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Fatboy Slim

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up early at 7:15 am on January 3, 2013.  We packed up our bags and had breakfast.  Ivan and I said thanks and good-bye to Elizabeth.

We got a taxi at 8 pm to the airport.  Our flight left at 9:35 am headed to Guarulhos.  Ivan and I slept during the hour flight since we only slept 5 hours.

We all had lunch at the airport.  Ivan and I shared tuna sandwiches that tasted weird to me.  We used the internet.

Our flight to Navagantes was at 12:50 pm.  The plane arrived at 2:10 pm.

We got a taxi to Balneário Camboriú which is 35 km and it cost us $42 USD to get there – way too much money.

Ivan checked us in to the Hotel Plaza Camboriu which is close to the beach.

Lil Dave was happy that there was a double bed for us and a single bed just for him.  Ivan and I used the internet.

Ivan walked around to see the beach to see the stage for Fatboy Slim at the Big Beach Boutique tonight.  It looked miles away from our hotel. 

At 5 pm, we walked to Los Paleteros which is a place that sells Mexican popsicles.  Ivan and I each got Chocolate Belga (Belgium Chocolate) while Dave got Banana.  The popsicles were so very chocolaty and tasty.  Lil Dave thought his was tasted great.

Lil Dave went back to get ready for a monkey party on a boat. 

Avenida Brasil was busy with cars.  Ivan and I walked down the street trying to find a taxi and we couldn’t see any.  After about 10 minutes, we finally found one.  He took us near the stage for tonight.  There were people selling tickets for the event.  Ivan and I checked out the backstage area which is right behind the backstage.  We’re not really sure why you’d want to see the back of the DJs instead of be in front where all the action happens. 

We found out from a lady where you can print your tickets that the box office wasn’t open yet, but we could try there later.  She wasn’t sure when it was opening and how much tickets cost. 

Ivan went to a few people who were selling to get two Gold tickets for R$300 each ($150 USD).  Most guys wanted R$500 per ticket.  One guy said fine even after his friend was getting mad for saying he’d take it for R$300 per ticket.  We got a good deal since the prices were a lot more at the box office.  Glad to get it all sorted before we had dinner.

Ivan and I had dinner at Casa de Lagosta.  Ivan and I shared shrimp cooked aglio & olio style and a salmon in a great orange sauce.  The salmon was a huge portion for 2 people.  We weren’t sure what time Fatboy Slim would be on.  Ivan figured there would be a few opening DJs first.  We each had an espresso.

I noticed on the screen that 3 DJs would be on before Fatboy Slim.  Ivan and I walked to the Gold area entrance.  He asked a few people what time Fatboy Slim was going to start.  Since they didn’t really speak much English and we speak no Portuguese, we were hoping they knew we were asking what time he started and not when he finished.  Two people said 11 pm.  We walked to the box office and the guy there said 9:30 or 10 pm. 

We walked around to find a place for dessert since we had time to kill since it was 7:20 pm.  We went to Meiji Sushi.  The music started at 7:30 pm and it was generic house – so we knew it wasn’t Fatboy Slim since his music is very upbeat.  Ivan and I shared a petit gateau which came with vanilla ice cream.  It tasted good even though the cake wasn’t that warm.

We walked to the Gold area entrance at 8:30 pm.  Ivan waited in line for awhile to get drinks.  He got a bunch of Smirnoff Ice for later (so we wouldn’t have to keep going back to the bar) and Jagerbombs for us.. then, we headed to the dance floor.  Dexterz was on which had a DJ, a violinist and a drummer.  They played some lovely music.  We danced awhile and then the next DJ came on who was alright.  It started showering at the end of the set. 

Fatboy Slim came on at 11 pm. 


When he started DJing fireworks went off above the whole stage structure.  It was really cool.  His sets are always filled with fun, upbeat music.  There’s usually a lot of vocals and classic tunes.  The visuals on the big screen were really cool. 


I saw a 3D rendering of Fatboy Slim, lots of yellow smiley faces and skulls.  I liked the white paint on his face and in black Dance Bitch was written on his face.  When he played Can you help me find Fatboy?, he was on the screen with his face painted yellow and a black smiley face drawn on his face. 

Ivan and I were in the front off to the side where there was plenty of room to dance.  Part of the Gold area is a covered area with VIP tables and tables where you stand – this area was packed with people. 


We danced like crazy to Fatboy Slim.  The rain made it cooler out which is good when you’re dancing since you get hot.  It started raining hard for a few minutes, but then it finally died down. 


Fatboy Slim had a canopy over him so he stayed dry.  It was taken down when the rain stopped.  Later, they had to put it up again.  It was a wonderful set.

Check out the video of the beginning of Fatboy Slim’s set:

It was awesome dancing to Fatboy Slim.  We could have to danced to him for hours more.

There wasn’t a taxi in site near the beach.  Ivan and I walked along the beach for awhile and then on Avenida Brasil to get back to our hotel.  It took us an hour to get back.

Photo Credit: Fireworks, Skull photo and Fatboy Slim


Dance Tour

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had to wake up really early on August 1, 2012.  Today, we were going to do a long tour called the Big Montenegro Tour.

Our guide was a cool Montenegran guy named Mladen, but everybody calls him Mladjo.  I wasn’t sure why – he said it was because his friends called him that.. but later he told me that Mladjo means May in Italian.  He was very tall and it looked like he worked out.

Mladjo was so funny.  He liked to make fun of everybody and I mean EVERYBODY!! He told us funny stories about tourists who have taken his tour before.  We told him that we lived in Las Vegas, but Ivan was British and I was American.  He asked where my family was from and I told him I was the Philippines.  He told us that one Japanese man took so many pictures with his DSLR on the bus that it drove people crazy since they wanted to sleep.  So, he was saying that people take too many photos (especially the Japanese).  He thinks that people should enjoy the moment and not take so many photos.  Ivan definitely agreed.  He would call people who took too many photos Japanese. 

It was great to hear things from a local.  He told us that Montenegran people don’t take leftovers home, because they think it makes them look poor.  He said that people don’t usually tip, but things have been changing with Western ways.  So, he says he tips maybe some change or 1 or 2 Euro.

Mladjo had a French girl on the tour once who didn’t seem like she wanted to do anything on the tour, so he thought French people were boring.  Ivan and I both find that typically Germans can be boring.

Mladjo drove the bus to Kotor to pick up 6 people.  It was an Israeli couple from London, a Dutch guy named Jerome and his Polish fiancé and two French guys. 

The two French guys sat in the front.  Mladjo said I hope you two aren’t boring like most French people.  Ivan and I laughed hard.  Anybody who says that French people are boring RIGHT to their face is freaking awesome!!!  That’s very BOLD and funny!!

We were sat next to the Dutch guy Jerome.  He sort of looked like Moby since he had a shaved head and glasses.  In our experience, Dutch people are cool and it was the same in this case.  Jerome was friendly and great to talk to. 

Our first stop was the Masoleum.  Petar II Petrovic Njegos is buried there.  He was a very tall man at 2 meters (6.5 feet!).  We walked up lots and lots of steps to reach the top.  It was worth it though since the view was beautiful. 

Mladjo didn’t recommend the masoleum to the group.  But, the boring Israeli guy wanted to go because he likes that king of stuff (not really sure what kind of stuff he meant.. maybe morbid stuff).  The rest of the group chilled outside and waited.  We saw a couple wearing traditional Montenegran clothes and people were taking photos of them so I joined in.

The bus started driving towards our next destination which would be what Mladjo called Breakfast-Lunch (brunch).  His friend from college was there.  Ivan and I were excited that we were going to taste some rakia! 

Brunch was at a Kafana called Kod Pera na Bukovicu.  We sat outside and waited while Mladjo’s friends’ mum made us fresh bread.  Lovely!  We had local cheese, prosciutto (the Italians stole the name from the Montenegrans) and yummy fresh bread.  I decided to try the prosciutto (I’m pescetarian, but sometimes I eat meat since I grew up eating it – I do like to try meat countries are known for) and it was really tasty.

Next, it was time to taste rakia!  We were taken to a small room where the magic happens. 


Ivan got an extra shot of rakia since Mladjo promised him two shots.  He shared it with me.  It was quite strong, it being 45% proof.. which is actually about 85% proof in American terms.

Mladjo started driving to the next destination which was up a long and winding road.  I’m convinced that The Beatles went up this road and wrote ‘The Long and Winding Road’.  I think they should have added scary.. since it was a REALLY long drop down.  Mladjo said that he told tourists that he might drive off the road and they got scared like he was going to actually do it.  Some people have NO sense of humor.. such a shame really.


Mladjo was like our friend already.. he was just SO easy to talk to and he was always willing to answer your questions.

At one point, the road was so skinny and cars and BIG buses couldn’t get through.  It was scary to me since this part of the road had low concrete blocks and not much else that prevents you from falling over.  It was really hot since we were stopped.  Some people got out.  A Montenegran guy got out and was ordering people what to do.  He got in our mini-bus and drove is backwards.  Mladjo seemed a bit stressed since this was first encounter with this situation as a driver.  It took awhile, but we made it pass. 

We were off schedule since all that trouble up on the winding road.

The bus stopped at the Ostrag Monastery.  It is a white monastery that was built right into the rocks. 


Saint Basil of Ostrog is here – you can go to the room which contains his bones in a casket.  Mladjo said that recently a group of Muslims came to pray in the room with the saint.  I was surprised that they are so open-minded.  Most religious people aren’t.  Mladjo said that his friend spends more time at this monastery than at the mosque.  I guess it’s a popular place to pray even if you’re not Orthodox Christian.  Lots of people come here (Christians – both Orthodox and Catholic and Muslims) make pilgrimages here because there have been reports of miracles of the intercession of the saint.

It did feel very holy.  We went in the very small room with the saints’ bones.  Mladjo kissed the casket and we left.

There was a nice view from the top of the monastery.


We then drove for a couple more hours (which flew by with Mladjo’s chatting) and stopped at a nice little restaurant called Pelikan Restoran by the lake. Mladjo called it lunch/dinner, but seeing as we were there about 6pm, it was definitely more dinner than lunch. Almost everyone got trout, which came with two large trout and was delicious.


The restaurant staff was very nice and gave all the girls some home-grown  tea from the garden, a weird water chestnut and cute souvenir Pelikan stamps. After eating, we got driven back via Sveti Stefan to Budva, where we grabbed a photo with Mladjo before saying thanks and goodbye.


We had a lovely time on the tour.  Mladjo is a funny and cool guy and an awesome tour guide – definitely one of the best guides we’ve had.  I love his positive attitude.  This tour is a MUST if you’re ever in Budva or Kotor! – make sure you get Mladjo as your tour guide.

We rested at the hostel for a little while and then showered and got ready for the evening. A lot of people at the hostel were also going to be heading to Top Hill (where we were also going) so we all shared taxis up there. Top Hill is literally at the top of a hill and is a HUGE (5000 people) outdoor venue that hosts djs/bands etc. When we got in we noticed that the entire place was filled up with tables. Small round ones like cocktail tables about 4 foot high with no chairs. There were hundreds of them. An Aussie guy we were with asked one of the waiters what the deal was with the tables…and he was told that we could either buy a large expensive bottle of spirits…or alternatively just get individual drinks and tip him every time we got a drink. That sounded like a good plan , especially as the table was right at the front in the centre.

Everyone congregated around the table drinking and chatting. We had been told that Roger would come on about 1am or maybe 1.30am..Hence we were not too happy when it was 2.30am and he still hadn’t come on yet! Finally at 2.45am he started.

top hill budva1

He was really great as usual. Luckily after a while a lot of people left so even though the tables were still everywhere, people started pushing them to the side so there was more space to dance.

I danced like a madman with new dance moves like trying to bend backwards (like the Matrix) and popping and locking. We danced for quite a while. It was awesome dancing to Roger Sanchez’ hard house.  We got back to the hostel at 5.15am.

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