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Souvenir Pizza

On June 25, 2012, I woke up at 10 am.  Jennifer got up at 11:20 am.  She requires 8 or more hours of sleep while I’m good with just 6 hours.

We walked to the Anchorage downtown area to find lunch.  Snow City Café looked busy…and busy is good right?  There were lots of people sitting down waiting for a table as there was a 45 minute wait.  I asked if we could sit at the bar and we were seated right away.  I don’t understand why people would rather wait for a table for THAT long when you can sit at the bar.  Maybe they don’t think of asking or they just want to sit at a table and not sit next to strangers…either that or they are just plain stupid.

I got tasty salmon cakes while Lil Dave got a banana omelet.  Jen got a delicious Crabby Omelet – she claimed it was the best omelet she’s ever had.  I’m sure all that Swiss cheese made it taste scrumptious.

We walked around downtown and checked out a couple souvenir shops.  Jen and I bought a few things for my parents and my bro.  We bought a ulu knife made in Alaska with it’s own stand – it even came with directions, which will come in handy since we’ve never used one before!

We decided to do a trolley tour of Anchorage..more because we had nothing else to do rather than because we particularly wanted to…We boarded the Anchorage City Trolley Tours trolley.  Our tour guide had lots of stories to tell about Anchorage…most of them not particularly interesting.


The trolley stopped at the Alaska Railroad, Lake Hood (which is the largest float-plane base in the world), cruised Earthquake Park and the Cook Inlet.  You know it’s a small city when the highlight of the tour guide’s week was seeing 10 people behind a row of port-a-potties after the marathon.  She needs to get out more. The tour was alright – definitely not worth $15 though.

Jen wanted to mail postcards – so we walked to the 4th Avenue Marketplace since there’s a Post Office on the 1st floor there.  Jen mailed our ulu knife and the postcards.

We walked to a grocery store that is supposed to have unique food items for sale.  I noticed Patak curry sauces and Jen saw naan bread – but not much else that was unique.  I grabbed some bananas and bread for breakfast tomorrow since we have a morning flight tomorrow.

It was raining outside.  I thought we should walk back to the house, so we could have pizza later tonight. It was about  a 3 mile walk back, and we had walked about 3 miles earlier on in the day to get to downtown, so if that doesn’t deserve some pizza then what else does!

Jennifer noticed fishing rod flower pot holders that she thought were cool.IMG_8181

Later on, we walked to Moose’s Tooth for dinner.  Lil Dave got a small banana pizza with honey on top. 


Jennifer and I shared a delicious Strawberry Summer Salad.  It came with tons of fruit.  I hate it when I get a salad that should have lots of fruit – but it’s about 90% of lettuce.  We each got a tasty Hard Apple Ale that they brew themselves.  Our pizza came out next which was half of Wild Mushroom (portabella & crimini mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, mozzarella, provolone cheese and denali sauce which is like pesto) and half of Roasted Garlic pizza.  It was so very delicious again!!  We both wish that Moose’s Tooth had a branch in Las Vegas.  We would be regular customers for sure!

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