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Swimming Tapas

On July 10, 2012, I woke up late at 2:30 pm…well, late to some people but not if you miss party animal like I am and don’t go to bed before 5am! .Lil Dave and Ivan were already up.  Everybody had lunch at the hotel before heading out.

We got a taxi to another part of San Antonio at Playa Es Pouet Beach.  We were going to rent a boat for a few hours with Star Boats.  We saw these boats yesterday during our speed boat tour, and thought ‘oo that looks like fun!’

Ivan, Noelle and Charisse went to get wine and food at the store so we could have a mini-party on board the boat.

They came back and then we boarded the boat.  


Ivan was the capitan even wearing the pirate hat that I got at Elrow.  Our first stop was a cave. 

Ivan wanted to check out Cala Bassa beach, so we drove there.  I put the anchor down into the sand.  We swam to the beach from our boat.  It was a lovely beach.  Ivan was told that it’s the best beach in Ibiza. 

Noelle was making buildings from the Las Vegas Strip out of sand like the Luxor and Wynn. 


Everybody went swimming and relaxed on the beach.  Ivan buried Noelle in the sand and gave her pointy boobs. 


We swam back to the boat.

Ivan steered our boat towards Café Mambo for the sunset.  He parked our boat in front of Café Mambo. 

Ivan, Noelle and I swam in the water.  There was a big boat next to us filled with 10 British guys.  One of them started talking to me while I was in the water.  He wanted the single girls on the boat to come over.  I said you should go over there and talk to them. 

The Scottish guy was named Shan who used to be a footballer. 


Later, we saw the famous sunset while drinking rose wine.  We listened to Afrojack for a short time.  We drove back to the Playa Es Pouet Beach and returned the boat at 9:40 pm. 

We had a great time on the boat and the beach.

We walked to San Antonio Centre.  We were thinking about going to the restaurant El Quijote.  It was too expensive though and the servers weren’t very friendly….It seemed like all the food there was double what other places charge.

Instead, we ended up at our favorite El Rincon de Pepe


We all shared lots of tapas like baby squid, Russian salad, mussels with salsa, fried rayfish, anchovies, fish croquettes, jamon iberica and sardines.  I tried jamon for the first time and it was very tasty.

It was time to head back to the hotel.  Ivan thought it would be a good idea for us to relax and not party – so we were in bed about 1:30 am…which is early for us!

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