a taxi to the Old Town.

The place we stayed at was called Dubrovnik Rooms Seka.  It’s run by a friendly red-headed Croatian lady. 

She asked for our passports and said did we want alcohol or coffee.  Ivan asked what the alcohol was and she said rakia.  I said we love rakia.  It was a lovely homemade (made by her!) rakia welcome shot.  She did a shot as well – not as big as the ones she poured out for us.  She didn’t speak much English, but she was super friendly.

Unfortunately, there was no free wi-fi like as it was advertised…..but it had a lovely view and was so close to the Old Town. The picture below was of the view from our window.


We had dinner at a restaurant called Café Dubravka 1836.  We had a nice view of the castle walls.  Lil Dave got a banana soup and a banana lasagna.  Ivan and I shared a fish soup, tuna pizza and mussels in red sauce.  The fish soup was quite plain and tasted more like a boring chicken noodle soup.  The tuna pizza was very good.

We walked around the Old Town which has cobblestone streets.  Its truly a really magical place to walk around. I like all the cool souvenir shops and the restaurants playing music. 


Dubrovnik is a lovely place especially at night.  I like the buildings with the green shutters.

Ivan thought we go check out D’Vino wine bar. 


Ivan and I wanted to get the cheese platter, but we were stuffed from dinner.  Maybe next time.  We each got an espresso and chilled out.

It was great to check out the very cool postcards and the souvenirs in the shops.  I bought a bunch of postcards and we headed back to apartment at 11 pm.



On August 2, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out of the hostel at 11:30 am.  It was off to Kotor in a taxi which took about 25 minutes.  One of the luxuries of having a little more money to spend than your average backpacker is little things like this – getting an air conditioned taxi door to door, rather than walking to a bus stop….waiting for a bus…sitting on a (probably) non-air conditioned bus….and then walking at the other end also.

Ivan checked us in to Vila Panonija.  It was a lovely room with a balcony that had a great view.  Ivan was disappointed that we didn’t stay here yesterday since it was a MUCH better room for not too much more money.

It was off to get some lunch.  We checked out the restaurants near the vila and found Caffe Che Nova? It was situated right at the waters edge with beautiful views. Lil Dave got a banana pizza.  Ivan and I shared a fish soup,some sea bass and vegetable pizza.  The fish shop was delicious while the pizza was quite boring. The sea bass was, as always, delicious!

We walked around the cool Old Town filled with shops, churches and restaurants. 


It’s very lovely walking around and checking out the souvenir shops.  The buildings look very cool.  The guide books say Kotor is like Budva but smaller – I like to call it Budva Light.

I was a little sweaty from walking around in the warm sun.  Ivan thought we should head back and have a drink at one of the restaurants by our hotel. 

Along our way, we passed by the small beach.


These pictures really don’t do justice to how beautiful these surroundings are….you really just have to be there to appreciate it !

We each got an apple Somersby cider at Caffe Del Mare.  The name is a top rip-off from the famous Café Del Mar in Ibiza.

It was time for a siesta for me.. as I was tired probably because of combination of the heat and the cider.  I had a short nap at 6 pm.

That night, we had dinner at Caffe del Mare.  Lil Dave had banana stuffed squid and a banana and chicken salad. 


Ivan and I shared fish broth, prawn stuffed squid and mussels in a red sauce.  Ivan didn’t think the squid were actually stuffed with much prawn – more like a rice mixture.  I agreed, but it was hard to see since it was dark.  The fish broth was sooo delicious, even better than the one at Che Nova? And whatever the squid was stuffed with it was delicious!

Ivan was really tired.  We used the internet for awhile and then it was off to bed for us.

I couldn’t sleep for awhile, probably since I had that nap earlier, so I used the internet.

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