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Fancy Cello Camp

On July 24, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 9 am.  We headed to the Crveni Krst concentration camp which was a short walk away from the hotel.


The lady working there explained that the concentration camp was a transient camp where Jews, gypsies and important people (like doctors and lawyers) came and were sent off to other camps like Sajmište concentration camp or other camps in Europe.  32,000 people passed through this camp.  It was one of the only camps were people managed to successfully escape. 105 people escaped the camp which was the first time people escaped from a concentration camp.  42 died who tried to escape. 


The lady didn’t say the total amount of people who died here.  According to Wikipedia, at least 300 Serbian Roma died here.  The lady did say that the first floor had 4 cells, the second floor had 8 and the third floor had 20 cells. 

We were free to walk around.  The lady had something wrong with her legs, so she couldn’t walk around with us.  There was pictures of the camp leader and the camp on the first floor.  I saw a map on the second floor with a map of Europe that listed where all the concentration camps were.  I never knew it was so widespread.  I am horrified that genocide has ever occurred.  I just don’t understand how anybody could kill people in such a massive scale and in such a cruel way.

The second floor was filled with people’s identifications, possessions, artwork and many pictures of Serbian people who were at Crveni Krst. 


It was really quite sad and depressing. 

The third floor still had the 20 prison cells. 


I saw a few of them had  barbed wire on the floor – the lady said nobody survived when they were put in these cells. 

We walked back to the hotel, packed up our bags and checked out.  We got the bus headed to Skopje, Macedonia at 10:40 am.  Ivan and I watched the movie Ted and the documentary Being Elmo.  At one point, we noticed that the bus was empty.  The bus driver said that we had to switch to another bus.  I grabbed our big backpacks and transferred them to the new bus.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get two seats together since we were the last two on the new bus… but, Ivan was right in front of me. 

The bus drove for about 30 minutes to the border.  Immigration for the Serbian side came on first.  A guy collected all the passports and two guys from the bus were calling out names.  We drove up to the border and it was time for the Macedonian Immigration.  The same thing happened again.  Ivan and I were the few tourists on the bus – so it was easy when they came across our passports since they look different from Serbian ones.

The air conditioning on the second bus was almost non-existant – thank goodness I didn’t give Noelle my Amnesia fan I bought in Ibiza to take back to Vegas for me.. it came in handy today!  I’ve never used a fan for so long.  Ivan got to sit by me after the guy next to me got off the bus.  Ivan read things on his laptop while I listened to Morrissey’s Bona Drag album. 

The bus arrived in Skopje at 3 pm.  I was so glad to be off the bus – it seemed cooler outside than on that bus. 

We walked to Iguana Hostel which is 10 minutes away and Ivan checked us in.

We took showers since Ivan and I felt sticky.

Later on, we walked into the city.  Ivan thought we should check out Old Town. 


It’s a great area with streets filled with fancy dress shops, jewelry shops, souvenir stores and shoe stores.  There were tons of fancy dress shops.  I wasn’t sure where all these women were going to.  Ivan was confused since he read that Skopje had a big Muslim community and they wouldn’t wear these fancy dresses.

Ivan and I saw a guy playing a guitar and singing.  We thought it would be a great photo for our video project… ignore the word.


We stopped at Mado Prom for baklava.  Lil Dave wanted banana baklava, but unfortunately they didn’t have it.

There are nice buildings in Skopje.  Ivan said they’re trying to rebuild the city by 2014 to attract tourists.  That’s why I saw lots of construction going on.  I noticed a lot of crosses, so I figured there must be Christians in the city as well.

We backed to Macedonia Square to get some dinner.  There’s a HUGE statue of Alexander the Great on a horse and a fountain below it in the square.

We went to Pelister restaurant for dinner.  Ivan and I shared fish croquettes, vegetable salad, salmon rice salad and bread with cheese.  Lil Dave got a banana kebab.  The food was average. 


We started walking more into the city.  We came across a event at the museum.  Ivan asked a guy outside what it was and he said it was a cello trio playing Led Zeppelin.  Now, THAT sounded good.  It turned out to be free and inside the museum.  We walked downstairs and found a seat – I dragged a seat next to Ivan.  It was called Bologna Cello Project.  There wasn’t any more programs left, but Ivan asked to borrow one from a lady in the row behind us.

We stayed for three songs – one of which was Stairway to Heaven. 


It was so hot since there was no a/c that I felt like I was going to pass out.  We left after the Led Zeppelin song.  The Cello Project was okay.  I didn’t know how crowded it was.  There were people on the stairs watching.

We started walking back towards the hostel.  Ivan wanted to find a bar and have a glass of rakia or a cider.  Unfortunately, Macedonia doesn’t seem to have flavored rakia.  We tried to find a cider, but nobody had it – even the Irish pub.  How can you be an Irish pub without cider?!!

We walked back to the hostel where we used the internet and I worked on the blog.


Foam Beach

On July 11, 2012, Ivan, Charisse, Noelle and I had breakfast in the hotel before heading out on a taxi to the old town.

We got sandwiches at a restaurant, but I didn’t eat much of my anchovy and tuna mix sandwich since my stomach wasn’t feeling so good.

We got the boat to Formentera.  Ivan and Noelle rented scooters. 


Charisse forgot to bring her drivers license, so she couldn’t rent one.  It was Noelle’s first time riding the scooter – so she practiced driving the scooter alone and then with Charisse.  She let Charisse drive the scooter but it was Charisses first time also and she crashed it – so we all decided maybe getting a scooter for Noelle and Charisse wasn’t the best idea so they returned the scotter, telling a little white lie that of ‘course we didn’t crash it – we are seasoned scooter drivers!’

Ivan thought they should rent a quad bike instead since it’s a lot easier to drive.  We had to wait a few minutes to get it.

Then, we were off to Mitjorn beach.  The part we stopped at was El Arenal.   It was such a beautiful beach, and this picture does NOT do it justice!


The waves were a little rough.  The weather was quite warm, so it was great swimming in the water.

Ivan was told by the rental company that helmets were optional.  So, Ivan and I didn’t wear our helmets.  Ivan drove the scooter with Charisse on the back.  I drove the quad with Noelle and Lil Dave behind me.  We started headed to another beach.  We saw cops pull over Ivan and then pull me over.  The two dirty cops told us that we weren’t wearing our helmets, which we knew allready…I think he thought he was a genius cop or something for pointing out the BLIMMIN OBVIOUS!.  He asked for Ivan and my drivers license.  Ivan didn’t have his.  I showed him mine.  He said I needed an International driver’s license.  He said Ivan’s would have been fine.  He wanted to fine us 320 Euros for not wearing helmets and for the driver’s license issue.  We thought this was ridiculous.  The cops were really mean.  Ivan said we didn’t have any money on us (a lie).  The cop said you can pull some out from the ATM.  He said that we’ve pulled out our limit from our ATM cards (another lie-oh boy, there goes our express pass into heaven!).  They just wanted our money to put in their own pockets.  Ivan told him that we were staying in San Antonio…..which was the truth, but he would have said that regardless of what the truth had been as San Antonio was quite far from where we were standing with the cops at that moment. 

The cops took my drivers license and took forever filling out paperwork.  It was like they were writing their life memoirs. They asked for our scooter and quad bike contracts.  They called a tow truck to get the scooter and quad bike.  It was taking forever.  It was quite hot out.  Thank goodness Noelle had some water left.  Ivan said this was the helmet and International Driver’s License scam where the dirty cops try to scare tourists.  They end up paying them on the spot.  They gave us our 3 tickets and my license back.  They told us we’d have to go to the police office and pay the fine in order to get the bikes back. That we definitely weren’t intending on doing. But we made it sound like going to the police station with the money was right at the top of our ‘things to do while in Formentera’ list!

30 minutes later, the tow truck came and put the scooter and the quad bike onto the truck.  The cops left and didn’t say anything else.  In the USA, the cops would have given us a ride at least. 

We put our our thumbs and tried to hitch a ride with no luck.  A few minutes passed and a cab passed by.  We hopped into the cab and got a ride to the port.

We didn’t go to the bike places as its not very likely they would have welcomed us with open arms, seeing as their bikes were currently at the police station!  We walked with our heads down and headed to a ferry boat. Ha Ha – we escaped!

The boat took us back and then we walked to Dalt Vila which is the Old Town of Ibiza.  We walked around Dalt Vila and saw a guy floating.  It was amazing since it looked like he was floating.  But, Ivan figured it out and filled us out on the secret. 


Do you know how it’s done?  They could have hid the way they did it better. 

Dalt Vila is really pretty with white buildings, plants hanging and colored doors.


We headed to the fortress that has cannons and beautiful views of the city.


Inside the fortress there’s restaurants and hotels.  We looked around to find a good place to eat.  Ivan thought La Aceituna looked nice.  It was a cute restaurant with lots of tapas on the menu.  Ivan and I shared the goats cheese with walnuts and honey on toast, apple & cheese salad and smoked sardines.  Lil Dave got a banana and cheese salad and bananas and honey on toast.

It was time to head back to hotel for a long nap.  Ivan and I used the internet and worked on the blog.  Then, we took a short nap.

Ivan, Noelle, Charisse and I headed out at 1:40 am.  Ivan got the tickets for Amnesia.  We sat down at a bar at Ibiza Rocks and drank caipirinhas. 

There’s a free bus headed to Amnesia, but we didn’t see it coming.  Cabs were stopping near Es Paradis – so we waited for a cab there.

The cab took us to Amnesia.  We were going to Espuma – the one and only foam party.  The club has two rooms.  There was La Troya which is the gay event in the main room and Espuma in the other room.  We stayed in the main room and danced with the gay people.  There was a fashion show with guys dressed in dresses and girls in interesting outfits.  I wanted to see Boy George, but he still wasn’t on. 

At 4 am, we went to the other room for the foam party.  There’s a huge dance floor.  Ivan and I have been to this event before, so I knew how much form there is.  It’s way too much for me since I’m really short.  The foam is soapy and stings your eyes.  My throat has been hurting, so I didn’t think getting foam all over me would help my throat.  Ivan and Noelle were on the dance floor while Charisse and I chilled on a side stage which is raised from the dance floor.  They kept teasing the audience on the dance floor by blowing cold air.  The music was pretty good. 

We saw somebody up above and it was Paris Hilton.  She was dancing among the sexy dancers up on one of the balconies.  She was wearing a flower headband and a long blue and white flowy dress.  Ivan thought she looked really drunk.  She kept taking weird pictures of people in the crowd.  She even grabbed people’s hands in the audience.  I saw her lay down on the floor and put her hands out to the crowd. 

Finally at 6 am, the foam started coming down – so much was coming down.  It filled the dance floor.  At one point, it was over Ivan’s head.  Noelle had her goggles on, so I think that helped out. 

It’s funny how people don’t know how much foam comes out and they don’t put their bags in the cloak room.  I saw a few people put their bags and purses in a speaker.  It was still getting soaked with water, since the foam comes from the balconies above.  If you’ve never been to a foam party this is the one to go to.  It’s crazy and lots of fun!

We stored our bags in the cloak room.  Everybody dried themselves off.  Ivan and Noelle changed their clothes.  I didn’t have to since I didn’t really get much foam on me.

I bought a cool fan in the Amnesia store.  They have really cool fans there.  I bought one two years ago since my friend told me I HAD to get one.  I bought a gold and red one – although, I think the one I bought before was much nicer.

We got a taxi back to the hotel.

Ivan packed everything up while I took a nap.  My throat was killing me.  I caught whatever Ivan got the day before. That’s the price I pay I guess for being married to such an amazing fantastic guy! (Ivan wrote this late sentence).

Espuma Photo Credit

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