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Hot Crepes

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 8:30 am.  I woke up at 4:30 am and kept tossing and turning, so I didn’t have a great night’s sleep.

We headed up to breakfast for the scrambled eggs and pancake.  Lil Dave had a banana pancake.

We packed everything up, checked out and held our day pack in the luggage storage at Home Sweet Home.  Later today, we’re going to a 2 day trip to Colca Canyon.

The 16 of us that were going on the trip walked with Franco to the truck.  Ivan and I put our big backpacks on Frida the big Oasis yellow truck.

We walked around the shopping area which is mostly pedestrianized.  Arequipa is a nice city, but there’s not many street lights in the centre.  So, it can take a few minutes to cross the street using the crosswalks.  Ivan bought a pair of swimming shorts since he forgot his on the truck.  We’ll be going to hot springs later today.

It was time for lunch, so we walked to Crepísimo Crêperie.  This restaurant is run by the same owner as Zig Zag.  I had an Andean trout crepe while Ivan had a spinach and tuna.  Lil Dave got a banana and honey crepe.  My crepe was the definitely tasted the best.  The Andean trout has a similar color to salmon and tastes terrific.

We walked back to the hostel.  A group of 16 of us were picked up by Illary Tours for our Colca Canyon 2 day trip.  Our guide was a Peruvian guy named Jesus.  Ivan wonders why Jesus is such a popular name with Mexicans and Latin people.  I think it’s because they’re very religious.

The bus drove us to different places like National Park Pampa Cañahuas where we saw alpacas and vicuñas. 


We also stopped at the Volcano Viewpoint which is 4,850 meters high (15912 feet).

Our last stop was a great view of the town Chivay.


We arrived in Chivay, Peru at 4:30 pm and checked in to Los Portales.

Ivan and I got ready and the group left for the hot springs.

La Calera hot springs was a short drive away.  It’s 15 soles per person for entry to 3 pools.  Two of the pools are outside with one being 39° C and the other one was slightly cooler.  We chilled in the pool that’s 39° C (which was a lovely temperature) and drank a cold beer. 


It’s true that alcohol affects you more at higher altitudes. 


Ivan and I could feel that beer.

Bob, who’s in his 60’s, went to chat with 4 Swedish girls. I call him the Ladies Man while others say he’s Mr. Romantic.

There’s another pool inside with a sauna, but we didn’t check it out.  Sarah, Raoul and Ty said they checked out the sauna and it smells funny.  There’s another pool that’s 1.50 soles to get into, but they walked into that one and it’s nothing special.

Ivan didn’t want to leave the hot springs.  We were only there for an hour.

That night, some of the group when to see the Peña Show called Tusuy Wasi.  A set menu of 20 or 25 soles per person was available.  Ivan and I each got a hot alcoholic drink.  Ivan’s had anise in it and tasted like absinthe.  Ivan and I shared two set menus. 

A band started playing Andres folk music while a masked guy danced a traditional dance with two Peruvian girls. 


Our soups were quinoa soup and asparagus.  The main courses were fried trout.

Lots more dancing happened.  The dancers pulled up guests to dance with them.


One of the band members played the biggest pan pipes I’ve ever seen.  It made a deep noise. 

The guy kept dancing with a mask on.  I asked Ivan if he was really ugly and he was trying to hide his face.  Ivan said yes, he got the idea from the Phantom of the Opera.

Ivan and I shared a slice of chocolate cake (which wasn’t very chocolaty) and fruit salad.

Ivan and I were getting tired and wanted to leave, but we came on a bus with the group.

A guy and girl were dancing.  The girl was on the ground and the guy started whipping here.  We couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t think it was appropriate with little kids around.  More dancers came out.  We were talking to Wilko at this point.  One of the girls picked Wilko to dance with.

The guy dancer got on the ground along with the local girls.  Pete was on the ground near Wilko.  The girls started whipping them.  It was really funny!  The white girl was trying to mimic the whipping, but didn’t make a snapping noise like the local girls who’ve had lots of practice.  The girls then walked over Pete and Wilko while they were on the ground even over their face.  

The group wanted to go back to the hotel.  Jesus said that the driver left already so we had to walk.  We thought he was going to walk us to the hotel.  Once we got to the main square, he told somebody the directions and then he left us.  I couldn’t believe he didn’t walk us back.  Thankfully, we made it back in one piece.

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