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Travelling all day

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 8:45 am on January 9, 2013.  We packed our bags up.

Ivan had to walk to the main part of Canas Vieras to find a taxi.  We left at 9:20 am headed to the airport.

Our flight from Florianópolis was supposed to leave at 11:10 am, but the plane was delayed so we left at 12:05 pm.

I was tired and fell asleep before takeoff.  I woke up when the stewards were passing out the peanuts.  Ivan and I watched a show on the laptop.

We arrived at Guarulhos (São Paulo) at 1:40 pm.  Some of the luggage came out about 30 minutes after we landed, but then nothing else.  We waited along with a half dozen people until 2:25 pm to get our backpacks.  That’s the longest we’ve ever waited for luggage.

Ivan and I checked out the screens to see where we had to check-in for our next flight.  We booked the flights separately, so we didn’t have connecting flights.  The flight wasn’t showing up on the screen, but we figured it was probably since the flight wasn’t until 6:50 pm. 

Ivan went on the internet and checked us in and found out the flight was at Terminal 1.  It was a Taca flight going through Avianca airline.  I kept checking the screen and finally our flight showed up.

We walked to the Check-in A area.  Ivan asked the guy at the Avianca counter what time the Lima flight check-in started.  He said 4 pm.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were all hungry.  I noticed restaurants earlier at Check-in C, so we went to check it out.  Ivan though Bar and Bistro looked good.  Lil Dave got a banana lasagna.  Ivan and I shared a vegetable soup and a penne with a pomodoro and pesto sauce.  The penne was nice and hot.

We walked back to the check-in desk at 4:30 pm and checked our backpacks in.

We left Guarulhos, Brazil at 6:50 pm.  Good-bye Brazil!  We were off to Lima, Peru.  The flight was almost 5 hours.  Ivan and I watched Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, New Girl, Lee Evans and The Mindy Project.  Our plane arrived at 8:55 pm.

The Immigration went by really quick. 

Ivan and I waited around for the taxi pick-up from the bed & breakfast that Ivan booked.  We waited for 15 minutes and nobody showed up.  So, we got a taxi from the Taxi Green counter.  We left at 9:40 pm for the B&B.

Ivan and I checked in to D’osma Bed & Breakfast which is in the nice Barranco district. 

Ivan and I decided to go to a restaurant Ivan booked a reservation for.

We got a taxi to Central Restaurant.  

Ivan and I ordered cocktails. 


The bread stone plate came with different small unique breads with roasted butter, butter with salt on top and a great goats cheese and tomato dip. 

Our first dish was a tuna confit at 4 degrees which was really tasty. 


Ivan said to the waiter that we were sharing and they served our dishes in two separate plates and both presented in a pretty way.

We were thinking of getting the Hot Ceviche but it was 79 Soles ($31 USD) since it came with langoustines. We also got a goat cheese cannelloni which was small (one cannelloni each), but tasted lovely.  

The main course was Salmon and Earth which was salmon with a mushroom risotto. 


The salmon was perfectly cooked rare and crunchy on top – it went well with the creamy risotto.

I knew that we were too stuffed for dessert, but I always like checking out what goodies that are offered.  I really wanted to try to the goats cheese cheesecake.  We passed on dessert.  Good thing we did because we got desserts for free. 


We were served two chocolates, flavored marshmallows, chocolates (mix of white and milk chocolate), jellies and a type of small cake.  It was a great end to a delicious meal.


Getting ready for the long honeymoon

Hello, it’s Jennifer here!  We have been busy getting ready for our trip.  Ivan decided we should leave earlier than planned. So, we’ve been buying lots of stuff for our long honeymoon.  We left our backpacks at Ivan’s parents house in Southend, so right now we’re packing up two suitcases.  It’s almost 11 pm now, we’re leaving early in the morning and I’m still not done packing!


I got all the essentials I bought: comfortable convertible Northface pants, Merrell waterproof shoes, sandals, money belt, waterproof jacket, netbook and a Petzl headlamp.  I made sure not to forget the important stuff: passport, silk liner, eye drops (I have dry eye and an eye allergy), moisturizer, memory cards and Lil Dave the monkey.  Lil Dave wouldn’t forgive me if I forgot him and his bananas!! 

I hope you come back and follow our honeymoon adventures.  Check out the itinerary to see all the places we’re going to explore.  Back to packing and hopefully (cross your fingers!) I’ll get a few hours of sleep.

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