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We woke up on the morning of September 17, 2012 around 10am and hopped into the car for the drive out of the mountains to León.


The drive was very pretty, though not nearly as ‘scary’ as some of the internet reports had made it out to be. Maybe if it had been raining or was snowing then it could be quite scary I guess.


We arrived in León after about 4 hours driving. We were pretty peckish, so found a local bar where we had the set menu. It was some cheese soup, and fish. We then walked around the corner to our lovely hotel and checked in.

There isn’t a whole lot to do in León – but one of the must see attractions is the Santa María de León Cathedral.


We listened to the audio guide as we walked around the HUGE building. The lady on the guide did seem to like the sound of her own voice though as she was waffling quite a bit.  It was interesting to see a statue of the pregnant Virgin Mary.


We had a walk around town then went back to the hotel to chill for a bit.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant we had seen earlier on in the day. It was called Las Termas and we had the set menu there which was an absolute bargain, as it was quite posh food and came with an entire bottle of wine. All for only 15 euros for 3 courses of food!


We had pasta salad with cheese and shrimp, avocado with prawns, roasted cod and grilled anchovies. Dessert was a pie with some lemon sorbet with chocolate sauce.


Very tasty meal and we had a view of the cathedral while we were eating it also!



Cider Parade

On September 16, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I went into Potes at 11:10 am. 

There was a farmer’s market going on selling cheese, anchovies and cider.  Ivan and I tried a few cheese samples, while doing the whole ‘hmm let me just try some more of this so I can decide if I want to buy it or not’ act.

We didn’t think there was much going on for the Fiestas de la Cruz.  Apparently most of the stuff happened on the Friday and Saturday. Still, at least we caught the crazy water fights yesterday.

For lunch, we went to Don Pelayo for the menu del dia (menu of the day). 


There was a great view from their balcony facing the river.  Ivan and I shared the fava bean stew and anchovies for a starter.  Lil Dave got a banana stew and a fish and banana salad.  The menu of the day came with a bottle of cider so we got to pour it high into our glasses, which is how they always pour the cider out here. Ivan went a lot higher than me. 


We’re not sure why they pour it high, it must be tradition.  It’s definitely a lot of fun pouring it that way and seeing it poured.  We shared the grilled hake and fried squid with onion for our main course.  We saw a parade on the bridge for the fiesta. 


Then for dessert, we got orujo cake and rum cake.  It was a good meal.

It was a lovely day out.  It was nice walking along the river.  It was a bit warm out with jeans on.

Ivan drove us back to the hotel at 2:20 pm. 

We chilled in the room and took a long 3 hour nap.

Ivan wanted to take a hike or play tennis.  The hike to the next village was an hour long.  Since it was already getting dark, I thought it would be best that we played tennis.  At 7:40 pm we started playing tennis.  I won this time. 

Later, we had dinner in the hotel again.  Ivan and I each got the grilled salmon which was even better this time since it was cooked longer making the skin very crunchy.  For dessert, we shared the delicious walnut and chocolate tart.


Wet Art

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 9:45 am on September 15, 2012.  We packed everything up and put our stuff in the car.

It was time to check out the Guggenheim Museum.  It was a short walk there from the Airbnb apartment.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a tour in English which was disappointing. Still, at least they gave us audio guides.

Guggenheim Museum building was created by Frank Ghery which again makes you want to slide down it (like the wine place we saw a few days ago).  The Guggenheim is  the building on the left in the picture below.


It looks cool with the bridge and the curved grey building.

We got tickets and it came with an English audio guide.  It was interesting at first, but it kept waffling on and on.  There was a big art piece with copper walls called The Matter of Time. 


I wasn’t really sure what to make out of it.  I guess the artist really likes spirals and weird walls.  It’s supposed to make you feel dizzy as you walk around, but I didn’t get that feeling.  The artist was describing it in quite a lot of detail and he really was waffling on quite a lot about spirals, rhombuses and all other weird shapes. I guess he is really ‘into’ that kind of thing!

The first art you see is long LED strips with words running down it. 


One side had red letters while the other side was blue.

One of the exhibitions was by Georg Baselitz who painted the same people upside down. 


It did look like somebody painted it upside down and the art pieces had weird names.

I really liked the exhibition by David Hockney which had some cool nature in Yorkshire, England. 


He had a section of art that he created on an iPad. 

You’re not supposed to take pictures in some of the exhibitions, but I snapped a couple.  There wasn’t that much in the museum with the 3rd floor being closed.  It’s a cool museum, I just thought they’d be more art.

There’s a huge dog called Papi outside made out of flowers.  I thought it was a cat because it has pointy ears.


There are a few art pieces outside of the museum like the huge spider.  I don’t like spiders, but it still looks really cool.

Ivan and I were really hungry and went to the Guggenheim Café.  It was tapas of course. 

We went to the Alhóndiga Cultural and Leisure Center. It’s an old wine warehouse that was redesigned inside by Philippe Starck.  I love the cool pillars that are all different.


Inside there was nice restaurants and a cool shop.

We started driving at 2:10 pm towards the mountains.  The views were very pretty.

In Potes, we noticed a big crowd of people around a bridge.  Ivan thought it would be cool to stop and find out what was going on.  He knew something must be happening in this small town since the hotel was all booked up.

The river was stopped by a dam for the Fiestas de la Cruz.  The water rose and man-made boats were in the water – along with people swimming.  A generator was on board to power the high-powered hose.  The boats would go down the river and spray water at the people on the bridges. 


The people in the balconies of restaurants that lined the river thought they were safe.. but, no, the powerful hose rose up to wet the people on the balcony.  It was a funny sight.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I got wet since we were sitting on a bridge.  People acted crazy when the water started spraying on the bridges – they acted like it was acid instead of water which is pretty harmless.  There were two boats with hoses and they were trying to knock people off the other boats. It really was very hilarious!

I saw one boat that had a slide which we all wanted to go down. 

We had a tapas snack at a bar.

Ivan drove us to the next town called Cosgaya.  Here, we checked in to Hotel del Oso. 

I was checking out the amenities of the hotel with the hotel book in the room.  I noticed that the hotel had a tennis court. 

Ivan and I went to the reception and got the internet password and asked about the tennis since it said you needed reservations.  The lady asked when we wanted to play.  Ivan said 7 pm which was only a few minutes away and it was available.

Ivan and I played tennis.  Ivan beat me, but I blame it on the racquet since I think the grip was too big for me.. or maybe I just suck.  It was chilly out at night.

The internet wasn’t working very well.  I hate when a hotel says they have free internet, but their routers are crap.

For dinner, we ate at the hotel.  Ivan and I shared the grilled vegetables and vegetable soup for a starter.  Then, we got grilled salmon and tuna in a tomato sauce with onion and pepper.  The walnut and chocolate tart for dessert was wonderful.


Bilbao Pintxos

At 12 pm on September 14, 2012, we were woken up by somebody knocking on the door.  It was the girl at the Airbnb place saying that check out was 12 pm, but we could stay 30 minutes to pack – we had to go since there was somebody else coming to stay soon.  Somehow we slept 10 hours.  Must have been the pinxtos overload from the night before!

We packed everything up and said bye.  Then, we dropped off our backpacks at the car.

It was time for pintxos for lunch.  Our first stop was at La Mejillonera and thank goodness it was actually open!.. with this being the fourth time we tried.  Ivan and I shared papa bravas (patata bravas) and mussels tigres.  The papa bravas are the best in San Sebastian…so we were told..and seeing as a) they were pretty good and b) they were the ONLY potato bravas we had in San Sebastian, we would probably tend to agree!!!


The papa bravas had a delicious spicy sauce (definitely the best sauce I’ve had with patata bravas), but I wish the potatoes were crunchier.  The mussels were great with a tomato sauce.  Lil Dave asked the chef to make banana bravas and he liked it with their sauce.  This place actually has calarmari bravo which I’m assuming tastes good as well.

The second pintxos bar was La Txepetxa where Ivan and I shared anchovies with blueberries and anchovies with salmon and onion.  The salmon and onion one was tasted better.

Our last stop was A Fuego Negro. 


We got freezing gazpacho, black and white quinoa with cucumber and apple and cod’s curd with honey powder.  The freezing gazpacho was like an otter pop (frozen snack).  The food was once again delicious and inventive.

We went to Naturally for more great frozen yogurt.

Ivan started driving us at 1 pm towards Bilbao, Spain.  It took an hour to reach the new city. 

We parked in the street near the Airbnb apartment.  The apartment wasn’t easy to find.. we weren’t even sure we had the right apartment when we rang different ones.  The dude who lived in the place hadnt really put his correct info into the Airbnb listing.

Ivan found some internet and talked to the guy via Skype (we lost our cell phone somewhere along the way in Spain). He said he’d meet us outside of the apartment.  We said hi to him and Ivan asked about the parking.  He said we should move the car to the street right next to his apartment since it’s free.

Ivan and I wanted to check out the Guggenheim Museum.  Ivan read that it’s better to get a tour, so we figured it would be better to check it out tomorrow for the tour.

We went to Abando y Barra for a tapas snack and then we walked around Bilbao.  The Guggenheim has lots of cool arty buildings and art outside of the museum. 

It was now dinner time. 

Ivan found some good pintxos bars to try out.  The first stop was Irrintzi which had a cool anime theme.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t many pescatarian dishes for us to try.  We shared the fried cod, small fish on bread and bread with cheese and anchovies.


The bread with cheese and anchovies was good.  Lil Dave got chicken and banana on a stick and a banana salad.

It was time to walk to our next stop Gure Toki.  It was this great bustling little bar at the corner of a busy square filled with people eating drinking and having a good time.


Ivan got a beer while I got red wine.  Here, we tried the tuna with onions, salmon ravioli, the award-winning soup with cheese and egg, octopus on a stick and the apple, mango and cheese on bread.  The soup was really good.. but the best dish was the awesome apple, mango and cheese with bread.


Ivan and I thought we should try one more place.  Our last bar stop was Zezen Gorri.  We got the anchovies, seaweed and black olive paste and a cheese spread with salmon on bread.  Both dishes were very tasty.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went back early.  Ivan and I watched an episode of Beaver Falls before going to bed.


Pintxos Bar Hopping

On September 13, 2012, we woke up and the weather was gloomy and overcast.  We wish the weather was better because we wanted to head to the beach.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I headed out into the city at noon to find pintxos for lunch.  Ivan had done his homework from the internet, and had a whole list of places to visit. The old town of San Sebastián is known for its pinxtos and there are literally hundreds of places crammed into a handful of small streets. 

Our first stop was Bar Burda Berri.  Lil Dave got the banana and mushroom skewers.  Ivan and I got the yummy bacalao(cod) and the creamy mushroom risotto and a glass of red wine.

The next bar was Bar Goiz Argi.  It’s famous for the very delicious shrimp and meat on a skewer on top of a toasted bread which is called brocheta de gambas for 2 Euros. 


We also got octopus but it wasn’t as good as the one we had last night at La Cuchara de San Telmo. 

Bar Txepetxa was our next bar stop. Its famous for its anchovies. This place has been visited by Sir Ian McKellen (who plays Gandalf in the Lord of the Ring trilogy), Glen Close and other famous Spanish people.  Lil Dave got bananas with raspberries and bananas with cinnamon.  Ivan really wanted to try the papaya and anchovies, but they were out or maybe papaya’s not in season right now….or maybe they just didn’t think we deserved to get any papaya, when in fact the reality was they had huge buckets of it under the counter…  Ivan and I tried anchovies with blueberries on bread and anchovies with coconut. 


They were both so delicious and very unique. 

Bar La Cepa was up next.  Ivan and I had the tortilla de bacalao (cod tortilla) which was alright – the cod was overpowered by the flavor of the eggs.  This bar has cool tables with candy in it. 


Our next tapas bar was A Fuego Negro.  This is the coolest tapas bar with yellow and red over the bar.  There’s also a restaurant in the back.  The restaurant has really unique dishes like gastronomical creations.  We tried the frozen cheese and sardines, marinated salmon with citrus fruit and croutons, coaled cod with pepper pips and pomegranate ceviche. 


The frozen cheese had a hint of sardine flavor and melted in your mouth like it was snow in your mouth.  The dishes were so delicious.  I know we’ll be coming back to this place to try more dishes.  I wish we lived here and we could try everything out.

We tried the La Mejillonera again but they had run out of papas bravas and were closing.  Darn it!

Ivan and I went to Smooy a frozen yogurt place.  We got the yogurt with berries and nuts and raisins.  Lil Dave got yogurt with extra bananas.

It was time to head back to the apartment for a long siesta.

Later, we went out at 7:30 pm and walked by the ocean. 


We saw some weird structures and the lovely beach. 


Shame about the weather.. but at least we get to try lots of tapas.

It was time to use the internet for awhile before heading out for dinner.

We went out at 10:30 pm for tapas.  The La Mejillonera bar had no more patata bravas and mussels at 10:50 pm – I guess it’s that popular or they don’t have much food.

Our first stop was La Cuchara de San Telmo.  Ivan and I shared the risotto with goats cheese and cod with tzatziki with the local cider.  The cider is tasty but is bitter since it’s doesn’t any sugar added to it.

Next, we went to Zaruko.  We got the tasty goats cheese with apple and caramel, sea urchin (which tasted good since it had a creamy sauce with it), eel with a fish on top and a cook your own fish dish. 


The cook your own fish dish was interesting.  I ate the fish, then I ate a sweet cream on bread and then drink something green in a test tube.  The fish was ok, I really liked the sweet cream on bread and the test tube liquid was average.  I really love how the pintxos are very unique and tasty. Very modern also.


Winery Tour

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had the free breakfast on September 12, 2012.

We grabbed our bags and left La Casa Verde saying goodbye to the hyperactive dogs who looked like they didn’t want us to leave!

We drove to Ysios which has a winery with a really cool wavy building.


Ivan drove us to Hector Oribe for lunch. It was located in a small village up in the mountains. We each had the menu of the dia (menu of the day). The menu was in Spanish, but it sounded like the main course was duck foie pate in the ravioli (Ivan doesn’t eat meat).


Ivan and I got goats cheese salad with fruits, sardines with vegetables, ravioli with duck foie pate (I ate some of Ivan’s ravioli and gave him sardines). For dessert, we got the creme con leche with rice. The food was quite tasty. We really enjoyed the dessert and the salad.

We walked around the small town near Logroño – can’t remember the name.

Ivan drove us to the Marqués de Riscal winery.  We took a tour with about 20 people and one monkey.  The first part was a stupid video that was telling us all their accomplishments (awards the winery has won) and how they export to 92 countries.  They’re going to be exporting to India which Ivan thinks is a bad idea since only tourists drink wine in India.  They could have mentioned how the winery got their name.

One of the buildings is a cool design by Frank Ghery. 


Ghery said that it captured the essence of wine. (He also said a lot of other pretentious stuff which kinda went in one ear and out the other for us). The wavy steel of the building makes me want to slide down it.  Why couldn’t Frank have said that on the video. “Yeah I designed this building because it looks like it would be a fun thing to slide down!’


The tour took us to the fermentation tanks and we got to see workers wash the barrels. We also got to walk around the vast cellars.  It was a great tour.  We even got to see the bottling area. 


60% of their wines are exported.  This has been the best wine tour we’ve been on since you get to see so much.

The last part was a wine tasting of two wines.  The first was a white wine called Rueda Verddejo 2011.  The wine was dry and sweet.  I thought it was fruity while Ivan said it was studious.  I scored it 8.5 out of 10 while Ivan gave it 7.5.  The second one was a red wine called Rioja Reserva 2007.  I thought it was a smooth wine giving it 7 out of 8, Ivan really enjoyed it giving it an 8.9.  Unfortunately he couldn’t drink too much of it as he had to drive!

Here’s a picture of us with the tour guide.


Next, we drove four hours to get to our next destination San Sebastián. 

We found parking underground, otherwise we’d have to move the car at a certain time for free parking on the street which seemed like too much of a hassle. 

The Airbnb apartment Ivan booked was in a great location right in the centre of town.  We met the couple at their apartment and they talked about San Sebastian.  The guy said that the two things to do in San Sebastián are to eat and to relax at the beach. 

Our room has a lovely view of the cathedral (name? look on foursquare or google) from the little balcony right outside.

The guy printed out some suggestions for pintxos places nearby.  San Sebastián is THE place for pintxos. 

We were settled in.  The guy said that they were all going to a few pintxos restaurants if we wanted to join them.  Ivan and I thought it was a good idea.  We went with them and an American girl who was also staying at the apartment.

The guy (I have no clue what his name was) really looked like Shlomo.  I kept looking at him and was a bit disappointed that he didn’t bust out a song using his voice making sound effects like Shlomo. 

Our first tapas bar was La Cuchara de San Telmo.  Ivan and I both got white wine.  Lil Dave got a few banana tapas made for him like banana bravas and banana and cod on bread.  Ivan and I shared salted octopus and cod with tzatiki – both dishes were so very tasty.

The next tapas bar was Zeruko which is a fancy pintxos place. 


You choose your pintxos from the big variety of pintxos on the bar and then the server heats it up for you.  We got goats cheese with caramelized apple on top, 2 cod dishes (the one with red sauce was the better one) which came with olive oil soaked toasted bread and a sweet round dessert. 


Ivan, the American girl and I were still a bit hungry so we went in search of another tapas bar that was open.

We tried La Mejillonera which is famous for their patatas bravas, but it was closed.  Ivan loves patato bravas.

Ivan spotted Naturally which is a frozen yogurt place.  Ivan and I shared a great yogurt with berries and muesli.

The Airbnb couple found a pintxos place.  The American girl got some food and we all chatted about traveling and books.

It was a good night filled with lots of pintxos.  Definitely looking forward to trying more.


Self-Guided Cathedral

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had the free breakfast at the Airbnb house on September 11, 2012.  It was a lovely spread of food: toast, tea, fruit and biscuits served outside on the porch overlooking the garden.

We said bye to Cecilia and the rest of the family.

Ivan drove us to the centre of town.  We were going to see Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar which is the biggest cathedral in Spain.


It was massive. It’s a pretty cathedral inside.  I took a few pictures and a guard said I couldn’t take pictures. 


I said ok and started walking and he was trying to block me with his arm from going that way.  I walked the other way and told Ivan what happened.  I gave him the camera so he could take pictures.  Ivan started taking pictures and the security guard started bugging him.  Ivan pointed to a few people who had big professional video equipment and said What about them?  He said they have permission.  You have to go to an office for permission.   The security guard kept following us around.  I don’t know why he was being annoying.  It all just seemed a bit ironic, having someone telling you not to take photos in a church, when right behind him is big cameras taking photos because they have ‘permission’. If photos are not allowed because of ‘respect to those praying’ why give permission to others to take photos…..because by ‘permission’ ‘What they really mean is ‘pay money’!!!!


I went to a room and looked like I was going to pray and he waited outside the room.  I said you’re going to watch me pray.  I was getting annoyed. Ivan started pointing out all the other tourists that were taking photos, and at least that seemed to get him off our back.

After exiting the church we had a walk around and found a souvenir shop that seemed to be selling black baby Jesus’ and figurines of the KKK.


We bought one.  We then grabbed some lunch at an Japanese buffet restaurant called Restaurante Sakura that was actually great value for money (unlimited food of a very high quality!)

Saw some cool graffiti while we were walking around.


Afterwards we said goodbye to Zaragoza, and  drove to Logroño which was a couple of hours away.

Logroño has beautiful mountains.  We were staying at a bed and breakfast called La Casa Verde outside the main town in a little village with a friendly family plus some dogs. 


We met the lady who runs it who’s full of information and very friendly. The house was lovely and the view from the porch was of beautiful mountains.


We used the internet for awhile and then went out for dinner.

Logroño is famous for its tapas. We went on a self guided pintxos tour. 

Our first stop was Bar Soriano.  We had mushrooms stacked up high on bread with some red wine. 


Ivan and I weren’t sure how to eat the mushrooms since they were on a stick.  We decided to take the tasty, juicy mushrooms off the bread and eat them one by one.  Lil Dave created his own version with bananas of course!

Next, we went to La Tasca del Pato where we had their specialty txangurrito.  It’s a crab cake that’s in a clam shell.  It was lovely.


It was on to the next bar at Blanco y Negro.  Here, we tried the roasted peppers and anchoves on bread with a refreshing Florentino Martinez Clarete. 

We went to El Soledad de Tudelilla for sardines topped with peppers.  Lil Dave got the same with bananas.

Came across a random place with tapas for cheap at In Vino Veritas.  We got the delectable mussels in a red sauce.

Our next stop was Bodeguilla los Rotos where we had the yummy eel with creamy scrambled eggs in a hollowed out bread.

Went to another random spot at La Universidad and we had the boiled octopus in paprika.

The last stop of the night was another random place called Bar Charly.  We had tuna with chopped onions in olive oil.

Ivan and I were really stuffed and drove back to the bed and breakfast.


Screaming Zaragoza

On September 10, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I had breakfast.  Ivan and I shared toast, French omelet and cheese.  Lil Dave had a banana omelet and bananas on toast.  The weather was perfect so we ate outside.


The views were amazing.

We checked out of the hotel and then started driving back down the mountain.

It was only a short drive to Naturalandia in Sant Julià de Lòria.  It’s a theme park with archery, a big ropes course, an arcade, biking, golf putting range, rollerblading, pony rides, atvs and the longest alpine toboggan ride in the world.  It was up in the mountain with amazing views.

We rode the toboggan ride called Tobotronc. Ivan and I figured out that the ride only had like 8-10 toboggans that’s why the wait was so long for it.  This ride is over 3 miles long which includes the ride going up the mountain.  The toboggan is secured to the railing and the person in the back controls it by using the levers.  You put it forward to go fast and backwards to slow down.  The heavier person goes in the back.  So, I hopped in the front and we started going up the mountain which took a few minutes.

The toboggan ride is so fun.  We were screaming since it seems like the toboggan is going to fly off..even though you know it’s gotta be safe and you’re not going to, but you still think it anyway.


Next, we tried different things like biking, the golf putting range, archery and rollerblading.  I liked the archery since I’ve never tried it.  It made me think of Kagome from the anime Inuyasha.


Ivan was good at it since he’s done it before.   I kept trying until I finally hit the target. 


It was time to go on the toboggan ride again.  It was a lot of fun again. 

Watch us on the fun Tobotrnc:

It was time to hit the road.  Ivan started driving us towards Zaragoza at 2 pm.  The drive was a few hours.

We arrived at the Airbnb place near Zaragoza.  It was a big house with a nice family.  Their house looked really modern and custom designed with a big pool. The lady who lived there with her family was very very friendly and showed us around the house and told us about Zaragoza.

Ivan drove to Zaragoza for dinner.  We were driving around and got lost.  The roads and freeways are confusing.

We couldn’t really find a restaurant to eat in (and walked out of one place which seemed rather expensive). Luckily we stumbled across a street with a bunch of tapas bars on it, and so went on a little mini tapas tour, going to a few places and getting some wine and a whole bunch of tasty tapas in each place.


It seemed pretty quiet out, which was understandable seeing as it was a Monday night, so after getting our fair share of tapas, we hopped in the car and drove back to the house.


Surreal Mountain

Ivan and I had the free breakfast at 9:20 am on September 9, 2012. 

We packed everything up and left at 10:10 am.

Ivan started driving us towards Figueres.  We were going there to see The Dalí Theatre and Museum. The drive was 3 hours or so, starting through climbing the mountains out of Cadaqués, then onto aboring regular road.

There was a line for The Dalí Theatre and Museum when we arrived.  It didn’t look that long though.  So, we decided to wait in it – if it became 12 pm we would do the tour which skips the line.  The line moved pretty quickly and we were inside. 

The first room was really big and had a antique car with a big woman on it with an upside down boat with water coming down from the boat. 


Very strange.

We walked around the cool museum which was really big.  The odd thing was that there were no explanations of the surreal art.  I guess you’re supposed to figure it out on your own.  There was actually a few pieces like 4 or so that had explanations.. not sure why these ones. 

There were other surrealistic artists in the museum as well. 


There were lots of Dalí’s famous works like the golden bread and Gala Nude Looking at the Sea Which at 18 Metres Appears the President Lincoln


I thought it was very cool and odd at the same time. 


The jewelry was also interesting that was created by Salvador Dali.


I like surreal art since it doesn’t really make sense but it does look cool.


It was a great museum even though we had no clue what we were seeing.. not sure if that was the point since it’s surreal art. 

The cool thing about the museum is that the whole thing was designed by Dali himself. Apparently the building used to be a theatre which had a bad fire, and when Dalí decided to create a museum he chose the theatre and redesigned it exactly to his specifications.

It was time to get some lunch.  We ate at Creperie Bretonne which was designed by Salvador Dalí. 


Ivan and I got two gallettes: La Maraichere with potatoes, onions, cod fish with a red pepper sauce and the La Beamelloise with spinach, smoked salmon, goat cheese and grated almonds.  It was really tasty.

We took pictures of the cool car that had a sink put in it. 


Lil Dave really liked the car since the car has bananas on it.

We started driving again at 2 pm headed towards Andorra.  It was really quiet on the roads, which makes driving very stress-free. Its almost as if nobody likes to drive in Spain, because there would be some moments when we would barely see a single car for over 15 minutes.


The views were beautiful with the Pyrnees mountains around us.

The windy road up to the mountain village of Bixelsarri was really small – it wasn’t scary because of the drop since there was a barrier.. but I was afraid we might crash into a car that was going too fast coming down the mountain. We really weren’t sure if we were going the right away as the road was very windy with lots of switchbacks and tight turns. Eventually luckily we did arrive at the guesthouse which appeared to be in the middle of nowhere (which is a good thing when you are surrounded by beautiful mountain views – or at least we would be if it hadn’t of been getting dark and pouring with rain!)

We checked in to the Hotel Parador de Canolich.  Our room was spacious and had a lovely view of the mountains. (this picture was taken the next day when the weather was beautiful)


Ivan and I used the fast internet which is amazing since we were way up in the mountains.

It was time for dinner at 9 pm. We sat in the dining room in the guesthouse, and the mother and son took our order while the father manned the bar.  Ivan and I shared a salad with a delicious honey vinaigrette, cod carpaccio and a mushroom cannoli.  The food was so delicious.


Dali Dancing

Ivan and I had the free breakfast on September 8, 2012.  We had bread, croissants and tea.  Lil Dave munched on his bananas.

We started walking towards the Salvador Dali Museum House.  It definitely was NOT 10 minutes walking there, which is what the woman in the guesthouse had told us!!  I was getting mad because it was hot out and Ivan went ahead to pick up tickets at a certain time.  The walk was more like 30 minutes from the hotel.  Also, there was parking!  We could have drove here instead!

We had a tour set up with the Salvador Dali museum.  We only had a limited time in each area so I took a bunch of pictures really fast. 


Dali was very unique and creative.  From his house I figured that he liked yellow flowers (mostly a bouquet upside down), eggs, his wife Gala, the Michelin man and mustaches. 


There’s a round room called the Oval Room.  It echoed in there and I kept talking and it felt like Dali himself was whispering in my ear.  I didn’t like it. 


I took my pictures fast and got out.  I felt a bit creeped out in that room.

The pool was my favorite part. 


He got the inspiration from a styrofoam packaging that came with a radio he bought. 


The pool was shaped like a penis and balls. 

I really liked the cracked egg you can crawl into.  We took lots of pictures in it.


There was a big area outside that had a person made out of recycled parts like a tire.  One of the rooms outside had a movie playing (well actually two movies playing side by side) and there was a weird piano inside.

There was a high point where you can view the Christ of the Rubbish which is a Christ made of recycled parts like a boat and rocks.


We really enjoyed seeing Dali’s house.  After his wife died, he left this house and moved to Castle of Púbol.

I was feeling really out of it.. could have been heat exhaustion. 

We walked around and had lunch at El Barroco.  This was Salvador Dali’s favorite restaurant and he actually designed it.  The food has changed since Dali’s time and is now Mediterranean themed. 


Ivan and I shared a bunch of mezes: baba ganoush, moussaka, falafel, fava beans, fatte (cheese with walnuts).  Lil Dave got a few banana mezes like banana ganoush and banana with walnuts.  The food was really tasty.  I felt a lot better after eating.  The restaurant has some interesting and odd art all around.

It was back to the hotel where we used the internet and I worked on the blog.

That night, we went out at 9:45 pm. 

We started walking towards the restaurant – Cadaqués is so pretty at night.


We had dinner at Bar L ‘Estable.  Lil Dave got a few banana tapas.  Ivan and I shared anchovies, tiny octopus in a xanfaina sauce, fried sardines, bread with tomato and tuna, gulas (fish with chili, garlic and quail fried eggs) and fried cuttlefish. 


We had lovely sangria with our tasty food.  For dessert, we got the taps with rhum flame which was very good – bread with what we think was caramel, lemon peel and rum.

Next, we went to the big square for the Non-Stop Party (yes, that was actually the name!).  It was a mix of pop, dance and Spanish music.  It was very strange since the people dancing were ages 8 years old all the way up 50 years old or even older.  It was fun dancing.

At one point, the stupid DJ kept talking in Spanish or Catalan and wouldn’t stop.  The people were getting mad since he was playing a good Black Eyed Peas song and kept replaying it.  Annoying.. it was like he was telling his life story.. it just seemed that long.  I just wish he’d shut up so I could dance more.

We decided to go back to the hotel at 1 am.

Ivan and I watched a few episodes of Shaun the Sheep before going to sleep.

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