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Mime A Cappella

On August 17, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at Hunt & Darton again.  I really love this cool café.  Ivan got the nut roast sandwich which had a lot of bread and I got the same lovely Roughage salad that I got yesterday.  We also ordered regular tea. 

The owners recognized us from yesterday.  The guest today was a gay man in a leotard.  He was going to read do tea leaf readings.  He said he’d get us a new pot of tea.  He probably needed more tea leaves so that he could properly do a reading.  The tea had to steep.

I noticed one of the owners asked one of the patrons if he wanted to pick a record to play.  He picked a great 60’s tune which was Sounds of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel.

I saw that the owners reading a poem to the guy who picked the record.. at the end, they stand up and shake their butts and then bend over and point.


Very strange and cool at the same time.

We poured out the tea and drank it.  The guy, Tom Marshman, told us that we had to think of a question while we drank our tea.  There were plenty of tea leaves to do a reading.  The man came over and told us to turn the tea cup over onto the tea saucer and rotate it fully twice.  Then, we were to look at our leaves and say what we saw. My question was When will I become pregnant?   I saw a puppy dog.. maybe since I keep noticing cute dogs everywhere we travel.  The man looked at it from a different perspective (ok, he just turned the tea cup 180 degrees) and said he saw a lobster.  I guess if you looked close enough….and used a LOT of imagination.


Ivan’s questions was What kind of business should I go into?  Ivan’s tea leaves looked like a dog standing on a table.  The man thought so too.. and then he looked further and thought he saw an dog on an elephant and I suggested it was like a circus. 

Tom didn’t really have a clue as he consulted his tea leaf reading book (seriously!).  It appeared as though he knew nothing at all about tea leaf reading, so god knows why on earth he had been asked to do it!

A lobster maybe.. if you turn it 180° it looks like a dog.

He said to me, “Could it be a crab?” since he couldn’t find lobster.  I said I guess so.  He told me that somebody in my life was being annoying.  I think he looked up puppy dog as well and he said I needed to be close to family and friends.  Ok, my question was definitely not answered.. far from it!

Ivan’s circus scene showed that he should relax more and do what he’s been doing.  It was fun getting a tea leaf reading.  We’re not sure why the man was giving these readings.. but maybe him avoiding Ivan’s question “Do you think seeing 5 shows a day at the Fringe is too much?” and saying instead “You should check out my show” was the reason.  Self-promotion (which I’m always doing with the blog) at it’s weirdest and finest.  Tom’s show is about a guy who has great legs called Legs 11.  We told him about our weddings and our honeymoon and gave him our business card. 

It was off to see another Edinburgh Fringe Festival show.  This time it was an all male A Cappella group called Out of the Blue from Oxford University.  The guys danced around and did funny things like dancing around like animals (including Lil Dave’s favorite the monkey!) during the song ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’.  Other songs included California Gurls, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and Don’t You Want Me by Human League.  One of the guys was an Asian with dyed blonde hair – he reminded me of an old friend of mine named Robert.  This a cappella group were smashing.

Lil Dave went to see the show Monkey Slips on a Banana which was a monkey mime.

Next up was an interactive theatre show called Back to School.  This was soo much fun!!  Ivan attended school in England being British, but since I’m American I didn’t.  It was a ‘site-specific’ show meaning that it took place in a place other than a theatre – it was in an actual school!

First, we were 12 years old.  We had an assembly and met all the teachers. It was funny because we were sitting on little chairs as if we were kids, and all the teachers were speaking to us as if we were kids. We were then split up into classes and our first class was art!

We had to dress each other up using newspapers which was hilarious. My group dressed me up as Gandalf.  I even did a bit of acting saying ‘You shall not pass!’ while putting my staff into the ground (like in the Lord of the Rings movie).  Then we went to another room and had biology, which turned into a sex education class which was also really hilarious!

Then it was down to gym session. Then Ivan and me were split up because our ties were different, and I had drama lessons, which Ivan went to ‘food appreciation’ where he had to learn about the ‘noble potato’.  I got to wear wings in Drama and recite ‘Romeo & Juliet’ with a partner.  I tried to act like Romeo with a British accent.


With every class, we were a year older each time.

The group got together outside to take a school photo.  Ivan wonders why they used a crappy camera instead of something that produced better photos.. maybe they wanted to be ironic producing a crappy low resolution photo.. not really sure.


At the end, we had to take a test.  It was going to be 5 minutes long, but it seemed shorter than that and I didn’t end up finishing my test.


Ivan ended up winning Silliest Student (from being funny & silly) and got an S badge.  They also showed us a video starring a past pupil called Jonathon Ross who is pretty famous in England.

The entire show was a ton of fun and such an original concept..They were running a back to school disco later on in the week, which we really wanted to go to, but couldn’t as we had tickets for The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Our next show was Billy the Mime.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it in this blog, but the job I put down when I fill out the Immigration forms is mime.  Ivan puts down clown.  Yes, this has brought on a few interesting looks when I try to do a mime impression which isn’t really that good.  Maybe I should actually learn how to be a mime. 

Billy the Mime was great.. not doing the popular ‘I’m trapped in a box’ bit that mimes just LOVE doing.  He did different bits like Michael Jackson’s Life, Whitney Houston’s Last Bath, World War II and the History of Art. He also did quite a few controversial and very rude sketches, which would probably offend a few readers if I mentioned them. It was very artsy and funny.  I think I have much to learn after seeing a great mime like that.  I’ll have to practice more to become THAT good.

It was time for some comedy.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I really love comedy.  Jimmy Carr was very, very funny. 


I think he looked at me a few times.. I think it was my Tainted Love TITS shirt with a girl in the bikini that distracted him.  He’s a posh British guy who says very rude things.  We loved it!!  He’s always a delight to watch.

Our last show was Spank!  Ivan wanted to sell the tickets, as we were a bit tired and had already seen four shows that day, but we didn’t have any luck doing that.  So, we ended up going.  It was in a basement room.  There was a birthday party celebration with a few guys in kilts.  One of the funniest acts was a girl who did burlesque dancing. She had a bell that she kept ringing by moving her hips.  It was quite funny.  At the end of her act, she rang the bell so much it seemed to make her go nuts!!!

There was a weird guy named Gary Le Strange.  He was popular like 10 years ago at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  He was making fun of 80’s new wave bands.  His lyrics were very odd and not really very funny.  The audience weren’t interested and started chatting.  The hosts thought he was wonderful (not sure if that was true.. they can’t really say to an audience that an act is crap can they?)… but probably not going to connect with an audience filled with people who were born in the 80’s.  Ivan and I agree that even if they were our age, they still wouldn’t find it funny.  I felt really sorry for the guy since nobody liked his act.

The show is 3 hours long, but we were knackered (tired) and left at the interval.

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