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Driving through Spain

Good thing we had the ear plugs in our ears because the announcements to get off the boat came on really early at 5:30 am on September 7, 2012.  The cruise ship was in Barcelona, Spain.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 7:30 am.  We got breakfast at the buffet.

When we came back my iJen sign I made was gone.  I got mad coz I didn’t take it down and that one of the housekeeping took it and threw it away.  Ivan asked Aires about it and said I was really mad.  He said they had to clean.  They could have took it off and asked if we wanted it or not.  He said his assistant probably took it and he’d ask her.  I never got an apology which I thought was bad and never got my sign back. 

Ivan and I packed everything up.  We left the Carnival Breeze at 9 am.

We got the bus to the circle in Barcelona.  From there, we got the Metro Diagonal.  We walked to Avis.  Ivan set up a rental car months ago online.  It was easy picking it up.  We got a cute little Citroen C3.  Small cars are very common in Europe.  Unfortunately, the car was manual (stick) so I wouldn’t be able to drive since I don’t know how to drive manual.

We put our backpacks in the car and then we were off to Glories Mall for the Carrefour.  Ivan bought a USB internet stick at Orange. We also picked up some food. 

At 12:20 pm, we started driving.  The GPS was confusing and so were the roads of Barcelona – so we got a bit lost.  We started driving towards Montserrat.

A few hours later, we were at the bottom where the train was to get up to Montserrat.  We parked the car and then took the train up to Montserrat.  It was beautiful going up. 

Montserrat is famous for the monastery and the boys choir.  Unfortunately, we missed the boys choir but Ivan read that it gets super packed when the choir is singing, so no big deal that we missed it.

The views were so beautiful up there. 


On top of a building, we took some great pictures of the mountains.


We visited the monastery and walked around. 


It’s really pretty inside.  The mountains are so lovely. 


We also checked out the shops.  There were lots of stalls practically selling the same things: fig cakes, cheese and dried fruit.  We got more than our fare share of free samples. Ivan found a shop and bought some baby bell cheese.  We also bought a postcard and a fig cake.  It was time to head back by the train to the car. 

It was time to hit the road this time towards Cadaqués.  Salvador Dali once lived near this little fishing village.  The roads were windy.  I think since we have a small car I feel like all the turns we take since it was making me a bit nauseous.. also, manual seems to be jerky and I’m not used to that. 

We came upon Cadaqués which is beautiful with all the white buildings. 


We checked in to Hotel Misty.  We used the free internet in the lounge.  The lady at the hotel said that it was 10 minutes to the village and 10 minutes to the Salvador Dali Museum House.  Ivan said should we drive to the museum and she insisted it was really close by and there was no parking.  She gave us a map and a list of events.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were getting hungry.  The walk to the village was 10 minutes away.  We walked around to find a good place for dinner. 

Dinner was at L’Hostal de Cadaqués.  We got a freebie of pork and a fried quail egg on bread. 


Since Ivan doesn’t eat meat and I do sometimes I got to eat both of them.  We ordered patatas bravas (Ivan’s favorite), cod fritters, goats cheese salad and monditos with crab and pineapple.  Lil Dave had banana fritters, monditos with bananas and chicken and a banana soup.  The food was really good.

We walked around and found a big square.  There was a table with a few people heating up the rum with lemon peels and some kind of spice. 


We listened to the music while we waited for the rum to be ready. 


This place is very authentic since most of the menus are in Spanish, Catalan and French (France is very close by) . There were not many menus that had English on them.  We got the rum drink which was 2 Euros per cup.  It was very tasty and reminded us of mulled wine. 

There was a traditional Catalan band playing the latest hits (I presume) on a stage next to the water.

It was a lovely night out.  We walked further along and found better restaurants than the one we went to.  We were too hungry to walk further though.  We’ll have to check one of these restaurants tomorrow.

We had a long day and were knackered (tired), so we went back to the hotel to get some rest.


Sick Flamenco

Ivan was already up at 11:40 am on July 14, 2012 when I woke up.  I had a really bad headache from last night’s drinking…I guess I overdid it a bit..  I stayed in since I still felt really sick.  I fell back asleep. 

Here’s Ivan to tell you about his day with Charisse and Noelle.

We headed on out to the GoCar rental place. All of our previous experiences with GoCars in cities such as Miami, Valencia and San Francisco have been wonderful so were were excited about the day. After doing the necessary paperwork we set off in our cars – me in in one car, and Charisse and Noelle in the other. As were driving around I started to realize that I wasn’t quite hearing what the other car was hearing. I was only getting about 20% of what they were – so while they were getting all the ‘turn rights’ and ‘take the next left’ – I was barely getting any of that and had to listen to their car for directions. I didn’t mind so much as I had done the tour before and the girls hadn’t, and as long as their car worked that was fine. However after a bit more driving I looked behind and they were nowhere to be seen. I ran back and it turned out their car had stalled. It took a while to get it started again and we continued on..then it stalled again…we restarted..and it stalled..and so on and so on. It was really annoying – were were getting stuck in the middle of the road each time we stalled! We headed back to the GoCar place and this time Noelle and Charisse got a Twicca car – a small electric car. Noelle made sure the GPS was turned on and all ready to go. We set off but this time as we got to the bottom of the street, she realized her GPS was not working! We went back, they took a look and said they had forgotten to plug it in! By this time we were done with GoCars – so I took Noelle and Charisse to where the Fat Tire Bike Tours meets at, and left them there so they could do a bike tour of Barcelona. I then headed back to see how Jen was doing.

Ivan went to get noodles at Wok to Walk nearby as we were both a bit hungry.

Ivan took a long nap while I worked on the blog and used the internet.  It was nice to have some time to myself and a quiet apartment to do the blog.

The girls came back around 9 pm.  Everybody got ready and headed out at 9:30 pm.

We walked to Tablao Cordobes.  Tonight, we were seeing a flamenco show.  We bought the package that included, we got some great food at the Spanish buffet and had unlimited sangria.


Next, was the flamenco show.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures until the last 5 minutes of the show.

The show had two women dancers and two men dancers.  There was one guy who looked more like a rock star than a flamenco dancer.  he had tight black pants, a black shirt, a long black scarf and a black jacket on.  He was a really cute guy. 

All the dancers were really passionate.  Spanish are definitely passionate about their food, alcohol, flamenco, music and bull fighting – working not so much.

The prettier lady went to dance.  She had really long hair that was done up with clips and it was put into a hair net.  She had two roses in her hair as well.  She was dancing all over the place.  She danced so intensely that her hair accessories slowly fell off.  One flew into the audience.  Her earrings got stuck in the hair net and she had to remove both between dancing.  She had a pained look on her face like she was really sad or had to use the toilet really bad.


The singing, dancing and music were amazing.  I highly recommend seeing this show if you haven’t seen a flamenco show.


Cooking in the Dark

I slept in until 11 am on July 13, 2012.  Ivan was already up.  We had to get ready since we would be taking a cooking class today.

We walked to BCN Kitchen.  Today, we were taking a Spanish cooking class.  The cooking teacher was a Catalan man named Frank.  He told us that we were making pan con tomate (bread with garlic, tomato and extra virgin olive oil on it), Spanish omelet (Tortilla Española), Catalan Cream, and mixed Paella.  He let us know what ingredients were in each one.  Everybody got to choose which dish we were making.  Ivan wanted to do the paella, but there was squid, pork and chicken in it – so he switched with me to make Spanish omelet.  The group consisted of Ivan, Noelle, Charisse, me and a couple from San Francisco, a girl from the Netherlands and two Australian guys. 

I was paired up Helen and Jeff, the couple from San Francisco.  I had to take off the fat from the chicken wings and cut the pork in half.  Helen and Jeff had to do the cutlefish, bell peppers and garlic.  Ivan was peeling potatoes and chopping up onions.  Charisse was making Catalan Cream with the girl from the Netherlands.  Noelle was chopping up lots of tomatoes for the gazpacho.  She was making the gazpacho by herself so the pressure was on for her, and there was nobody else to blame if it tasted terrible!


Ivan had to flip the heavy Spanish omelet onto a plate and then put it back into the pan and cook the other side. He did it like the pro chef he secretly is!

Frank was really friendly and helped everybody out if they needed it.

It’s fun learning new dishes to make.  Hopefully, we can try these out back home.


We made our own pan de tomate.  Frank toasted the bread in the oven.  We put garlic on it (by pressing a clove against the bread it grates it) – Frank said three swipes.. but we just kept doing it for awhile, Ivan did it for two minutes!  His theory is ‘you can NEVER have too much garlic…unless you are out on a first date!’. Next, you cut a tomato in half and put some tomato on the bread and then drizzle extra virgin olive oil on it, along with just a dash of salt.  Tasty!!

Catalan Crème is similar to a crème brulee.  Ivan got to put sugar on top and burn it with a blow torch.

It was a great cooking class.  Everybody’s dishes turned out good.  The paella turned out very moist and tasted really good. 


I really enjoyed the gazpacho which wasn’t as tomato-y as when we have it in restaurants.  We got to take away some of the food – we grabbed mixed paella, gazpacho and Spanish omelet. 


Go take this class and learn to make some Spanish dishes!

We walked back towards the apartment.  Noelle wanted to stop by H&M and browse.  I’m glad we did because Ivan picked up a pair of swimming shorts and I got two cute shorts.  I prefer H&M in Europe to the Vegas one.  The clothes are so much better in Europe.

I worked on the blog and used the internet.  Noelle and Charisse passed out right away.  Ivan and I took a siesta.

We woke up later on and weren’t sure what to do for dinner.  Ivan found something good though.  We got a taxi to Dans Le Noir which means In the Dark in French.

Ivan has been to Dasn Le Noir in London, but Charisse, Noelle and I haven’t been.  I went to a similar dining experience with Ivan in Malaysia. 

We took pictures in the lounge area since we, of course, can’t take pictures in the dining room.


The lady explained how we would be dining in the dark – complete darkness.  We got to choose what package we wanted.  Charisse got the one that had two main courses and a dessert while Ivan, Noelle and I got the full package with a drink to start, appetizer, two main courses and a dessert – also with a drink with three of the courses.

Ivan, Noelle and I were given a sparkling wine to start off with… it was red and quite tasty. 

We walked in a train with some Spanish people into the dining room.  It was so very dark.  I was sat next to Ivan with Noelle in front of Ivan and Charisse in front of me.  We had to try to guess what wines and food they were giving to us.  Charisse has glow in the dark nail polish.. so that was the only light we could see which wasn’t very bright at all.

It was a very cool experience trying to guess what we were eating.  It was weird being in the dark – Ivan said our brains were getting confused and then our eyes would close since it thought we didn’t need any use for it.  Our waiter is blind – his name is Jose and he didn’t speak much English – good thing Noelle knows some Spanish.  Noelle talked to him and he has worked there for 2 years.  I guess he really learns the layout of the dining room – otherwise he’d be running into things and dropping plates.

One of the stupid Spanish people at the next table kept saying Shhhh.. when they were being just as loud as us.  It just encouraged me and and Ivan to be even louder.  Noelle, Charisse and I were doing the woo woo thing that people do in clubs.  Some foods I didn’t like while others I really liked like the chocolate cake dessert.

Outside, the host told us what we ate.  Some were were dead on, like watermelon in our salad.  Charisse and I had the meat dishes and ate brains.. Eww!!  It was crunchy and small though.  I thought the meat was beef, but it was actually pork.  We tried to guess if the wines were rose, white or red, but we only got one right. The first was a rose and then two white wines. 

Ivan wanted to go to a shot bar, but there was a long line to get in.  I guess it’s popular if there’s a long line.  We didn’t feel like waiting very long, so we walked around the Gothic quarter to find a bar.  Ivan wanted to try some vermouth since they had some on the tapas tour. 

We ended up at a bar called Mirilla.  Everybody each got a vermouth. 


I thought it was really strong like a port and I didn’t like the taste.  Ivan got me a white wine.  I was pretty drunk at this point. 

It was really warm in the back room at the bar.  We finished our drinks and walked back to the apartment.


Forest Tour

Ivan, Charisse, Noelle, Lil Dave and I left Sol Bahia Apartamentos at 9:15 am on July 12, 2012 for the airport.  None of us really got much sleep that night…in fact by ‘not much sleep’, for some of us that means ‘no sleep’.

The Vueling check-in was longer than the security part which is usually the opposite.  We boarded our Vueling airplane and headed off to Barcelona at 10:55 am.  All of us were so tired that we fell asleep even before take-off.  I didn’t wake up until our flight was coming in to land.Our plane arrived at 12:40 pm and we saw flamenco dancers dancing in front of a store at the airport.  We waited awhile for our luggage…the Spanish are so slow. I guess its all that sunshine and wine, and insistent on taking siestas all the time! 

We took the bus to Las Ramblas which takes 20 minutes.  We met up with Andreas at his apartment that we booked through Airbnb.  He was a nice Spanish guy who showed us around the two bedroom apartment.  It was a lovely apartment right on Las Ramblas.  The location was awesome and the Carrefour (supermarket) is right downstairs.

Everybody took a much needed nap.  I was feeling really sick.  Noelle looked at our throats and they were really red.  She said my tonsils had white dots on them.  She figured we had a viral infection or strep throat.  I’m hoping it’s the former. 

Ivan took a shower and started his own ‘fiesta del agua’. The bathroom was FLOODED! It turned out the shower had a leak and the water had gone under the bathroom door and into the bedrooms also!  An angry Spanish lady came from the downstairs apartment.  I don’t know what she was saying.  She was talking in Spanish to Noelle.  I’m guessing it translated as ‘Water is dripping into my apartment below – WHY??!!!!?!?!?!’

I felt really bad and didn’t end up going to the tapas tour.  Ivan, Noelle and Charisse went to The Taste Barcelona. Ivan said they visited about four different places, and had cheese, tapas of all different kinds, and plenty of interesting drinks like Vermouth and local wines.


I drank some water when they left.  I was going to get up and use the internet.  But, I felt so tired and fell back asleep.  I didn’t even get up to open the door when Andreas came to fix the shower – I was THAT tired. 

Andreas came later.  He said that he brought tools and somebody would be coming by to fix it soon.  I said that’s fine.  He kept apologizing that the shower was broken.  He gave us the last night for free.

I talked to Ivan on Facebook chat.  He said that the tour was good and it was finishing up soon.  He said that he was bringing me tapas from the tour.  Hurray!

Ivan, Charisse and Noelle came back at 10:25 pm.  I ate cheese and crackers, mussels filled with baked with something inside, potatoes, salami and a dessert.  It was really tasty!

Later on, we walked to Bosc De Les Fades which is a forest bar.


When you walk in, there’s cool animals made out of wax – I guess it’s like wax origami.  The bar looks like a forest. 


There’s even a waterfall.  One of the rooms had a lady floating near the ceiling, a small bed (just my size!) and weird décor. 


There was a mirror – above a light was on, when the light turned off.. a figure of a man showed behind the mirror.  Ivan and I each had a cava (sparkling wine) which was really dry.  Noelle had a grape juice while Charisse got a San Francisco fruity drink.  We chatted and drank our drinks.  It was almost closing time.  So, we finished our drinks and went back to the apartment.

We were all tired and went to bed at 1:40 am.


Foam Beach

On July 11, 2012, Ivan, Charisse, Noelle and I had breakfast in the hotel before heading out on a taxi to the old town.

We got sandwiches at a restaurant, but I didn’t eat much of my anchovy and tuna mix sandwich since my stomach wasn’t feeling so good.

We got the boat to Formentera.  Ivan and Noelle rented scooters. 


Charisse forgot to bring her drivers license, so she couldn’t rent one.  It was Noelle’s first time riding the scooter – so she practiced driving the scooter alone and then with Charisse.  She let Charisse drive the scooter but it was Charisses first time also and she crashed it – so we all decided maybe getting a scooter for Noelle and Charisse wasn’t the best idea so they returned the scotter, telling a little white lie that of ‘course we didn’t crash it – we are seasoned scooter drivers!’

Ivan thought they should rent a quad bike instead since it’s a lot easier to drive.  We had to wait a few minutes to get it.

Then, we were off to Mitjorn beach.  The part we stopped at was El Arenal.   It was such a beautiful beach, and this picture does NOT do it justice!


The waves were a little rough.  The weather was quite warm, so it was great swimming in the water.

Ivan was told by the rental company that helmets were optional.  So, Ivan and I didn’t wear our helmets.  Ivan drove the scooter with Charisse on the back.  I drove the quad with Noelle and Lil Dave behind me.  We started headed to another beach.  We saw cops pull over Ivan and then pull me over.  The two dirty cops told us that we weren’t wearing our helmets, which we knew allready…I think he thought he was a genius cop or something for pointing out the BLIMMIN OBVIOUS!.  He asked for Ivan and my drivers license.  Ivan didn’t have his.  I showed him mine.  He said I needed an International driver’s license.  He said Ivan’s would have been fine.  He wanted to fine us 320 Euros for not wearing helmets and for the driver’s license issue.  We thought this was ridiculous.  The cops were really mean.  Ivan said we didn’t have any money on us (a lie).  The cop said you can pull some out from the ATM.  He said that we’ve pulled out our limit from our ATM cards (another lie-oh boy, there goes our express pass into heaven!).  They just wanted our money to put in their own pockets.  Ivan told him that we were staying in San Antonio…..which was the truth, but he would have said that regardless of what the truth had been as San Antonio was quite far from where we were standing with the cops at that moment. 

The cops took my drivers license and took forever filling out paperwork.  It was like they were writing their life memoirs. They asked for our scooter and quad bike contracts.  They called a tow truck to get the scooter and quad bike.  It was taking forever.  It was quite hot out.  Thank goodness Noelle had some water left.  Ivan said this was the helmet and International Driver’s License scam where the dirty cops try to scare tourists.  They end up paying them on the spot.  They gave us our 3 tickets and my license back.  They told us we’d have to go to the police office and pay the fine in order to get the bikes back. That we definitely weren’t intending on doing. But we made it sound like going to the police station with the money was right at the top of our ‘things to do while in Formentera’ list!

30 minutes later, the tow truck came and put the scooter and the quad bike onto the truck.  The cops left and didn’t say anything else.  In the USA, the cops would have given us a ride at least. 

We put our our thumbs and tried to hitch a ride with no luck.  A few minutes passed and a cab passed by.  We hopped into the cab and got a ride to the port.

We didn’t go to the bike places as its not very likely they would have welcomed us with open arms, seeing as their bikes were currently at the police station!  We walked with our heads down and headed to a ferry boat. Ha Ha – we escaped!

The boat took us back and then we walked to Dalt Vila which is the Old Town of Ibiza.  We walked around Dalt Vila and saw a guy floating.  It was amazing since it looked like he was floating.  But, Ivan figured it out and filled us out on the secret. 


Do you know how it’s done?  They could have hid the way they did it better. 

Dalt Vila is really pretty with white buildings, plants hanging and colored doors.


We headed to the fortress that has cannons and beautiful views of the city.


Inside the fortress there’s restaurants and hotels.  We looked around to find a good place to eat.  Ivan thought La Aceituna looked nice.  It was a cute restaurant with lots of tapas on the menu.  Ivan and I shared the goats cheese with walnuts and honey on toast, apple & cheese salad and smoked sardines.  Lil Dave got a banana and cheese salad and bananas and honey on toast.

It was time to head back to hotel for a long nap.  Ivan and I used the internet and worked on the blog.  Then, we took a short nap.

Ivan, Noelle, Charisse and I headed out at 1:40 am.  Ivan got the tickets for Amnesia.  We sat down at a bar at Ibiza Rocks and drank caipirinhas. 

There’s a free bus headed to Amnesia, but we didn’t see it coming.  Cabs were stopping near Es Paradis – so we waited for a cab there.

The cab took us to Amnesia.  We were going to Espuma – the one and only foam party.  The club has two rooms.  There was La Troya which is the gay event in the main room and Espuma in the other room.  We stayed in the main room and danced with the gay people.  There was a fashion show with guys dressed in dresses and girls in interesting outfits.  I wanted to see Boy George, but he still wasn’t on. 

At 4 am, we went to the other room for the foam party.  There’s a huge dance floor.  Ivan and I have been to this event before, so I knew how much form there is.  It’s way too much for me since I’m really short.  The foam is soapy and stings your eyes.  My throat has been hurting, so I didn’t think getting foam all over me would help my throat.  Ivan and Noelle were on the dance floor while Charisse and I chilled on a side stage which is raised from the dance floor.  They kept teasing the audience on the dance floor by blowing cold air.  The music was pretty good. 

We saw somebody up above and it was Paris Hilton.  She was dancing among the sexy dancers up on one of the balconies.  She was wearing a flower headband and a long blue and white flowy dress.  Ivan thought she looked really drunk.  She kept taking weird pictures of people in the crowd.  She even grabbed people’s hands in the audience.  I saw her lay down on the floor and put her hands out to the crowd. 

Finally at 6 am, the foam started coming down – so much was coming down.  It filled the dance floor.  At one point, it was over Ivan’s head.  Noelle had her goggles on, so I think that helped out. 

It’s funny how people don’t know how much foam comes out and they don’t put their bags in the cloak room.  I saw a few people put their bags and purses in a speaker.  It was still getting soaked with water, since the foam comes from the balconies above.  If you’ve never been to a foam party this is the one to go to.  It’s crazy and lots of fun!

We stored our bags in the cloak room.  Everybody dried themselves off.  Ivan and Noelle changed their clothes.  I didn’t have to since I didn’t really get much foam on me.

I bought a cool fan in the Amnesia store.  They have really cool fans there.  I bought one two years ago since my friend told me I HAD to get one.  I bought a gold and red one – although, I think the one I bought before was much nicer.

We got a taxi back to the hotel.

Ivan packed everything up while I took a nap.  My throat was killing me.  I caught whatever Ivan got the day before. That’s the price I pay I guess for being married to such an amazing fantastic guy! (Ivan wrote this late sentence).

Espuma Photo Credit


Swimming Tapas

On July 10, 2012, I woke up late at 2:30 pm…well, late to some people but not if you miss party animal like I am and don’t go to bed before 5am! .Lil Dave and Ivan were already up.  Everybody had lunch at the hotel before heading out.

We got a taxi to another part of San Antonio at Playa Es Pouet Beach.  We were going to rent a boat for a few hours with Star Boats.  We saw these boats yesterday during our speed boat tour, and thought ‘oo that looks like fun!’

Ivan, Noelle and Charisse went to get wine and food at the store so we could have a mini-party on board the boat.

They came back and then we boarded the boat.  


Ivan was the capitan even wearing the pirate hat that I got at Elrow.  Our first stop was a cave. 

Ivan wanted to check out Cala Bassa beach, so we drove there.  I put the anchor down into the sand.  We swam to the beach from our boat.  It was a lovely beach.  Ivan was told that it’s the best beach in Ibiza. 

Noelle was making buildings from the Las Vegas Strip out of sand like the Luxor and Wynn. 


Everybody went swimming and relaxed on the beach.  Ivan buried Noelle in the sand and gave her pointy boobs. 


We swam back to the boat.

Ivan steered our boat towards Café Mambo for the sunset.  He parked our boat in front of Café Mambo. 

Ivan, Noelle and I swam in the water.  There was a big boat next to us filled with 10 British guys.  One of them started talking to me while I was in the water.  He wanted the single girls on the boat to come over.  I said you should go over there and talk to them. 

The Scottish guy was named Shan who used to be a footballer. 


Later, we saw the famous sunset while drinking rose wine.  We listened to Afrojack for a short time.  We drove back to the Playa Es Pouet Beach and returned the boat at 9:40 pm. 

We had a great time on the boat and the beach.

We walked to San Antonio Centre.  We were thinking about going to the restaurant El Quijote.  It was too expensive though and the servers weren’t very friendly….It seemed like all the food there was double what other places charge.

Instead, we ended up at our favorite El Rincon de Pepe


We all shared lots of tapas like baby squid, Russian salad, mussels with salsa, fried rayfish, anchovies, fish croquettes, jamon iberica and sardines.  I tried jamon for the first time and it was very tasty.

It was time to head back to the hotel.  Ivan thought it would be a good idea for us to relax and not party – so we were in bed about 1:30 am…which is early for us!


90’s Boat Party

Ivan was already up on June 9, 2012 when I woke up at 11:30 am.  The girls were still sleeping since they were still jetlagged.

Ivan and I used the internet and I worked on the blog. 

It was an overcast day, we were hoping it would clear up later on. We went into town to find lunch.  Ivan thought we should eat at Café Mambo since the prices were reasonable….much more reasonable then what they charge at dinner anyway.

We got a great table right near the rocks and the water.  Ivan and I shared a salmon salad and a goats cheese salad. 

Lil Dave got a banana and chicken sandwich.  We all shared the very tasty disco fries with aioli.  The food was delicious, and the view was perfect!

We went shopping in town for souvenirs and clothes.  Noelle got a tank top with Ibiza on it.

We decided to do a touristy thing, and so went to get the ‘San Antonio Express’ train . After boarding and notices that the 4 of us made up half the passengers (I guess their marketing manager needs to find a new job! ) we set off. The train toured around the villages and we saw the beautiful views of Ibiza.  Lots of greenery and trees. 

Our guide was hilarious.  He would say jokes and even do his own voices (people and animals).  He had many funny props as well.  I think he was the funniest guide on a tour and we’ve been on LOTS of tours. 


Not only was the guide funny, but he was able to be funny in Spanish and German also as there were some of those nationalities on board!  We got to see a couple of vineyards, then we stopped at a restaurant for a free drink.  Ivan, Noelle and I got a sangria.  Lil Dave and Charisse got a Sprite.  Our guide had a big fake wheel and was driving with it. 


This tour is great since you get to see the beauty of Ibiza.  Ivan thinks they should advertise the tour as a comedy tour, then it would bring the people in.  It should be a lot busier than it is.  You HAVE to go on this tour if you’re ever in Ibiza!!


We walked around more.  I bought a postcard.  I asked for stamps and was told that I could get them at the tobacco store.  Charisse found a tank top.  I got some cute British flag shorts with spikes on it. 

We walked to the port for the speed boat tour with Blade Runner.  Ivan, Charisse, Noelle and I had our clothes on since we didn’t know we would be doing this tour.  Ivan moved things around so we could do this tour today rather than another day.

The group were told to hold on tight to the handlebars in front of us and to plant our feet firmly on the boat.  The guide told us that if we stand up, we could hit a break and that person would fall and probably hit the boat and go into the water.  If this was to occur, we would point and laugh at the person, so this would let the guide know where that person is at all times – then they would go rescue him or her. 

The boat went super fast in the water with the driver stopping and doing sharp turns to get us wet. 

We stopped at an island which is the 3rd most magnetic point in the world called Es Vedrà.  A guy was exiled from Ibiza, so he lived there.  All he had was a few goats which he used for cheese and milk.  He must have had help if he was making cheese.  The guy went to the highest point on the island and killed himself.  Nobody knows why, maybe he was depressed or the funniest theory is that he had his way with the goats and felt guilty and killed himself.  Lots of women flocked to the island because if you touch the rocks it helps you fall in love.  We drove up to a cave of the island and got the opportunity to touch the rock.  Our British guide said that if will help you find love, stay in love or just get laid.  So, of course everybody touched the rock – some of the British guys a few times.

We were really, really wet from all the water.  I was a bit cold. 

The boat headed to Café Mambo for the sunset.  We were given a can of beer.  The guide told us girls that if we wanted sangria, he had some in the back.  The boat stopped so we could see the sunset and swim if we wanted to.

We drank sangria and chilled out.  Ivan and Noelle went in the water.  I was already cold, I didn’t want to get even colder by jumping in the water.  Ivan said it was warm in the water at first, but when the sun went down it got colder. 

The sunset was quite lovely. 


There’s always a lots of people on the rocks in front of Café Mambo and Café del Mar, sitting at Mambo and at Café del Mar.  The crowd clapped when the sun went down.  I find this amusing since the sun does it every day – it just looks better here in Ibiza.  I bet the sun loves setting here since he gets applause.  Too bad we’d have to wait for an encore the next day.

We drove back to the port.  The boat ride was taped while we were on the boat.  Charisse, Noelle and I ran to the bathroom across the street at a bar.  Ivan was checking out the video.

We really wanted to get out of our clothes, but it would have meant getting a cab to the hotel and then walking back.  Ivan thought we should just go to dinner now. 

We walked to Stephan and sat on the sidewalk.  There’s a deal where you can get a paella and a glass of sangria for 16 Euros. 


Ivan, Charisse and I ordered the seafood paella while Noelle got the black ink paella.  Lil Dave made a special request and got a banana paella.  The paella was so very tasty again.

The group headed back to hotel for a long 2 hour nap.  We went out at 1:40 am with our swimsuits under our clothes – well Ivan had his swim shorts on.

We checked out the busy West End street.  It’s filled of young British people walking along the street that has bars and nightclubs.  We sat down at Corner Bar and shared a jug of Sex on the Beach.  It’s so watered down.  They give you free shots when you order a jug.  The shot is green and tastes like Sprite – don’t think there’s a drop of alcohol in it.

I brought our waterproof camera, but I forgot the memory card.. so sadly there are no pictures of the night.

We talked, drank and people watched.  The girls barely wear anything – usually really short shorts that show their butts and a t-shirt.  The guys wear shorts and t-shirts or they just go topless.  This street is the best place to people watch.

At 2:30 am, we headed to Es Paradis for Fiesta Del Agua (Water Party).  Tonight, it was 80’s and 90’s night.  The music was really good.  It was British 80’s and 90’s house music – so Noelle, Charisse and I knew some of the songs….whereas Ivan knew them all!!  The DJ started playing some songs from 00’s as well. 

Later at 4:00 am, the water started coming and Singin’ in the Rain was playing.  The circular dance floor started filling up really fast.  It’s nice that there’s different levels of stairs where you can stand.  At the bottom of the dance floor, it was a pool already.  Everybody was splashing each other.  I found a men’s flip flop.  I was hitting guys on the butt with the flip flop.  The music was really good – lots of great 90’s classics were playing. 

The Water Party is soo fun.  It’s just amazing how fast the dance floor becomes a pool.  Guys will jump into the water which is dangerous since the pool really isn’t that deep.  A few guys were grabbing onto the stage above and dangling.  We didn’t see that much crowd surfing this time.

We were all hungry after dancing for hours.  Ivan spotted a place where we could get a chip butty.  Chip butty is an English thing – chips in a roll.  Ivan and I thought it would come in a cheap roll.  But, the baguette was high quality with chips (french fries) in it.  It was really big and tasted great.

Everybody was satisfied and we walked back to the hotel at 6:10 am.


Sunset Space

I woke up at noon on July 8, 2012.  Ivan and Lil Dave were both up already.  Ivan, Lil Dave, Charisse, Noelle and I had breakfast at 12:15 pm at our hotel Sol Bahia Apartamentos.  My scrambled eggs were runny.

It was an overcast day.  Ivan was told that if you walk 5 minutes to the right of the hotel (facing the bay) you’ll reach a beautiful beach.  We started walking on the rocks.  It was definitely a lot farther than 5 minutes.  It turned out to be 20 minutes away.  We did have lovely views walking there though.


The beach was lovely with beautiful aquamarine waters.

We had lunch at the restaurant on the beach.  Ivan and I shared fresh salmon and tuna.  The tuna was very meaty and tasty!  Lil Dave got a banana salad.

The sun had come out and the sky had cleared.  Hurray!  Ivan and I love sunny blue skies.  We sat down on the beach. 


We brought the inner tubes that we got from Elrow last night.  They were perfect as a pillow.  Ivan, Noelle and I took a short nap.  Charisse went to nap under the shade.

We swam around in the water.  It was so hot out that you HAD to jump in the water to cool off. 


I love chilling and swimming at the beach.  We saw lots of girls with no tops on, some of them shouldn’t have gone topless though – especially the big pregnant lady. 

We started walking back on the road towards the hotel at 4:30 pm.  This way was a lot quicker.  Maybe this was the way that the guy thought was 5 minutes away.

Ivan has been having problems with his ears – they’re both filled with ear wax.  He hasn’t been able to hear very well.  Ivan and Noelle went to get stuff at the pharmacy.  Noelle was there to speak in Spanish if needed.

We all got showered and dressed for the boat party.

We rushed over to Lineker’s to meet for the Garlands boat party.  We got our free drink at the bar while watching the Federer vs. Murray Wimbledon match.  Ivan and I were hoping that Murray would win.  We left before the match finished.

A big group of about 150 people boarded the Garlands boat.  We sailed out at 6:20 pm.  The boat was advertised as having games, but we didn’t play any.  I would have liked to play something fun like a cool drinking game.  But, the boat was filled with mostly British people and the Brits don’t need any assistance in getting drunk. 


We danced to funk house music and drank Strawberry-Lime cider. 

The sunset turned out quite nice.


The boat arrived back at 9:45 pm.  The bus was leaving at 9:45 pm goin to Space.. but we figured it would be a few minutes late since all the boats arrived late.  We grabbed sandwiches at a store nearby and rushed to the bus.

We made it just in time.  The bus was full and left at 10:05 pm headed to Space.  The Garlands boat party included free entrance to the event We Love Space at the nightclub Space.  I understand why they call it Space since it’s quite spacious. 


Our favorite room was the lounge one with the red lights and the buddha on the wall. 


We had fun dancing to hard trance in the main room – Hot Chip were on.  You could feel the bass go through your body. 

One of the coolest things about Space is that the roof is mesh in some of the rooms, so you can see and hear the airplanes fly above the club. 

We left the club around 3:30 am and went in search for food.  We found a good pizza place down the street called Pizza Piadina.  Ivan and I each had a slice of mushroom pizza – it was really good.  We got a taxi back to the hotel at 4 am.


Pepe’s Elrow

Lil Dave and I woke up at 11 am on July 7, 2012.  Ivan was already up.  I went to get a facial at 12 pm at IBZ Look.  Ivan packed everything up and met me at the salon.

We walked towards our new hotel at 1:30 pm.  We went to Villa Manchega for lunch.  Ivan and I shared salmon and a seafood salad.

We walked to Sol Bahia Apartamentos and checked in.  We checked out the two rooms.  We decided to be nice and give Charisse and Noelle the room with a balcony with a bay view – they would be arriving tonight.  Our room had a living room and a bigger kitchen.  Lil Dave was happy that he got the couch as his own bed.

Ivan and I chilled by the pool.  We wanted to take a nap, but it was still bright when you closed your eyes.

We headed up to the room and took a long nap.

We used the internet.  Charisse and Noelle’s flight was delayed from Barcelona.  The girls arrived at the hotel at 8:30 pm. 

Everybody got ready to go out.


We walked along the bay passing Café Mambo and Café Del Mar. 

We walked to great tapas restaurant El Rincon de Pepe.  We wanted to sit outside, but there wasn’t a table available. 

We sat outside and ordered peppers and aubergine, squid in batter, sardines, anchovies, baked cod and fish croquettes.  We chatted, ate tapas and drank rose.  The food was delicious again.

Ivan, Charisse, Noelle and I walked along the beach.  Ivan thought we should get a drink before heading to the nightclub Privilege.  Ivan and I thought Ibiza Rocks looked good. 

We sat down and got a drink at Ibiza Rocks.  Ivan and I each got a tasty passion fruit Caprioska.  Noelle started talking to four guys from Wales. 

We wanted to get the free bus to Privilege, but Ivan figured we should just get a taxi since we’d have to wait for the bus.  We flagged down a taxi and headed off to Privilege.

The event was called Elrow in the Vista room.  Privilege is the biggest nightclub in the world, but we were in the annex.

A cool dome was outside where people were chilling out.


Ivan was told that Elrow wouldn’t be busy, but there was definitely a lot of people in the annex.  Since it was an event for locals, there was about 80% Spanish. The music was alright.  It was really stuffy in the club since there was no ventilation or air-conditioning.  We saw crazy clowns, a lady on an elephant (fake of course) and a gorilla.

Later, up above on a platform we saw lots of blow-up things like inner tubes and hammers.  There are stages where dancers dance.  A few people were up there putting circle stickers on people.  I didn’t know what it meant.  A couple of people were also in the crowd putting stickers on people’s faces or shirts.

The blow-ups started coming down and the people on the stages were handing out different hats like Chinese bamboo hats, umbrellas and glittery top hats.

I grabbed an inner tube and got two top hats.


We ended up getting different blow-up stuff and dancing with them. 


We were about to leave and a guy wanted to switch his pirate hat with my pink glittery top hat.  I thought he was going to run off with the top hat, so I made sure we exchanged at the same time.  The pirate hat was so much cooler while the top hat was cheap looking.  It was a fun night!


Thai Paradis

On July 6, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to get breakfast at 12:30 pm.  Lil Dave had a banana pancake.  Ivan and I each got scrambled eggs on toast.  Ivan also had baked beans.

We walked around to the hotel that we’re staying at tomorrow.  It has a pool and a view of the bay. 

The day was cloudy and it looked like rain. 


We walked along the bay to find a place for lunch.  We couldn’t find anything good.  The sun had come out and it was really hot.  Ivan bought a bottle of sparkling water.

We started walking towards the main street and we ran into the guy we shared a taxi with.  It turns out that he’s 37 years old.  I thought he was 25.  He has a baby face and wears braces.  He recommended a Thai place nearby that the locals go to. 

We headed to the Casa Thai.  Ivan got a tom yum soup and noodles with tofu.  I got pad thai with tofu and vegetables.  The food was good.

We started walking back to the hotel.  It was so hot out.  I just wanted to relax.  I stopped at IBZ Look for a haircut while Ivan and Lil Dave headed back.

Ivan took a nap while I created mailart for my friend Noelle and my cousin Charisse.  They’ll be arriving in Ibiza tomorrow night.

We headed to dinner at a great tapas joint called El Rincon De Pepe. It was a traditional tapas place which is sort of a rarity in Ibiza – especially in the ‘west end’ which is the area we are in.  We had peppers, cod in sauce, fish croquettes and anchovies in vinegar. 


Lil Dave got banana croquettes and a banana salad.  Ivan and I shared a bottle of rose.  It was a very tasty meal.

We headed back to the hotel to change.  Lil Dave decided to stay in for the night. 

Ivan and I went to a bar on West End street.  We had a fruity drink and people watched.  We walked to another bar and had another drink.  A Scottish girl started talking to us.  Her accent was so strong that I wasn’t understanding most of what she was saying.  I just kept nodding my head.  She was really sweet.  She was partying with her mom since she was 22 years old.  I couldn’t imagine partying with my mom.  My mom doesn’t like loud music and she’s a lot older than me.  Then again…maybe if she had a few drinks inside her and the music was good…….

We walked to Es Paradis for the Water Party.  It took awhile to get in.  I started talking to a guy in line since I was buzzed.  If I was sober, I probably wouldn’t have started a conversation. 

We danced for hours to the great funky house music.  At 4 am, the water started coming out in the circular area with Moby’s song It’s Raining again playing.  The water just keeps on coming out of the floor and the circular area becomes a big pool.  It’s crazy!!  We were soaked with water.  Guys were jumping in the water and crowd surfing.  I wanted to crowd surf.  It was fun dancing in the water. 

We left around 5:30 am and it was cold outside since we were wet.  We walked about 10 minutes to get to our hotel.

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