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90’s Synchronized Tea Game

On August 30, 2012, Ivan and I headed to the top deck where the sports are at Sports Square.  We wanted to check out the Dodgeball.  Lil Dave had already gone to catch the Banana Toss game (not sure what that involves, but I’m sure the monkeys love it!).

The stupid football (soccer) was still going on.. so I guess the entertainment host forgot about the Dodgeball so the stupid men could play more football.

Today, was a sea day so there was lots to do on the cruise ship.

It was time for some brunch.  We headed down to the Punchliner Comedy Brunch.  The next two comedians on board were both British. 

Ivan had the tomato soup and an omelette with vegetables.  I got eggs benedict with salmon instead of ham – I had to create it myself since I confused the waiter and he brought me smoked salmon on the side. 


We heard one of the comedians Tom Pepper who wasn’t very funny at all.  We didn’t think he’d be very good – but you never know so we’ll check him out at the comedy club tonight.

We talked to Noonan (comedy club host) who we’ve become friends with. He’s a cool guy. He’s actually a cruise director and he’s learning the Mediterranean route since he’ll be cruise director of the upcoming Carnival Sunshine.

 Ivan and I had more food later on – we tried the burritos which you can customize. 

It was time for the pool.  Ivan thought I should try to enter the Synchronized Swimming (I always tried to mimic synchronized swimming when I was a kid swimming in our pool).  But, we came too late.  It was a group of women vs. a group of men.  The groups were taken to a different area to learn their choreographed synchronized swimming routine.

We watched The Game of Love hosted by the cruise director Butch.  It’s where they find a newlywed couple, a couple married like 20 years and then the couple married the longest like 50 years.  It’s like the newlywed game where they answer a series of questions and see if their answers match up.  Butch made up some things to make it funnier.  I wanted to go on stage but Ivan didn’t want to – I think he was too scared.  It was a good show.

It was time for Tea Time.  We were sat at a table for six people.  Christa was seated next to us (we met her the other day at the Punchliner’s Comedy Brunch).  It’s funny how you run into people during the cruise ship.  Sometimes it takes awhile to remember where you met them or saw them on the ship.  We talked about traveling.  She also told us about a site called The Travellers Century where people try to visit 100 countries or more.  Ivan wants to try to do it. 

Later, we checked out the Harry Potter trivia game.  It was really hard.. I love Harry Potter, but I don’t remember EVERY little detail in all 7 books and all the movies.

We stayed for the Name the 90’s song game.  I did pretty good getting 14 out of 20 – but somebody beat me by getting 18.  

It was time to check out the rope course.  It’s where they put a harness on you that’s hooked up to a bar at the top, so you can’t fall.  But, of course it’s high and your mind tricks you since you’re afraid you’re going to fall.  If you do fall, you’re going to be hooked up still. 


It’s still scary, but it’s fun.  I did a lot better than the last time I did this on a Carnival cruise ship.. I didn’t hold on as much.

Ivan and I went down the water slides a few times.  My favorite is the Twister.  Ivan really likes the Drainpipe and usually does two revolutions on it while I usually end up hitting my head and going around only once. 

It was time to chill out in the jacuzzi.  The jacuzzis are usually really hot.

We went to see the Divas show where the playlist production did many songs by divas like Christina Applegate, Beyonce, Brittany Spears, Lady Gaga and Madonna.  It was a great show – but I really do miss the live band.  I guess it would be hard to have a live band since the stage changes a lot with the big LED screens.  The LED screens are great since they can easily create scenes for the numerous shows that are performed during a cruise. 

Since we went to the show we went to dinner late.  Since I was off our pescetarian diet (since sometimes I do crave meat), I decided to get the prime rib. 


I forgot to mention, but we always take all the stairs on our cruises.  It lets us eat a lot and not have to go to the gym for an hour which is usually pretty boring.

After dinner, we went to see the 10:45 pm comedy show.  Tom Pepper was horrible just like we predicted.  He was a man in his 50’s and old men usually aren’t that funny.  John Lory came on next and he was quite mad and so very funny.

Ivan and I love the towel animals we get when they turn down the room for the night.  Tonight, we got an elephant wearing my sunglasses with our chocolates.  


How cute!

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