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The Thinking Tape Box

On August 22, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I grabbed lunch at Pret a Manger.  Ivan and I each had a crayfish and mango sandwich while Lil Dave got a banana and chicken sandwich.  Ivan checked out a few stores to find shoes and finally found some at Cotswold. 

We walked toward the show in a wooden box. 


On top of the wooden box was a man who was carving wood with a power saw (not sure if this is the correct name.. but I’m sure you get what I mean!).  It was a wood flyer for their show nothing is really difficult.  I got one shaped as a rectangle.


I really wanted a cool one that was shaped like a purse or one that had an arrow on it, but I missed those.  There was lots of wood left over.  If I lived in Edinburgh, I would have grabbed more odd shaped wood to use for making mailart. 

It was time for the show nothing is really difficult.  It was literally in the wooden box and they were piling people inside.  The show features 3 Dutch guys doing farce comedy.  It was weird and funny… but it was WAY too short at 35 minutes.  Ivan thought it wasn’t worth it since it was 10 Euros per person for such a short show.  The guys were trying to climb the wall… we got to see inside a side of the wall where two of the guys were using the toilet and doing some silly bathroom humor.  One guy climbed down from the roof of the box.  Ivan thought they could have done A LOT of funny things like coming out of the doors more often and doing weird things with coming from the roof.  Lil Dave thought they should have throwing a banana on the floor and falling to make the audience go mad.  There was a guy who was sat near me that LOVED the show.  He couldn’t stop laughing.  I thought he should get out more.. because it wasn’t THAT hilarious.

Ivan wanted something to eat… he was trying to find a place for soup.  But, we actually ended up at a pop up restaurant… not sure of the name, but it did have Thai in it.  The décor of the restaurant was really sparse with a green psychiatrist’s type chair and green cinder blocks that held up a big steel bar that acted as a table.  It was an industrial minimalistic style.  In the back there was a bar where you could chill out on couches and have a drink.

Ivan and I shared wok fried veggies which were pretty tasty.  I’m usually not a big fan of vegetables unless they’re cooked in a great sauce or really seasoned well.  Lil Dave got a banana pad thai.

We stopped off at Boots.  I bought a few products to do my hair better like a round brush.  We’ve been to Edinburgh before.  As you walk around Edinburgh during the festival you definitely see the cool sights of the city.


I know I’m immature.. but I still giggle every time I read Cockburn street.  I can’t say it in a serious manner.. it’s just funny.  Wonder what they got it from.. I can only imagine!! Actually I don’t think I do want to imagine that!

It was a rainy day.  The weather is so wacky in Edinburgh.  Ivan read that you can experience so many different kinds of weather all in one day.  It’s so true.. it could be really hot at one point and then later in the day it’s raining cats and dogs.  I think Edinburgh is a very cool city, but I would never live here with this weird weather.

It was time for another Fringe show.  This time we were seeing The Thinking Drinkers Guide to Alcohol (try saying that 4 times really fast!!! And if you can-then try saying it five times really fast, and then email me and say ‘oh yeah I see what you mean!’). 


We were going to get alcohol during the show.. we were given a plastic cup when we walked into the showroom.

The show as very informative which spanned 2,000 years of alcohol.  We got to have a Shpherd Neame’s Bishops Finger Kentish strong ale beer and 5 shots (Jagermeister, Angostura 1919 Rum, Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, Pernod Absinthe and Belevedere Pink Grapefruit vodka) during the show.  Any show that gives you free alcohol is cool in my books.  It was really, really funny as well. 

I’m glad that they gave us a paper at the end with their information, Edinburgh drinking destinations recommendations and a list of the spirits we tried and where to buy them. 

If you ever get a chance to see The Thinking Drinkers Guide to Alcohol and you like drinking and learning stuff (which after awhile you have no idea what they’re talking about – they could be talking about something really messed up like child prostitution.. but it wouldn’t bother you too much since you’re already buzzed!)… go see them!!! It’s fun!


We were walking along and I spotted a rainbow.  How come nobody finds the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Ok, I’ve never been near the end of a rainbow.. so I haven’t tried looking.  But, you NEVER hear stories of people finding the gold.  I guess it’s only leprechauns who are lucky enough.  Hmmm, maybe I should be dressing up as a leprechaun when it’s rainy and there’s a chance I’ll see a rainbow.

Lil Dave went to meet his Uncle MacDave for dinner.  He wanted Lil Dave to try some local Scottish monkey dishes which I’m sure involves lots of bananas.

Ivan and I went to dinner at David Bann again.  Ivan and I got the mushroom ravioli again – but the sauce wasn’t as good and tasted a bit different.  Maybe it was a different chef or a sleepy, forgetful chef?!  I’m not sure.  We enjoyed all the food: Thai carrot and coriander soup, goats cheese salad (best salad in Edinburgh according to me, and, I’m sure, anyone else who knows how a good salad should taste) and olive polenta. 


We enjoyed our meal with the lovely Argentinian wine again.  For dessert, we got the hot peach and raspberry tart.  What another delicious meal at David Bann!

It was time for our next Fringe show which was Carl Donnelly: Different Gravy.  Carl Donnelly is an English comedian who I’ve never actually seen.  Ivan thinks he’s funny, so most likely I will think he’s funny.. we definitely have the same sense of humor.

Carl was very funny – he was reading from his unpublished autobiography.  It was a good show – it just seems like he’s chatting with you at the pub.

Our next show of the night, which is our last Fringe show, was The Boy with Tape on His Face.  We’ve seen a few times at The Comedy Store for a 10 minute spot and he’s really funny.  He doesn’t talk and he makes funny facial expressions.  Unfortunately, we got a seat at the side in the front row, but we were couldn’t see straight on.  You really need to be super close so you can see his facial expressions.  Some of the stuff worked, while some of things like a guy trying to hit a golf ball into a hole that was attached to a pole in the air went on too long, or some just weren’t funny.  He got two strangers to kiss, as he usually does.  A guy presses a red button.  During the show a lady announces T Minus 20 minutes… the time of when something will happen since the red button was pressed.  At the end, the guy who pressed the red button goes on stage and he’s blindfolded.  Everybody is given red balloons to blow up.  99 Red Balloons starts playing and the guy gets the blindfold taken off and everybody throws their red balloons towards him.  It was interesting.  Everybody then started stepping on the balloons which was a bit loud and a little unsettling.  Ivan popped a few, I tried but I had my black dress shoes on which didn’t really let me pop any.  The show was alright… he’s better in a 10 minute gig just like Frisky and Mannish.

They were giving out white balloons with the words Red Balloon on it at the end of the boy’s show.


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