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Pisco Ceviche

Ivan, Lil Dave and I got a taxi around noon on January 11, 2013. 

We went to have some lunch at La Mar


Ivan read that they have good ceviche at this restaurant.  Lil Dave managed to get a banana ceviche which was oddly good.  Ivan and I shared the 5 ceviche sampler for a starter. 


I really enjoyed the ceviche with soy sauce.  Our main course was tuna steak.  It was wonderful food.

Ivan and I walked down the street to El Mercado.  The menu was filled with lots of great things – too bad we can’t come back to try their sandwiches.  Ivan and I shared a passion fruit chilcano and a grilled octopus. 


Their grilled octopus is supposed to be the best in the city, but Ivan and I both agree that the grilled octopus at Pescados Capitales was better.  The grilled octopus still tasted great.

We walked to the mall that was built right in the cliff.  We had ice cream at Laritza D’.  Ivan and I shared chocolate and strawberry.  Lil Dave got banana of course!  Ivan bought cheap headphones.

Next, we walked to the post office so I could mail postcards.  We got a taxi back to D’osma Bed and Breakfast.

Later that night, Ivan and I got a taxi to the restaurant Cala.  We had a reservation for later at 8 pm.  We went to the lounge for a drink and sat on the balcony with the sea right in front of us. 


Ivan and I ordered two pisco sours: strawberry and one with passion fruit, lemon and orange.  My strawberry drink tasted better.

It was time for dinner.  We walked upstairs and sat on the balcony.  We got a lovely La Crin Malbec wine.  We started off with a salmon and apple mixture and Lima style Tiradito.  Both dishes were very tasty.


Our main courses were tuna with a chutney sauce and salmon with soba noodles.  I picked our dessert which was a chocolate truffle tart which was delicious. 


We had a terrific meal at Cala.  It’s worth the money for the view and the lovely food.

Lima is filled with great restaurants.  I wish we had more time to try more gourmet food.

Ivan and I walked to Ayahuasca Bar to get a drink.  We sat in the room with the black walls and the art that looked like kites on sticks. 


Ivan and I each got a pisco sour.  We chilled for awhile and then walked back to the b&b.


Lima Food Tour

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had the free breakfast at the b&b at 9 am.  I took a quick shower.

Lil Dave went out to explore Lima on his own.  He wanted to check out the beach.

Ivan and I were picked up by Sam at 9:45 am for the Capital Culinaria Lima Gourmet Tours food tour.  It was only us on the tour.

Our first stop was Tostaduria Bisetti.  This café picks their coffee beans individually and then roasts them.  Everybody had a cup of espresso.  Sam talked about the former corrupt Japanese president Alberto Fujimori.  He ended up in jail because of human rights violation.

The buildings in Barranco have to keep the buildings in the old style, so the Starbucks isn’t all green like it is in other cities – but the name is in black on a yellow building.

Next, we walked to the secret garden La Bodega Verde.  Ivan and I each had a lúcuma shake with milk and ice.  Lúcuma is a fruit that tastes like butterscotch.  It was a very tasty drink.

We walked to Sam’s nice BMW car.  He drove us to Chorrillos district and we stopped for a great panoramic view of the city.

Our next stop was the San Isidro local market. 


Ivan and I got to try a raw scallop with lime at the Pescaderia “Sanchez” stand.  We also got try to a couple local fruits at a very organized and pretty fruit stand.


Sam drove us to Embarcadero 41 Fusión which is a seafood restaurant in Miraflores.  A bartender talked about the different kinds of pisco and then showed us how to make pisco sour. 


The drink  was quite tasty.

We took our pisco sour to a table in the back.  A chef instructed us on how to make ceviche. 


We got to make our own ceviche which turned out great.  I made mine a little too spicy. 

Our last stop on the tour was Huaca Pucllana which is a place where you take special guests.  The King of Spain, Mick Jagger, Bill and Hillary Clinton have all visited this restaurant.  The cool thing about this restaurant that it’s right next to pre-Incan ruins.  It has a lovely view. 

Ivan and I got a Pisco Chilcano passion fruit drink which was sour and sweet at the same time.  It was good, but a bit odd to me.  The Chilcano is pisco sour with ginger ale.


We got four dishes to try which were Parmesan scallops, Japanese grilled octopus, Peruvian tamale and causa (crab with potato and avocado). 


Our favorite was the grilled octopus.

The four desserts came out next with warm rice pudding, lúcuma pudding, Peruvian-French cheesecake and a dulce de leche.  I really enjoyed the lúcuma pudding and the cheesecake.  Ivan liked the lúcuma pudding.

Wow, this tour was amazing!  It was great to try lots of great food and learn things about Lima.  I really recommend taking Capital Culinaria Lima Gourmet Tours if you’re ever in Lima.

Sam dropped us back at the b&b.  We chilled for awhile using the internet.

Later that night, we walked 3 miles since we were still stuffed from the food tour.  Ivan found a taxi and we drove to the seafood restaurant Pescados Capitales.

Ivan and I shared grilled octopus, Gandhi ceviche and grilled swordfish with mushroom risotto.  We got tasty Pisco Rubio drinks.  The dishes were excellent.  The Gandhi ceviche had a hint of Indian spice. 

We got a taxi to Barranco.  We went to the Ayahuasca Bar which is located inside a huge mansion. 


It has the coolest décor inside.  Ivan and I were both too tired to get a drink, so we walked back to the b&b.


Travelling all day

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 8:45 am on January 9, 2013.  We packed our bags up.

Ivan had to walk to the main part of Canas Vieras to find a taxi.  We left at 9:20 am headed to the airport.

Our flight from Florianópolis was supposed to leave at 11:10 am, but the plane was delayed so we left at 12:05 pm.

I was tired and fell asleep before takeoff.  I woke up when the stewards were passing out the peanuts.  Ivan and I watched a show on the laptop.

We arrived at Guarulhos (São Paulo) at 1:40 pm.  Some of the luggage came out about 30 minutes after we landed, but then nothing else.  We waited along with a half dozen people until 2:25 pm to get our backpacks.  That’s the longest we’ve ever waited for luggage.

Ivan and I checked out the screens to see where we had to check-in for our next flight.  We booked the flights separately, so we didn’t have connecting flights.  The flight wasn’t showing up on the screen, but we figured it was probably since the flight wasn’t until 6:50 pm. 

Ivan went on the internet and checked us in and found out the flight was at Terminal 1.  It was a Taca flight going through Avianca airline.  I kept checking the screen and finally our flight showed up.

We walked to the Check-in A area.  Ivan asked the guy at the Avianca counter what time the Lima flight check-in started.  He said 4 pm.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were all hungry.  I noticed restaurants earlier at Check-in C, so we went to check it out.  Ivan though Bar and Bistro looked good.  Lil Dave got a banana lasagna.  Ivan and I shared a vegetable soup and a penne with a pomodoro and pesto sauce.  The penne was nice and hot.

We walked back to the check-in desk at 4:30 pm and checked our backpacks in.

We left Guarulhos, Brazil at 6:50 pm.  Good-bye Brazil!  We were off to Lima, Peru.  The flight was almost 5 hours.  Ivan and I watched Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, New Girl, Lee Evans and The Mindy Project.  Our plane arrived at 8:55 pm.

The Immigration went by really quick. 

Ivan and I waited around for the taxi pick-up from the bed & breakfast that Ivan booked.  We waited for 15 minutes and nobody showed up.  So, we got a taxi from the Taxi Green counter.  We left at 9:40 pm for the B&B.

Ivan and I checked in to D’osma Bed & Breakfast which is in the nice Barranco district. 

Ivan and I decided to go to a restaurant Ivan booked a reservation for.

We got a taxi to Central Restaurant.  

Ivan and I ordered cocktails. 


The bread stone plate came with different small unique breads with roasted butter, butter with salt on top and a great goats cheese and tomato dip. 

Our first dish was a tuna confit at 4 degrees which was really tasty. 


Ivan said to the waiter that we were sharing and they served our dishes in two separate plates and both presented in a pretty way.

We were thinking of getting the Hot Ceviche but it was 79 Soles ($31 USD) since it came with langoustines. We also got a goat cheese cannelloni which was small (one cannelloni each), but tasted lovely.  

The main course was Salmon and Earth which was salmon with a mushroom risotto. 


The salmon was perfectly cooked rare and crunchy on top – it went well with the creamy risotto.

I knew that we were too stuffed for dessert, but I always like checking out what goodies that are offered.  I really wanted to try to the goats cheese cheesecake.  We passed on dessert.  Good thing we did because we got desserts for free. 


We were served two chocolates, flavored marshmallows, chocolates (mix of white and milk chocolate), jellies and a type of small cake.  It was a great end to a delicious meal.


Bay Fountains

I woke up at 8 am on November 14, 2012.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I got a taxi at 9:30 am to Miraflores.

Today, we were going on a bike tour.  There were three other people on the Bay tour.

Our guide Juan Carlos took us around the areas of Miraflores, Barranca and Chorrillos.  The ride was mostly flat.  It was a little cold during the start of the tour.

We stopped by Victor Delfin’s house who is a sculptor.  The group biked along the bay where we saw a couple of beaches, a fishing pier and a few parks.  It started getting really warm out.

The guide showed us a mall that was built into the cliffs.

There’s a legend of a Franciscan monk who jumped from a hill to the water killing himself.  A man recreates it near the El Salto del Fraile (Jumping Monk restaurant) by putting on a robe and jumping from a cliff into the water.


Piselli Bar was our stop for a snack.  It was included in the tour.  Ivan got a cheese sandwich while I decided to be naughty and get a salty ham sandwich.  Ivan and I shared a Pisco sour.  I’m not sure why the tour calls it a snack when it’s more like a small meal.

One of our last stop was the Parque de Amor where Victor Delfin’s El Beso statue is.


The man and woman are really large which make people say they look similar to Shrek and Fiona.  The park looks like Park Guell in Barcelona with the colorful tiles.


Later that night, we went to see the Magic Water Tour in el Parque de la Reserva.  Ivan wanted to check out the 13 fountains in this park since it’s apparently THE thing to do in Lima according to Tripadvisor.  I liked the Fountain of Harmony which is shaped like a pyramid.


One of the most popular fountains is the Maze of the Dream.  Everybody tries to walk into the center without getting wet and then come back out again.  There’s a big chance you’re going to get wet in the maze since the fountain changes fast.

Ivan and I walked through the Tunnel of Surprise Fountain.  The floor was wet and it was weird walking in a tunnel of gushing water.


Fantasy Fountain is a nightly show with lasers, music and video projections on the water.  Ivan and I weren’t impressed with the show since we’ve seen the famous Bellagio Fountains and the show at Tokyo DisneySea which are so much better.

We saw people from the group there since they left earlier than us.  Ivan and I decided to join them for dinner.

The group got two taxi cabs to Pizza Street (Calle de las pizzas).  This street is filled with restaurants, bars and clubs.  Our group was bombarded with people from the restaurant trying to tempt us to go to their restaurant.

We picked a restaurant but I don’t recall the name.  Each person got a free pisco sour.  Ivan and I shared a ceviche and a tasty fish & seafood dish with a great seafood sauce.


Cooking Bar

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 9 am on November 13, 2012.  Lil Dave decided to explore Lima by himself.

Ivan and I got a taxi at 10:40 am to Miraflores which is a nicer part of Lima.  We arrived a few minutes later so we popped into a pastry shop.  We got small bread that were shaped like croissants.

It was time to head to the Sky Kitchen cooking class.  The class taught in a kitchen in a penthouse apartment.  The kitchen is very modern with induction stove.  The teacher is a Peruvian man named Yurac and his partner a German guy named Christian.  The class included us, a couple from Seattle and a French girl. 

Yurac did the cooking and spoke in Spanish while Christian translated it into English.  We got to chop up things and help out with the creation of the dishes. 


The first dish was an appetizer called Papa a la Huancaina.  This Peruvian dish has potatoes in a spicy sauce made from yellow Peruvian peppers, milk, oil, cheese and salt.

Our next dish was ceviche.  The group got to make it with mahi mahi. 


It tasted delicious, definitely the best we’ve had in South America so far.

The main dish was Papa Diablo for Ivan and me since we’re vegetarians.  The meat eaters were making Aji de Gallina which is a spicy chicken stew.  Our potato dish had included yellow pepper, milk, bread, peas and cheese. 

This class was fun and the food tasted wonderful.  I definitely recommend this cooking class.


We got a taxi back to hotel where we used the internet and I worked on the blog.

That night, Ivan and I met up with the group at Bar Cordano.  It’s one of the oldest bars in Lima.  Ivan and I met the new people Kate, Sam and Will.  They’re from Australia, Canada and England.  We had red wine and shared fried calamari.

The group wanted to get dinner.  We walked around to find a restaurant.  Ended up going to an Italian restaurant called Veruma.  Ivan and I got a sangria to share which was very sweet with small slices of apples. 

Ivan and I shared a vegetarian pizza which tasted horrible.  There wasn’t enough tomato sauce on the pizza and the cheese was bad.   It was very much lacking in flavor.  Ivan and I only had two slices each since we were hungry.  We shared it with other people.  Anna gave us a piece of garlic bread in exchange.  It’s sad that the garlic bread tasted better than the pizza!  Good thing the sangria tasted so good because I didn’t care as much that the pizza was so very bad.



Ivan woke up at 5:30 am on November 12, 2012 to make breakfast.  Ivan’s cook group made scrambled eggs for breakfast.

The group left at 7 am.  It was a long driving day.  Ivan and I watched shows on the laptop.  Some people don’t read or sleep on the truck, but they end up staring off into space.  I couldn’t do that for very long or I’d fall asleep.

We were driving into Lima and hit some traffic.  The truck arrived at the hotel at 2 pm.

Mel checked us in to Kamana Hotel.  Ivan and I had a room with two double beds.  Mel called us later and said we could get a room with one big bed tomorrow.  Tonight, we’d be pushing the beds together which is close enough to being in the same bed.

Ivan and I were starving and went to a restaurant a few doors down from the hotel.  Lil Dave got a fried banana with a salad.  Ivan and I each got the set menu with ceviche and fried fish. 

We used the internet which isn’t very consistent. 

The Oasis group met up for dinner at 7:15 pm.  Ivan and I weren’t hungry and decided to stay in.  3 people were starting their trip with our group – so the group were meeting them tonight.

Ivan and I couldn’t find any good restaurant open at 9:30 pm.  So, we ended up eating McDonald’s for dinner.

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