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Dali Dancing

Ivan and I had the free breakfast on September 8, 2012.  We had bread, croissants and tea.  Lil Dave munched on his bananas.

We started walking towards the Salvador Dali Museum House.  It definitely was NOT 10 minutes walking there, which is what the woman in the guesthouse had told us!!  I was getting mad because it was hot out and Ivan went ahead to pick up tickets at a certain time.  The walk was more like 30 minutes from the hotel.  Also, there was parking!  We could have drove here instead!

We had a tour set up with the Salvador Dali museum.  We only had a limited time in each area so I took a bunch of pictures really fast. 


Dali was very unique and creative.  From his house I figured that he liked yellow flowers (mostly a bouquet upside down), eggs, his wife Gala, the Michelin man and mustaches. 


There’s a round room called the Oval Room.  It echoed in there and I kept talking and it felt like Dali himself was whispering in my ear.  I didn’t like it. 


I took my pictures fast and got out.  I felt a bit creeped out in that room.

The pool was my favorite part. 


He got the inspiration from a styrofoam packaging that came with a radio he bought. 


The pool was shaped like a penis and balls. 

I really liked the cracked egg you can crawl into.  We took lots of pictures in it.


There was a big area outside that had a person made out of recycled parts like a tire.  One of the rooms outside had a movie playing (well actually two movies playing side by side) and there was a weird piano inside.

There was a high point where you can view the Christ of the Rubbish which is a Christ made of recycled parts like a boat and rocks.


We really enjoyed seeing Dali’s house.  After his wife died, he left this house and moved to Castle of Púbol.

I was feeling really out of it.. could have been heat exhaustion. 

We walked around and had lunch at El Barroco.  This was Salvador Dali’s favorite restaurant and he actually designed it.  The food has changed since Dali’s time and is now Mediterranean themed. 


Ivan and I shared a bunch of mezes: baba ganoush, moussaka, falafel, fava beans, fatte (cheese with walnuts).  Lil Dave got a few banana mezes like banana ganoush and banana with walnuts.  The food was really tasty.  I felt a lot better after eating.  The restaurant has some interesting and odd art all around.

It was back to the hotel where we used the internet and I worked on the blog.

That night, we went out at 9:45 pm. 

We started walking towards the restaurant – Cadaqués is so pretty at night.


We had dinner at Bar L ‘Estable.  Lil Dave got a few banana tapas.  Ivan and I shared anchovies, tiny octopus in a xanfaina sauce, fried sardines, bread with tomato and tuna, gulas (fish with chili, garlic and quail fried eggs) and fried cuttlefish. 


We had lovely sangria with our tasty food.  For dessert, we got the taps with rhum flame which was very good – bread with what we think was caramel, lemon peel and rum.

Next, we went to the big square for the Non-Stop Party (yes, that was actually the name!).  It was a mix of pop, dance and Spanish music.  It was very strange since the people dancing were ages 8 years old all the way up 50 years old or even older.  It was fun dancing.

At one point, the stupid DJ kept talking in Spanish or Catalan and wouldn’t stop.  The people were getting mad since he was playing a good Black Eyed Peas song and kept replaying it.  Annoying.. it was like he was telling his life story.. it just seemed that long.  I just wish he’d shut up so I could dance more.

We decided to go back to the hotel at 1 am.

Ivan and I watched a few episodes of Shaun the Sheep before going to sleep.

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