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Fish Maze

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at Champor on September 25, 2012.  Ivan and I each had the good shrimp fried rice.  Lil Dave got a banana and chicken pad thai.

We headed to Oktoberfest at 2 pm.  Today, it was Family Day which was offering almost 50% off on the carnival rides.

Ivan and I rode a couple rides including the world’s largest portable rollercoaster called Olympia Looping.  It was fun, but my ears kept banging against the cushions and it hurt since I had earrings on. 

Here’s a picture of Olympia Looping at night:


Ivan loves rollercoasters and rides so he went on a couple and I didn’t.  I get scared if I think about the rides too much.


We went on the swing that goes up and high with great views of Oktoberfest.


There’s one funny ride that goes around and dips down as you sit down.  An oompah band plays music while you ride.

I was time to head to a tent.  We went to the Fischer-Vroni tent again and got a table that emptied out again.  Some friendly Germans joined us.  We danced, drank beer and sang and ate the delicious mackerel and salmon-trout fish. 


The salmon-trout was my favorite.  We had lots of fun again. 


I think my favorite thing about the tents is dancing and singing to the music while standing on the benches.


Ivan and I walked around to find some good rides.  We went on two mazes with one being really dumb and short.  The Maze Lach Freu Haus was really funny since you had to go down a spinning wheel.  It was really fast and Ivan and I fell.  I was on top of him and kept moving to try to get off.  Since we were drunk it was funny.  But, a worker kept stopping the wheel since there was a kid behind us.  We liked it fast though.

We took the metro and then walked back to the apartment.

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