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Hungover Brits

Ivan and I woke up early on September 5, 2012 at 8:45 am for some reason.  I was so hungover.  Today was our last Sea Day.  We watched the funny morning show with the cruise director Butch and Calvyn.

Lil Dave went to play with his monkey friends. 

We went to get brunch at the Punchliner’s Comedy Brunch.  Ivan had the tomato soup for a starter.  We each got the eggs benedict with salmon.  I wanted to eat, but I felt nauseous so I didn’t end up finishing my brunch…still no big deal-its not as if we are paying for it! (well we are coz we are paying for the cruise – but we are not paying for each individual food item!)

We saw the Mind Magic Seminar which was Rakesh teaching magic tricks.  Ivan knows how to do lots of magic tricks, so we decided to do something else.

We sat on the one swing chair outside of the Red Frog Pub.  Ivan and I read our books.  I was really getting into my book Guilty Wives by David Ellis and James Patterson.  I was looking out at the water, but it was making me nauseous.  I was feeling so crappy.

It was time for the pool.  I brought along my pink floppy hat which I bought in Hvar, Croatia. 


We saw the Miss Carnival Breeze where a girl dresses up a guy in clothes from people around the pool.  it was okay.  Then, there were more pool games like diving in the pool for spoons.  Ivan went to have Indian food for lunch from the tandoori which was delicious as always!

We walked around and ended up at the Ocean Plaza.  Ivan played the Carnival trivia and won a gold ship on a stick. 

I got a Guy’s burger while Ivan went to the Disco Dance Class.  We thought the dance class would be with Butch, but it was with Amy and a boring host.  Butch is funny since he really gets into dancing and he looks like Lee Evans.  It’s always fun to watch him dance around.

It was Tea Time.  We had a scone, macaron and strawberries with our tea. 


Since we didn’t get much sleep last night, we went to the room for a nap at 4:30 pm.  We took a long 2 1/2 hour nap.  Lil Dave was there telling us that he went swimming because of a dare and he said it was alright. 

We got ready and went to check out The Brits show at 8 pm.  The show was really good, but we miss the band with the live music.  There was great singing and dancing to British songs like The Beatles, Rolling Stone, The Who and Tom Jones. 

It was time for dinner late at 8:45 pm. 


Everybody was all dressed up since it was the last Elegant Night.  I had the salmon and apple salad and the escargots since I’ve never tried it before.  The escargots reminded me of seafood or mushrooms and tasted good.  I also tried the osso bucco which I’ve never had before.. actually never knew what it was. 


The osso bucco which was very tender and tasty.  Ivan and I shared the chocolate melting cake.  I was so stuffed from so much food.  We chatted with Mark, Clare, Andres and Caroline.  The British couple left to do the 3D theatre.  We chatted with Andres and Caroline.  We were tired so we said good night.

Ivan used the internet while I worked on the blog.

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