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Vegas Shopping

Ivan and I woke up at 10 am on January 22, 2013.  We used the internet in the hotel room.  We left at 12:20 pm and headed to L.A.

We went to the Helms Bakery District which Thresa recommended to us. 


We went to eat at La Dijonaise CafĂ©.  I had a roasted chicken sandwich while Ivan had a tuna sandwich.  The food was quite good.

We checked out the cool home furnishing shops at Helms Bakery.  Room & Board and H.D. Buttercup had some great stuff.


We went to Xpress Tires because I felt the tires were low.  The front right tire had a nail in it and the back one was low.  So, we got the tire patched up and got air in all the tires. 

Ivan and I left at 3:30 pm headed to Las Vegas.  I drove us and we arrived in Vegas at 8:05 pm.

We went to the Paris Hotel and Casino for crepes.  Ivan and I each got a shrimp scampi crepe.  Next, we saw the hilarious show hypnotist Anthony Cools.

Ivan drove us back to the house and we went to bed.  Thanks for reading our blog.. hope you enjoyed all our adventures!

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